House looks up from his desk when he heard the door open.

"I mad some calls." She says while walking a crossed the room.

"Shhh, you will wake him up." he pointed to his chair in the corner of the office. Under a blanket was a tiny body.

"Sorry, but I made some phone calls." She stepped closer to his desk.

"Lets talk in the other room." Housed got up, and walked over to the little boy, and made sure he was still sleeping.

Once in the other room he shut the conjoining door, and turned to Cuddy.

"Well what did you find out."

"Well she left him in you care, and the papers she left with the letter are legal. She even wrote your name on them before she left." She was starting to slightly raise her voice.

"I can't take care of a kid."

"She left him with you. Either take care of him, or give him to child services. You can't abandon him. His mother already did that." She was getting even louder.

"Abandon him? I've only known him for a few hours." He hissed at her. "Did you also forget I love with Wilson."

"I already talked to Wilson. He said he would do whatever you wanted. He thought it would be good for you to have someone that relied on you." He rolled his eyes at her statement. "If it doesn't work you can always give him to Child Services."

"Shouldn't they know what happened." He gave her his best DUH look. "I mean isn't this technically kidnapping?"

"No it's not. I already called, and talked with someone. They sent someone over, and I showed them the letter, and the paperwork.

"and?!" He was getting annoyed. Sure he liked the kid, but this was his choice not hers.

"I told them you wanted to keep him." She sounded happy.

"It is not your decision to make. It is my life not yours." He was angry.

She walked towards the door between the rooms, and gestured for him to follow her.

"Come on. I want to show you something."

They walked through the conjoining door, and came to stop in front of the chair where the little boy was sleeping.

"Give him a chance House." She tried to not sound like she was begging him.

He didn't say anything. He just kept looking at the little boy.

'House. I know you, and kids don't really get along, but he likes you. Why don't you at least take him until they can find him something more permanent."

He finally looked up from the boy, and took a deep breathe.

"Fine. I'll take him, but this isn't permanent. I can't take care of a kid."

The truth is he always wanted to be a father, but didn't want to be like his father, but he couldn't tell her that.

"Ok then. Once he wakes up you should take the rest of the day off, and then the rest of the week.

Before cuddy turned to leave she smiled at him. He would be just fine.

"Why don't you take him, and let Wilson meet his new roommate." With that she left the office.

When House looked back down as if on queue to tiny blue eyes were looking up at him.

He took another deep breath, and let it out. Here we go.

"Hey buddy did you have a good nap?"

He only answer he got from the boy was him rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"So you want to go meet my friend?"

The tiny head nodded, and he got down from the chair.

House grabbed the tiny backpack, and took a step towards the door. He was stopped by a cry.

"No go no go no go no go." Tears were streaming down his little face.

House took a step back towards the boy.

"I'm not leaving you. You are coming with me." He smiled down at him.

He stopped crying instantly, and held his arms up in the air.

House bent down, and scooped up the little boy, and settled him on his hip. He headed towards Wilson's office. He opened the door to find Wilson at his desk doing paper work.

Without saying anything he walked to the couch, and set the child down. He instantly started to cry again.

"Hey, stop that. This is my friend I told you about. His name is James to Remember." He nodded, and climbed down of f the coach, and walked over to Wilson at his desk.

House looked at Wilson who was studying g the small boy.

"You don't look surprised to see him." Wilson leaned down, and picked up the boy. "nice to meet you James."

"His mother s note said she called him Jamie." The little boy giggled.

Wilson looked at house.

"So what are you going to do with him."

"I don't know for right now I figured I would just hang out in my office until you were out."

"Oh. Well lets go then." Wilson set the boy on his desk, and stood up to grab his coat.

"You don't have to work." He eyed him suspiciously

"Cuddy gave me the rest of today off, and the rest of the week. She said you might need some help."

House stood up from his seat, and started towards the door.

"No no no no no." The tears were flowing again.

"UP up up up." He raised his hands up over his head towards Wilson who reached down, and picked him back up.

"House he sounds kind of like you. He is very demanding." Wilson chuckled, but the other man wasn't quite as amused.

They left the office, and started down the hall.

"Where is his car seat."

"Uh, he doesn't have one. She left him, and his little bag. Which by the way is in your office."

"Oh. Well here watch him a second I will get his bag, and run to PEDS and borrow one." He handed the little boy over and hurried back down the hallway.

House looked down at the little boy he was once again holding.

"Can you say House?"

"Dadadadada." He rattled off.

"No. Say House."


"Ok I give up. Wilson where are you?"

A few long minutes later Wilson reappeared car seat, and bag in hand. At that exact moment Jamie decided to look up at house.

"Dada." The little boy smiled. Wilson chuckled, and House glared at both of the m.

"No. Don't say that." He scolded.

Wilson rolled his eyes. "You are going to make him cry again." he pointed to the tiny quivering lip.

"Lets get going."

They went downstairs to Cuddy's office to inform her they were leaving.

At Wilson's car there was some heated discussion about car seat installation, and then they were on there way.

"So where do you want to go first?"

"What do you mean first?" He tried to keep his voice low, but he just wanted to go home. He wasn't in the mood for a shopping spree at the moment.

"Well he needs things."

"No he doesn't. He has things." He held up the tiny bag with a smug smile to illustrate his point.

Have you actually looked to see what is in the bag?"

He shook his head, and opened the bag. A grimace appeared on house's face instantly.

Wilson saw the look.

"Well what's in there."

House started to pull out the contents.

"A shit, 2 diapers, a bottle, and some animal crackers." He kept looking in the bag like more would instantly appear. He didn't want to go to a store.

"Like I said he needs things."

"But I am hungry." House whined.

Wilson took the animal cracker and shoved one in houses mouth.

""There now you are fine until we get home."


"Give him his bottle." Wilson suggested.

House grabbed his bottle, and turned towards the back seat, but found the boy sleeping.

"He is asleep, and I don't know about you, but I prefer him to stay that way a little longer." Wilson nodded in agreement.

"We have 2 choices. We can either do Babys R Us , or Target."

House got a terrified look on his face.

"Not Babys R Us. To many screaming children."

"Ok then Target it is."

Wilson was pleased. I t was going slightly better then he had expected. Maybe this would work after all.