Title: It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Author: dizzy - in - the - izzy
Rating: T, for safety.
Summary: With so little days until Christmas, it's time for the spirit to appear.
Disclaimer: Dear Santa - I'd like a pony, a plastic rocket, and the rights to TV. Go tromana for using that, and reminding me about my favorite movie of all time. :)
A/N: So, I've got a new idea. I decided that I felt like doing a Christmas thing for Mentalist. Possibly 20 oneshots, school permitting, until Christmas. I'll probably have to post the Christmas oneshot like, at 2 AM Christmas morning. Anywho, this is going to be about the craziness of the Holiday Season. I mean, tonight, I was driving and suddenly there is a Sobriety/License check and I kinda don't have my license yet. So, we did a switch in the middle of a parking lot kind of traffic. It's just..... insane. So, I decided that I'm going to be funny and start a little oneshot collection about it. So, this one consists of the 5th day of Christmas. Essentially, 20 days until Christmas. :)

Chapter: December 5th

"There are twenty day's until Christmas now." Rigsby said as he and Cho walked back to the SVU after questioning a suspect. Cho shrugged as he got into the drivers side, and Rigsby climbed into the passenger side.

"So, do you want some reward?"

"No, I'm just simply stating that it's now like officially the holiday season."

Cho shook his head as he started the car and headed away from the business they were parked in front of. Cho stopped at a stop sign, and decided that he needed to turn left to get out of the small town. Rigsby didn't expect Cho to carry the conversation, as it was usually one-sided, but he was proven wrong.

"It's officially time for the crazies to emerge. The weirdest cases happen during the holiday season."

Rigsby couldn't dispute with that. As they drove towards the freeway, Rigsby turned in his seat, looking for some food. He was tired of eating holiday cookies and candy canes, and when he found an apple, he wasn't put off by it being fruit. He instantly bit into it, chewing slowly.

"Do you think they'll be a secret Santa in the office?" Rigsby grabbed the water, remembering why he didn't eat that apple in the first place. It was too sour.

"Hope not." Cho said as he merged lanes. Rigsby looked at him, confusion written on his face.

"Why not? It's kinda fun."

Cho shrugged nonchalantly, and Rigsby turned to the window.

"I think I might wear a Santa hat."

Rigsby coughed and laughed at the same time, his hand going up to his mouth to protect anyone from flying apples. He then broke into laughter, looking over at the ever-stoic Asian man. Cho's face hadn't changed, but Rigsby was sure the man was laughing on the inside.

"I'll wear a Mrs. Santa costume."

"Van Pelt will love that."

Rigsby glared at Cho, who simply shrugged.

"Jane should be the Grinch."

Cho shook his head, suppressing a smile.

"Who would Lisbon be?"

Cho shrugged again, looking to the right as he merged lanes again. He was being bugged with the insane traffic. When he looked o the left, he almost laughed. Rigsby looked to the left as well, and both men broke into laughter.

Obviously, a crash had occurred, and one of the people involved were dressed up as an elf. The one normally dressed person seemed to be enjoying it, and he was laughing just like everyone else on the road. Cho shook his head as he made his way out of thick traffic and into 60mph cruising.

"It isn't the holiday season until you get into a crash with an elf." Rigsby joked, and Cho smirked.

"That's what Lisbon can be."

Rigsby frowned, but then he smiled like crazy. The thought of his boss in a tiny elf costume, pointy ears and green tights, made him want to giggle like a girl.

"And Van Pelt can be Rudolph." Cho smirked.

"Hey now."

A/N: So, I hope to do one of these a day. Maybe every other day. Hopefully there will be more than ten of these. School needs to die so I can do them though haha. I'm not sure how long each will be, but they will ALL be related and possibly AU. So, here we go. :) Reviews would be lovely.