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He hated clinic duty. The only reason Cuddy made him do it was, because she knew he hated it. Okay maybe that wasn't the case, but that didn't mean he had to like it anymore. He stands up, and leaves the exam room he has been occupying for the last hour. Time to actually see a patient. He limps to the waiting room, an looks over all the people. He was going to be here all day. He looked down at the file he was holding in his hand not believing what he was reading.

"Jane Smith?" He watches as a young women stands up holding a toddler. "You really couldn't be more creative then that?"

"Look I just need to get checked out I have been having stomach all week."

"Well by all means follow me Misses Smith." He chuckles and gestures towards the exam room.

Once in the exam room she sit's the child down, and lays on the exam table.

"James sit still." She tells the toddler who is squirming in his chair.

House leans over towards the toddler, and smiles.

"James huh? I have a friend with that name." The toddler smiled back.

He turned back to the young women.

"The first thing we need is a urine sample." He holds out a specimen cup to her.

She glances toward the toddler.

"Ok. Will you just watch him for a second then?" He nods.

The young women gets up, and turns toward her son.

"Be good Jamie. Behave yourself. I love you." With that she leaves the room.

House turns towards the toddler.

"So how old are you?" The little boy hold up 1 pudgy finger.

"Guess you're not much for small talk then?"

For about 20minutes House, and the boy just sat in silence.

"Well big guy lets go see how your mommy is doing". He picks up the child, and leaves the exam room. He walks up to the nurses station.

"Have you seen a young women?" he asks one of the nurses.

"I've seen a lot of young women today. What does yours look like?"

"I don't really remember. Blonde I think."

"Well a young blonde women asks me to give you this." She holds out an envelope towards him.

He looks at the envelope then back to the little boy he is still holding. Something wasn't right. He sit's the little boy on the counter, and starts to open the envelope. In the envelope he finds a letter.

He glances back and forth between the boy, and the letter

He reads the letter out loud. He can't believe the words coming out of his mouth.

My sons name is James, but everyone calls him Jamie. I may lave lied to you about my name, but I was not lying about my stomach pains. I did not need you to diagnose me. I have already been diagnosed with cancer, and I don't have long to live. My son is 1 ½. His birthday is May 29th 2008. In the envelope you will also see the necessary paper work for me to give up my rights. What you do after that is your decision, but my son needs a strong role model. Please give my son a chance I couldn't.

When he was done he looked in the envelope, and sure enough there were more papers. He looked over at the little boy, and then picked him up.

"Come on buddy we have to go see Dr. Cuddy." He took a step for Cuddy's office when he notice the nurse holding out a child size backpack. "She left this for you to."

He grabbed the small backpack, and put it on the child. He planted the boy firmly on his good leg, and limped off to Cuddy's office.

He didn't even bother to knock on Cuddy's door before entering her office.

"I need to talk to you." he almost yelled, but tried to control himself for the sake of his tiny passenger.

When Cuddy looked up from her desk she understand the urgency in his voice.

"House…why is there a small child in my office, and why are you holding said child?" her eyes were wide.

"Her just read this." He passed her the letter, and walked over to the coach.

He plucked the small boy from his hip, and sat him on the coach. He sat down next to him, and closed his eyes, and rested his head on the back of the coach.

"So she just left him with you?" She tried not to sound as shocked as she knew she was.

"Yup." I sent her to pee in a cup, and I watched him. After awhile I went looking, and one of the nurses gave me the note. Now we're here." His eyes stayed closed until he felt a small body crawl on to his lap.

When he looked down he was greeted by tiny blue eyes, and a smiling face. He smiled back down at the little boy.

Cuddy watched in shock. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. He looked so comfortable with him.

"So what are you going to do?" Cuddy took a few steps towards the occupants of the coach. He was pretty cute, and probably only a little older then her own daughter.

"At the moment I have no idea what I am going to do. I just know I am holding a child that was just abandoned by his mother." He points to the boy.

"Look. For now why don't you take him up to your office, and let me make some calls."

He nods, and stands up. He holds his hand out towards the boy, but Cuddy laughed with what she saw.

The little boy was shaking his head, and holding his hands up to House.

"Up. Up. Up." he was babbling.

House looks up at Cuddy, and rolls his eyes.

"Fine. Come one." He picks up the little boy, and limps out of the office.