This is my very first fanfic, that I still haven't finished yet. I have 29 chapters done and will be uploading while re looking over each one of them. Hope you enjoy.

I might as well tell you all….I have read fanfics for many years and did not have the courage to actually write one. This is my very first fanfic that I have written. So please be kind to me! And no flamers please I am sure you all have something better to do then crap on my already crappy fic. It does not need to burn.

The King of Shiro

Summary: Harry gets cat ears and a tail…but what's this about him being a king? Dark Harry! Ron Bashing Dumbles Bashing! And whatever else I put in there.

Chapter One- The beginning…

When Harry woke up on Monday, he was filled with unease. He had told his friends last night about his preferences and then quickly went to bed. He might as well have a nice sleep before talking to them. Hermione didn't seem as shock when he told her and he had hope that this wasn't going to put a strain on their relationship. But the expression on Ron's face did not help ease his worries, the boy thought to himself as he closed his eyes then night before.

So when he looked over at Ron's bed, he didn't have a good feeling. Was Ron avoiding him? He hoped not. The red head was his first friend. When Harry arrived at breakfast (narrowly missing Peeves' pranks) he looked around and spotted his two best friends sitting together. Hermione looked up, seeming to notice that someone was watching her, and looked around. Seeing Harry, she smiled and started motioned for him to sit next to them. Giving a smile in return he took the seat next to her and was shocked to find that he was pushed out of his chair. All commotion in the Great Hall ceased.

"Ron?" Harry asked nervously rubbing his back side as he stood up.

All he got was a dark glare from the red head. "Don't sit next to me, you fag!"

Those words echoed around the Hall causing Harry to flush in embarrassment and anger. "I would have thought that true friends didn't give a crap about what gender you like!" Harry hissed and promptly left his former best friend, leaving the Great Hall to work off his anger. He never saw Hermione slap Ron in his face and then went to sit next to Ginny so she could get away from him. She knew that Harry will come to her when he needed to talk.

When Severus Snape woke up, he knew that Monday would not be his day. It was like a foul cloud was hanging around him making him uneasy. Groaning he rolled over and contemplated whether it was worthwhile to get up from his warm and cozy bed. He quickly killed that thought as the Headmaster would make the school nurse come visit him. And then the headmaster would come down…Severus shuddered. So he reluctantly got up from his bed and put on his standard black robes, growled at any student who had the misfortune of crossing him and then proceed down to the great hall.

So naturally that was when his bad day started. The famous Harry Potter had run into him, knocking him to the ground and causing him to try to keep in the air that so unwilling left. Sadly the Potions Professor then realized that he didn't mind so much that Potters warm body resting upon him.

That's when Severus found that the cloud over him decided to rain down upon him. He, the greasy git, the bat, the… whatever those brats now called him, was attracted to Harry Potter. When did this happen? He was only 14 for goodness sake! Quickly turning away from those thoughts, Severus brought himself to the present, trying to not give anything away, and scowled at the boy on him.

"Mr. Potter…" He drawled. "As much as I enjoy you…touching me…"He nearly spat out while inwardly rejoicing the contact. "I simply must ask for you to join me in detention this evening. Then maybe you will find out it is better to look you are going instead of nearly running me over in you misbegotten hast."

Harry flushed a bright red and opened his mouth as if to say something but closed it. With a resigned sigh Harry mumbled, "Yes, Professor." Nodding Snape shifted underneath of Potter who then got up making Snape wish someone else would knock the young boy on top of him. Fluidly the Potions Master got up and swept past green eyed youth and into the loud hall.

Harry sighed as he finished a cauldron. He glared at the man sitting at the desk.

"Something the matter, Potter?"

Shit! How the hell did that man know what he was doing while not looking right at him?

"No nothing sir." Asshole.

"I heard that."

What? How was that possible? Can the git read minds?

"Yes I can."

Oh great! Just what he needed. A mind read-

"I would not finish that if I were you…"

Loving, caring. helpful, nice man.
Harry tried for the rest of the evening to unsuccessfully censer his thoughts when he noticed the pile of cauldrons that he stacked up seemed to sway a bit. Going to the other side he tried with no avail to keep the darn things up when the thinkable happened. All of those cauldrons, with some potion liquid still in them all, crashed on top of Harry. The last thing that went through Harry's mind: That damn greasy git is going to give me even more detentions…before everything went black.

So how did you like it? I hope Snape isn't to OOC and I am sorry if I made the part about Severus attracted to Harry so soon but I couldn't help it! He wanted It! *Starts to scare everyone away because flames started coming out of her eyes and laughs evilly*

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