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Infor need to be known.

Bella and Edward are together. Jasper and Alice aren't married. But Jasper is the Cullen family.

Bella is all bloody and is already bitten by James, and James was already killed by Edward when he came. Rest of the Cullen family came after. Carlisle, Edward and Alice are near Bella, as the rest burn James body.

It leaves off with what to do with Bella, let her change or not.

Hope everyone understands o.O


Chapter 1: I see

Alice's POV

I looked at Edward, he was just standing there doing nothing but looking at Bella or her blood that surrounded her. It was a pool of crimson, delicious crimson I bet to him. His eyes never leaving the pool of blood as he spoke, "Carlisle is there some way to stop the venom?"

"Yes, you'll have to suck it out." Carlisle said looking at Bella, who was screaming in pain. It must feel horrible, being burnt alive in the inside, even though I don't remember the feeling. I just had been told how it feels.

"I don't want her to be a monster, I'll suck it out." Edward smiled licking his lips. Then I knew, even without my visions, all Edward wanted was Bella's blood. Bella was of course Edward's singer. And you'll always want the blood of your singer, no matter what. But I wasn't going to allow Edward that choice, he'll kill her. I don't want my best friend to die. I'll never be the same.

I let go of Bella's thrashing body and immediately football tackled Edward. I watched as he flew across the room.

"Emmett, grab Edward, don't let him near Bella." I yelled, knowing very well that'll he'll hear even if I whispered. I wasn't going to allow Edward what he seemed to dreamed for.

I made my way to Bella and kneed down on her right side, "Carlisle I'll do it."

"Alice did you se-" Edward's growl cut Carlisle off, "She is my mate Alice, I should be the one to take it out!" I shook my head, and grabbed Bella's right hand where James bit her. I could hear Edward struggle through Emmett's iron grip. But I knew there was no way he was breaking out, Edward isn't that strong. His all speed and no power.

"Alice it burns." Bella spoke actual words but full of pain.

"Alice you must hurry, it's spreading." Carlisle said, looking at Bella.

"I know" I kissed her forehead and bit down where James had. I started to suck James venom, also taking in some of Bella's blood, wishing that I haven't. Yes, Bella's blood is delicious but I'm not doing this for her blood, I'm doing this to save her. Even though all I want is her to already be one of us.

"Al-" I removed my mouth from Bella's hand, gasping for unneeded air.

"Good the venom is gone, but we have another problem." Carlisle said, sadden.



I closed my eyes, and done out everything around me. Edward's growling, the snapping sound of James's bones being burned. I listened to Bella, to her panting, to the blood pumping in her veins and soon her beating heart, which was slowing down little by little.

"She's…dying" I cried, my eyes snapping open looking at the paler than ever Bella. There was no color in her cheeks. Then I looked at her chocolate brown eyes going lifeless.


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