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Chap. 6 Not on my bed!!!!

Toph: (clip, clip, clip)

Jade: (walks into room)

Toph: (clip, clip, cli-) Oh hi Skittles

Jade: Toph are you cutting your toenails?

Toph: (clip) Yup.

Jade: On my bed.

Toph: (clip) Yup.

Jade: With my nail cutter.

Toph: (clip) Yup.

Jade: WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!! Get off my bed! I don't want your crusty jagged nails on my bed! That's disgusting!

Toph: Ok ok geez I'll get off. You don't have to go thowing tantrums like Sparky.

Zuko: I hard that! (whinny voice) And I do not throw tantrums! I don't! I don't! I don't! Take it back (stomping foot) Take it back now!

Jade: Zuko, don't make me come down there. Im not afraid of giving spankings. Stomping is a big no no. You want to see me put you in time out and not give you any dessert.

Zuko: But she- hiccup- was being mean- hiccup- to me.

Jade: Toph say sorry to Zuko.

Toph: Why he's being stupid.

Zuko: Wahhhhhh!

Jade: Toph just say sorry.

Toph: Fine. Sparky Im sorry (mumble) that you're a pussy.

Jade: Toph!

Toph: What you said say sorry.

Jade: You know what Toph go to time out.

Toph: But that's not fair!

Jade: Go! Ten minutes in the corner in the kitchen! Now!

Toph: But-

Jade: NOW!

Toph: Fine. (mumble) This is all Sparky's fault. I will have my revenge. Muwahaha!

Jade: (cleans off nails from bed)

Jade: That better not be maniacal laughter I hear in the time out corner!

Toph: No ma'am!

Jade: Good 'cause if it is you'll be in there for a extra 5 minutes! And you wouldn't want that would you?!

Toph: No ma'am!

Toph: Note to self, tone down evil laugh.

An hour later...

Jade: What's that noise. It sounds squeaky. (walks up stairs)

Jade: Is it coming from my room? (opens door)

Suki: (jumping on bed) Oh. Hi. Jade. What's. Up.

Aang: (in corner of room) Im ready. Im ready.


Suki: (jumping on bed) Your. Bed. Is. Just. So. Bouncy.

Jade: Why can't you just go on the trampoline outside!

Suki: Where outside?

Jade: What do you mean where? It's huge, you can't miss it.

Suki: You mean the big black circle thingy.

Jade: Yes.

Suki: Ohhhhh. I thought that was a UFO.

Jade: WTF! I thought you were one of the smart ones!

Suki: I can have my moments can't I? Miss talks to herself sometimes... person...lady.

Jade: Toph and Sokka were right. You suck at name calling.

Jade: Aang what about you!?

Aang: 'Cause that's my favorite color silly.

Jade: This kind of pink is not a boy shade.

Aang: Yes it is.

Jade: This is too girly for my sister. My sister.

Aang; But I loves this color.

Jade: This is too pink for Ty Lee.

Aang: I don't think so.

Ty Lee: Actually this is to pink for me.

Aang: I still loves this pink.

Jade: Are you sure you're a boy?

Aang: Umm. Let me check. (looks inside pants) Which ones do boys have again?

Jade: (slaps forehead) Oh my-

Suki: Shoe!

Jade and Aang: What?

Suki: Oh my shoe. Omashu. Get it?

Ty Lee and Aang: HAHAHA! Oh my shoe. Omashu.

Jade: Im surounded by idiots.

Some time later...

Jade: It's lunch time!

Suki Sokka Aang and Iroh: (comes to kitchen)

Jade: Hi Iroh. Long time no see. Where have you been?

Iroh: At the library.

Jade: For about a week?

Iroh: I was reading the herb books they have there.

Jade: But didn't you have to go some where to sleep and eat?

Iroh: I slept in the bathroom and ate soap.

Jade: ...? At least that explains why your breathe smells squeaky clean.

Iroh: Thank you.

Jade: So any ways were is Katara, Toph, and Zuko?

Aang: There outside practicing there bending.

Jade: Ok well they'll just get lunch later. Everyone get's two slices of the left over pizza and a cup of what ever is there. Help yourselves to the spices, herbs, and seasoning in the cabinet. If you need me I'll be in the den. You can eat where ever just make sure you don't make a mess.

Iroh: Do you have any tea?

Jade: What kind?

Iroh: What kind do you have?

Jade: Check the book by the microwave.

Iroh: The one that says 101 medicinal herbs?

Jade: Yeah. I think there should be a tea bag or herb bush of every one on that book.

Iroh: 101 different teas.

Jade: And then some.

Iroh: Yippee!


Sokka: Im going in Jade's room to watch TV you guy's coming.

Suki: Nah. If we spill on anything she'll have our heads. And I need mine if Im going to continue being the leader of the Kioshi Warriors.

Sokka: What about you Aang?

Aang: I'm with Suki on this one.

Sokka: Fine. (closes door)

Sokka: What to watch what to watch.


Sokka: (click)

TV: They're heeerrrre.

Some time later...

Sokka: Don't go in there! Don't-

TV: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Sokka: (drops pizza) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

TV: Mwuahahaha!

Sokka: Aaaah! (clutches pillow with saucy hands for dear life)

Jade: Didn't I tell Toph no more evil laughing. But wait she's outside. I'll go check my room for who did that.

Jade: Aaaaaaaah!

TV: Aaaaaaah!

Sokka: Aaaaaaah!

Sokka: Why are you screaming?

Jade: Because you messed up my freaking bed with pizza sauce! I don't want you eating on my bed!

Sokka: But you said I could eat where ever.

Jade: I also said not to spill! Now I have to clean this all up! Why the hell is it on the TV too!?

Sokka: Because I was pointing where the monsters were hiding. Duh.

Jade: Duh! Duh! Oh hellz na, you didn't just Duh me!

Sokka: Jade where did you get the revolver gun?!


(knock knock)

Jade: Im a little busy!

Sister: I heard the gun did someone mess up you're bed with food?

Jade: Yes

Brother: And did they duh you too

Jade: Yup

Brother and sister: ...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sister: Whoever's in there I hope you have life insurance.

Brother: And already wrote your will.

Sister: Let's go to the to the entertainment room down stairs.

Brother: Ok =)

Sokka: What no don't leave me here! HELP!!!

Jade: Now, where was I?

Sokka: About to let me go.

Jade: No. Nice try though. I respect that.


Jade: Now to clean up my room. Sokka get out from behind the bed now.

Sokka: O- ok.

Jade: (cleans room)

An hour later...

Zuko: Damn Toph did you have to throw the rock that hard.

Toph: That's what you deserve for getting me in to time out.

Zuko: Sorry.

Toph: That's it. You're not even going to put a fight. You're just going to throw in the towel just like that and say sorry.

Zuko: That really hurt I don't want to get on your bad side again.

Toph: Great now I fell bad.

Zuko: You're not going to hit me with another rock are you?

Toph: No. Now I fell compelled to do something nice.

Zuko: ...O...K.

Katara: Im hungry.

Toph: Me too.

Zuko: I think there is left over pizza in the fridge.

Katara: We should go wash our hands before we go in the kitchen.

Zuko and Toph: Ok.

Toph: (opens fridge) They're not back yet. Oh well I guess I should heat up there pizza for them. This is the perfect time to pull a prank, but I said I was going to do something nice. (sniff sniff) I smell pepper... nutmegs... and I think... sarsaparilla. What did Iroh say about those. (thinking) Hehehe I know the perfect prank that's nice and evil at the same time. I love me and my conceited evil genius brain.

Toph: (sprinkles grounded pepper, nutmeg, and sarsaparilla on pizza then heats them up in microwave)

Katara: Hey Toph did you heat up the pizza for us?

Toph: Yup. Just doin' the nice dead I promised.

Zuko: And I really am sorry.

Toph: It's ok. Well Im going up to eat in the dinning room. You guys wanna come?

Zuko and Katara: Ok.

Katara: This is a little spicy.

Toph: I just thought a little spice was good. Is it to much?

Katara: No I guess not.

Toph: (can fell Zuko and Katara's pulse rise and trying not to laugh)

Zuko and Katara: (wriggles in seat)

Zuko: Is it warm in hear?

Katara: Yeah a little bit.

Toph: No I don't fell anything.

Zuko: Are you sure, cause I feel a little warm.

Toph: No everything feels the same to me.

Katara: I feel kind of warm too.

Zuko: Yeah maybe it's the pizza.

Toph: But I'm eating the same pizza as you guy's.

Zuko: Right. Then what else could... it... be. (looks down at his pants)

Katara: What? (wriggles again)

Zuko: I, um just dropped something.

Katara: (leans over to see)

Zuko: (covers himself too late) It's nothing.

Katara: (mouths) You too.

Zuko: (nods)

Toph: (takes last bit of pizza) Im gonna go back outside do you want to come?

Zuko: (stairs at Katara then gestures up stairs with head)

Katara: (nods)

Toph: Hello? I said do you wanna come or not?

Katara: You go ahead Im gonna watch TV.

Zuko: And I want to take a nap.

Toph: Whatever.

Up stairs...

Zuko: Lets go to Jade's room.

Katara: Ok.


"I bet you she planned this."

" Why would she do that?

" She's Toph, that's reason enough."

" You have a point, but-

Katara was cut of with a kiss from a sexy firebender. It was hot and passionate wasting no time in introducing their tongues to each other. He wanted her badly even if it was just because of spicy food. He pinned her to the wall and began to trail down to her neck. This caused a moan to slip her lips.

" Ooooooh. Zuko lets go to the bed.

" Why? Im having fun right here. " He whispered it so closes to her ear it caused her shutter against him, which made him grin into neck as he kissed her again.

" That may be true but we only have a little time before someone comes in this room."

" You're right."

With that he picked her up *bridle* style and carried her to the bed. Laying her down he climbed on top of her and began to remove her clothes. Realizing he still had all his clothes on Katara began to remove his as well. Soon they were both completely undressed. Zuko began to kiss down Katara's body. He stopped when he reached the soft curves on her chest. He sucked and licked all around her right breast while he fondling the other. He earned a moan when he bit her hardened nipple and lightly pulled on it. When he was satisfied with that one he mirrored his actions on her other side.

After finishing with her breasts he moved down to her stomach and kissed around her navel. He licked inside of her belly button then continued down. He came to her wet core and began to lick inside of her. First slowly then he picked up the pace. Katara's squirms of delight soon became bucks of pleasure. Zuko had to hold her down so that he wouldn't loose her.

" Just like that! Don't stop!" Not all of Katara's mind was lost to the *ecstacy* she was felling. She remembered that she couldn't be too loud and so yelled out in a hushed tone.

As she climaxed she arched her back then fell back. Zuko came back up to kiss her and she could taste herself on his tounge.

" Zuko I... need... you... inside me."

" My pleasure " came his response. He positioned himself in front of her and with out hesitation pushed into her.

All thoughts of taking it slow were gone. Zuko pounded into to Katara as she matched his trusts as best she could.

" Faster! Harder! "

Zuko did his best to comply and if seemed to work. Katara was now bucking uncontrollably. Her head was was tossed back, her eyes were shut tight, her hands gripped the sheets on the bed, and the only things that came out of her mouth were moans and his name.

He smirked a little at the effect he had on her.



Jade: More damn squeaking. If Suki is in my bed again... And I do not talk to myself. ^You're doing it right now.^ No Im not. ^Yes you are.^ Damn it shut up.

Jade: (walks up stairs and is about to open door then stops)

Katara: Ohhhhh.

Jade: What the... (presses ear to door)

Zuko: Kataraaaaa.

Jade: No way. (throws door open) WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON MY BED.!!! FREAKING!!! EACH OTHER!!!! ON MY BED!!!

Katara: (panting) Hey... Jade.

Jade: Oh heeeeeellz no! Don't hey Jade me! Zuko get out now!

Zuko: ...of Katara or the room?

Jade: Both!

Zuko: Come on.

Jade: Where do you thing you're taking her. Let go of her wrist. She's staying right here.

Zuko: But-

Jade: Go!

Zuko: (puts on clothes) Fine.

Katara: (puts on clothes)

Jade: So do you care to explain?

Katara: Well first of all she put something in the pizza, so I blame her.

Jade: What do you mean?

Katara: Toph, she put some kind of herbs in on the pizza. I thought It was just spice, but they were really aphrodisiacs.

Jade: I see. What happened next?

Katara: At first it got hot. I didn't notice myself wiggling in my seat 'till I noticed Zuko was doing it too. Then out of no where it hits me and I fell horny. I see Zuko look down at his pants and ask him what happened. He said he dropped something so I leaned over to see. He tried to cover himself before I could see, but I saw his tent poking out. That's when we went up stairs in your bed and... you know.

Jade: What the hell am I going to do with you guys?

Jade: (takes deep breathe) Ok did you remember to bend?

Katara: Bend...?

Jade: To get rid of his-

Katara: Ohhh. Yes.

Jade: Good, go down stairs and tell Toph to come and help me clean the room.

Katara: Ok. (leaves room)

Jade: Kids.

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Aang: whoops

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Aang:...? Oooooh. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!