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Chapter 5

"Get up!" Sakura found herself being shaken violently and screamed at. She groaned and turned to the other side, only to have the blankets be ripped off from on top of her.

"I said get up!" the bastard shouted again. Sakura gave him the best glare she could in her sleep induced state.

"What, no megaphone?" she muttered as she got up, deciding her glare wasn't about to scare him off. She stretched and sighed in content when her back popped. She lazily turned to the man in her room.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked irritably.

"It was my job to come in here and wake you up. Lord Orochimaru is coming today, so get dressed and I'll take you to where you meet him." he informed her. Sakura snorted.

"I thought Lord Orochimaru would get slower in his old age, I can't believe he made it here that quickly." she said as she walked to the closet to pick out an outfit. She could hear him sputter in shock.

"Lord Orochimaru is a sannin, the greatest ninja alive!" he shouted indignantly. She bit back a laugh.

"Oh, my bad." when she found her raggedy outfit for the day, she walked into the bathroom without giving the man a backwards glance. How could they think so highly of someone like Orochimaru? It's sickening. He tortures people and kills for no reason and is the definition of evil! But if Sakura were to survive in this hellhole, she'd have to change her attitude. She could only guess that Sasuke got away with sassing him, and while Sakura wouldn't go as far as sassing, she wouldn't be like these lowlifes and call him Lord Orochimaru. She didn't even have to agree with him, as long as he thought she was truly there for power.

While Sakura was brushing her teeth, she almost choked. She was forgetting one small detail; what if Orochimaru gave her the curse mark? Would she eventually really become evil like Sasuke? Sakura forced herself not to think about it, she was still choking and the guy in her room might think she hung herself if she didn't stop. She spit out the toothpaste and turned on the water to warm. She grabbed a paper cup from the counter and filled it with water, she gurgled and spit the remnants of the toothpaste into the sink.

Sakura took one quick look in the mirror. She was wearing a maroon - the closest she could get to red - slightly big t-shirt that hung loosely around her frame, and her shorts that she wore underneath her skirt. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail, the loose strands in a wild awry. She had bags under her eyes and she looked like crap, to put it simply. Oh well, who was she trying to impress? She was just meeting Orochimaru, not a prince.

With a sigh, she left the bathroom.

"Finally, follow me," he commanded gruffly. Sakura ignored what he said and followed him out the door. Again Sakura got nasty glares, but she didn't ignore them this time, she gave them death glares. They cowered and she smirked. They continued down the damn dim hallways until they stopped at two huge metal doors. Sakura's heart was pounding furiously in her chest, and Sakura panicked even more thinking it would jump out. She almost went into cardiac arrest when he opened the door on the left.

This is it, try to keep a straight face and make him believe you! she encouraged herself, since her inner wasn't helping. When the door was fully opened, she fell over.

It was a cafeteria! There were shinoibi's and some kunoichi's chatting and eating lunch, having no idea Sakura was scared to death just a minute ago because she thought this was meeting Orochimaru.

"I thought I was supposed to meet Orochimaru!" she hissed. He looked down at her.

"Lord Orochimaru hasn't arrived yet, and aren't you hungry?" he questioned. Sakura blinked, finally registering that fact that yes indeed she was hungry. Starving. Her stomach rumbled and growled at her, and she put her hand on it to calm it down.

"Yeah." she walked off, to a food line near the end of the room, ignoring the questioning stares. The line seemed much smaller from the doors, but it was eventually Sakura's turn. She grimaced at the food and grabbed a big red apple and a bottle of water. That looked like the only edible food there. She walked to an empty table and sat on the faded bleacher connected to it.

This place isn't as bad as I thought, it's still horrible and doesn't even come close to comparing to Konoha, but I didn't expect to have a room with clothes and toiletries and I certainly didn't expect to be fed, and they have a cafeteria like the one at the hospital, almost the same foods too. she thought as she bit into her apple.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't notice someone walk in. And that someone was Sasuke Uchiha, the all mighty sharingan warrior. But the only thing he was known for was defecting from Konoha.

Since Sasuke was Orochimaru's sole apprentice, he got treated like a king. Almost as good as Orochimaru. He got better food, softer beds, bigger showers, the whole enchilada. Not that he was complaining, but it got a little annoying. Okay, he was complaining. But Sasuke was a loner, he preferred to do things for himself and to be by himself. And these people had a very hard time understanding that.

So he got in the line like a regular shinoibi here and when it was his turn, he ignored the huge dishes servants were shoving in his face and took some rice and a milk. He headed for his table. Only to find someone sitting at it. Someone with pink hair.


Sasuke froze, what was Sakura doing here? This was not the place for her, sweet, innocent Sakura...

Except she's not innocent, you know that. Some part of him whispered. That might be true, but it was still not a place for her. His feet started moving on their own accord, despite his orders to turn around now.

He was now right behind her, and his mouth formed her name.

"Nnn." was all that came out. Oh God, Sasuke Uchiha basically just stuttered. Sakura turned around and froze, just as he had.

"Sasuke-kun..." Sasuke just stared at her. Sakura felt a strong wave of deja vu. This had happened not even a week ago, except it was just her and him. At a different lair.

"Sakura, what are you doing here?" he asked blandly.

"I - "

"Kunoichi! We have to go meet Lord Orochimaru!" the man who brought her here yelled from the door across the room. Sakura turned to glare at him.

"I have a name!" she shouted, but got up and threw her stuff away. She turned to Sasuke.

"I have to go talk with Orochimaru," she informed him even though he heard the man. Sasuke nodded mutely.

Sakura quickly hurried out the door, and Sasuke trailed behind, deciding to follow.

The man led Sakura - and Sasuke - to another place with huge doors. This time Sakura knew where she was going and still felt as if she was going into cardiac arrest. When they entered, Orochimaru was sitting on a large chair up against a wall and Kabuto was standing right next to him. Sakura pushed down her anger about how they can sit there so calmly, getting mad wouldn't help her. She put on her blank mask.

"So Sakura-chan," Orochimaru smiled sickly sweet, "I hear you want to join my little... organization, shall we say," Sakura nodded, not trusting her voice.

"Well, may I ask why?"

"For revenge." she said bluntly. Sasuke, who had been leaning against the wall with a bored expression this whole time, blinked in shock. Who did Sakura want revenge on? Orochimaru seemed amused by this.

"Revenge on whom my dear?" Sakura bit back a retort that she was sure would get her killed.

"I do not know their names, but I know their appearances and that they are from Mist." she clarified. That was one of those ones she had to make up on the spot, Sakura was glad it at least made sense.

"Why?" Orochimaru inquired. He seemed truly curious, not suspicious. At least Sakura hoped he wasn't suspicious.

"Because they killed Naruto." she could almost taste their shock. Sasuke had to bite his lip to prevent a gasp. He had just seen them not to long ago, he could feel his heart throbbing in pain, though he denied it. He didn't care that Naruto - his best friend - had been killed, at least, that's what he told himself.

"When did this happen?" Orochimaru demanded, his sick sense of humor forgotten about.

"When we were traveling back to Konoha after infiltrating your other base," Sasuke felt sick, it was all his fault. If he hadn't defected the village, they wouldn't have been sent on that mission, and Naruto wouldn't have died and...

And you can't change the past. You could have prevented it, but you didn't, and you cannot undo the past. Another part of him whispered. Sasuke was getting annoyed at those stupid voices, he was going crazy. Orochimaru seemed to have gotten over his shock already, and now was back to his usual self.

"Really well, why should I take you under my wing?"

"Because I was trained by Tsunade, in the medical field and in strength. And she is the hokage, I know a lot about the village."

"I don't care about the village really," Sakura panicked, they didn't care about the stuff she could lie about. What was she going to say to get them to accept her?

"But if that's all you really have to offer, then - " in her panic, Sakura said the first thing that came to mind.

"I'll - I'll heal your arms!" she blurted out.

You are very stupid Sakura, proposing to heal his arms! How could you?!

Sakura - You made me!

So, you didn't have to agree.