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Chapter 1


Sakura Haruno, Hokage's apprentice, surpassing her within two years of training, and head of the hospital, was currently running towards ANBU ROOT member Sai.

"What are you really after?!" She grabbed his collar. "You were using us! What were you--"

"Sakura." Sakura froze. She brought her hand down and Sai fell to the floor. She slowly turned around.

"Sasuke-kun..." She whispered, not even sure if Sasuke could hear her. For a second she felt relief, which quickly turned into anger. "Sasuke!" She glared at him with such hatred that it would have made Itachi proud. She raced towards him, raising her fist and pumping chakra into her legs. Sasuke was still recovering from her glare and didn't have enough time to dodge her, so she hit him right in his pretty boy face. He's lucky I didn't use any chakra! Cha! Sasuke flew into a tree about ten feet away from where he was standing. He was just getting up when she was talking again.

"Seems to me Orochimaru didn't teach you anything, you couldn't even dodge my punch. That punch had no chakra either." She smirked when he froze at her words for a second before regaining his composure.

"Hn." He wasn't going to allow her to rile him up. I flew ten feet into a tree by a punch with no chakra! By the weakest, most annoying person in the world!?

"I know what your probably thinking Sasuke-kun." She mocked. "That me, weak little Sakura Haruno, could actually land a hit on you, Sasuke Uchiha. Well, unlike you, I worked for this strength. You took the easy way out, and it didn't seem to make a difference." Sakura knew that he probably did do some hardcore training, but she didn't want to miss an oppurtunity to ruffle his feathers.

"Tch. Still annoying."

"Maybe. But that won't bother me anymore."

"Hn." Just then Naruto and Yamato came running out. Sakura jumped down and ran to them.

"Naruto-kun, Sai found Sasuke!" She pointed to where Sasuke was standing ontop of the crater. Naruto looked shocked of course.

"Sasuke...Sasuke! After what you've done to Saku--"

"Naruto! I told you never to bring that up again!" She shouted furiously. Naruto looked at her with pity in his eyes.

"But Sakura-chan..."

"I don't want your fucking pity Naruto! Everything I've been through just makes me stronger! I'm proud of it, and I have no regrets." Naruto sighed and nodded. Then he turned back and glared at Sasuke.

"I'm bringing you back Sasuke! And when I do we'll spar so I can pound your face in then Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei, you, and I will have ramen and be a team again!" He yelled, determination radiating off him. Sasuke sighed.

"Naruto, when are you going to give up on your childish dreams? I'm not going back to that pathetic excuse for a village." He sneered.

"But, we were friends, best friends! Brothers!" Naruto was trying to get some sense into that thick Uchiha head of his.

"My bonds that I once had with you are broken, we are no longer friends." He said monotone, as if he had been practicing saying it out loud so it was believable.

"If that's the way you feel, then why didn't you just kill me then!? At the valley!" Tears were gathering in Naruto's eyes, but he refused to let them fall. Sasuke chuckled slightly.

"I simply spared your life on a whim, but now," He then jumped down and brought his sword out in the process. Sakura gasped. He's so fast... She watched in horror as Naruto just stood there. "I'm going to break that bond permanently."

"Come to think of it, wasn't it your dream to become Hokage?" Sasuke asked.

"How am I supposed to become Hokage, if I can't even save my best friend?" Naruto asked, still frozen on the spot.

"Hn." He brought his sword down, ready to kill him. Sakura was trying really hard not to scream, but as soon as she saw his sword descending towards Naruto, she let it out.

"Sasuke!" He stopped mid-swing, her voice always had that power over him. And it always annoyed him to no end. He was going to ignore her, but decided to humor her instead.

"What are you doing!? If you kill Naruto, I'll kill you right now! I'm a medical ninja, I can give you a poison that will slowly destroy every organ in your body, I can break your bones one by one, and I can keep you awake through the whole thing! Then I'll heal you and do it all over again!" Sasuke did flinch this time, her tone of voice suggested that she would do that, and even Uchiha's have their limits.

"Hm, strong words, from someone so weak." He was waiting for the shouts he would recive about how she was way stronger, but to his surprise, they never came. Instead she laughed humorlessly.

"I really don't care if you still think I'm weak, it would just be your problem if you underestimated me." She stated, trying to distract him. And so far, it was working. Sasuke stepped away from Naruto to look Sakura straight in the eye. Again she surprised him by holding her own, and staring right back. While Sasuke was looking at her, he noticed how her eyes didn't have that sparkle that they had had in their younger days. They were blank, and Sasuke couldn't help but think how they didn't look right on her, she was supposed to be the happy one; the one with the perfect life, but now look at her.

"Sakura, stay out of this." Sakura snorted.

"Sasuke, do you honestly think I'm still that fangirl that used to fawn over you? I don't listen to traitors." She spat. Sasuke hide his shock at her words.

"Weren't you the one who made me promise that I would come back one day?" Sasuke never forgot that night, especially that promise. Sakura just stared at him.

"At the time I believed you would come back, that you would fufill that promise; but I was a stupid love sick twelve year old then, I still believed everyone had good in them. But after watching you walk away, then Naruto leaving, and Kakashi not even bothering with me -- now that his prize students were gone --, he rejoined ANBU; after all that, I gave up and just focused on myself. When Naruto came back, though, of course I was happy, and when Kakashi decided that now that Naruto was back, he would come back also, I was ecstatic. My boys were back -- well, with one missing. But at the same time, I knew that things would still be the same. So, even though Naruto and I are closer then ever and that Kakashi's finally paying attention to me, I would still be the one that they regarded as the weak one, the one that constantly needed protection. And that still hurts." Sasuke actually showed his shock this time. He didn't know that Naruto left, and that Kakashi rejoined ANBU and left her behind. And she said that all with absolutely no emotion, he knew that this was not the girl he left behind.

This was a girl that had seen the carnage of war, who probably killed -- and healed -- too many people to be innocent at all. Hell! She probably even went on seduction missions already! Though Sasuke didn't want to think about, because of this undeniable rage he felt when he did. And that upset him. Sakura was supposed to be innocent, the one the glued them all together. But everyone grows up eventually.

Naruto looked at her with sad eyes. He knew that when he left it would hurt her, but he had no choice. He at least thought Kakashi-sensei would be there for her, but they all left her. They all abandon her. Naruto felt an irresistible urge to hug her, but knew she would push him off, saying that she didn't need his pity.

"So Sasuke, are you going to come quietly or," she pulled out her gloves from her pouch and put them on, "are we going to have to force you?" She was giving him a choice, at least. More then that bastard deserves. Some part of her mind whispered.

"Hn, give it up." Sakura smirked, she was hoping for that. "Alright, you had a choice!" She charged at him again, but this time Sasuke was prepared and dodged her punch with ease. Sakura then proceeded to take out three kunai from her holester and throw them at Sasuke with deadly accurasy. That training with Tenten sure did help.

Again Sasuke dodged. He took out his katana and ran at her. Sakura anticapated this and jumped up as he swung his sword at her. Sasuke reacted quickly and thrust his sword up. Sakura used a shadow clone to pull herself out of the way and while Sasuke choped the clone in half, punched him in the stomach. He flew but jumped in the air and landed gracfully on his feet.

"Enough Sasuke-kun." A voice hissed out. They all reconized this sickly sweet voice instantly. "Orochimaru." Sakura growled.

"Ah, dear Sakura-chan. Seems like you've gotten stronger. You'd be perfect for Sasuke-kun, imagine the skill your child would have." Sasuke seemed embarrassed by this and quickly turned his head in the opposite direction to hide his blush. Sakura, however, looked even more disgusted. "Fuck you!"

"Such unlady like words, Sakura-chan. It looks like you've not only gotten my dear friend Tsunade's strength, but her temper also." He grinned, replusing Sakura. "She is no friends of yours." Orochimaru laughed.

"Maybe, oh well. Such a lose. Come on Sasuke-kun, let us go. Until next time Sakura-chan, Naruto-kun. Say hi to Tsunade for me will you?" And with that last request they vanished. Sakura screamed bloody murder and fell to the ground on her knees. "Why!? I was so close!" She repeated that over and over, while pounding on the ground creating a small crater to form under her. Tears pouring down her face. "After all the training, I still couldn't do anything!" Naruto ran over to her, while Sai and Yamato took their time.

"Sakura-chan it's okay! We'll get him next time!" Naruto was trying his hardest to cheer her up, but he couldn't deny the fact that he was extremely disappointed too.

"Sakura, Naruto," Yamato said as he walked over, "Come one, we have to report to the Hokage."

"Okay Yamato-sensei." Sakura wiped her tears with the back of her hand, and stood up with a new found determination. "Next time we'll get him!" Sakura shouted, Naruto cheered with her.

Next time... Will there be a next time?

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