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In retrospect, perhaps the heels were not such a bright idea.

But I'd had it! I'd already put on my jeans and my cute forest green button down top. It was the old brown tennies or the cute, new, brown three inch virgin heels that were practically begging to come along with me today.

I knew it would rain in downtown Port Angeles, it was always raining. But I wasn't going to let that stop me, I wasn't going to let anything stop me, life was too short. It had been a bad year; my tribe had already lost ten people, all of which were teens like me. Most of them were older than me by a few years, but one was younger. It was only October, chances were pretty good we'd loose one or two more before the year was over. I knew I could very well be number eleven.

So I was wearing the heels in spite of the weather, in spite of the bad year and in spite of my better judgment. Like I said before, life was short. And it was about to get allot shorter.


I'd dropped my parents off at the ferry; they were spending the weekend in Victoria. I had planned to do some shopping and then make my way to La Push to meet up with my old friend Jacob. I hadn't seen him in years; we used to hang out as kids a couple times a month, our fathers being chiefs of our tribes. Though his tribe had shifters as well, Jacob included, they had not suffered the disease and death that had plagued mine in recent years.

I was trying not to think of all that now though. I was strutting past Bella Italia making my way towards a bookstore at the end of the street. The rain was only a light mist now, so I folded my umbrella down and really started to enjoy myself. It wasn't often that I got to wear heels. The rain, first of all, but at 5'9", I never got to wear heels on dates either. I was enjoying the view from up here and the confidence that came with it.

The bookstore was just across the street, I glanced up at the signal waiting for it to change. That was when the scent hit me. I only knew it by instinct; I'd never smelled one before. It was a sickly sweet smell- too sweet. Vampire. I quickly scanned the streets, because if I could smell it, there was no doubt it could smell me. It would know I was different.

There he was, standing directly across the street from me. Our eyes met for only an instant and I turned around and walked in the opposite direction. If he decided to chase I was screwed. I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head watching. In that moment all I wanted was to be out of his sight so I turned right and started up a long stair case.

I heard him behind me. I was screwed. It was a strange sensation, I should have been horrified, life flashing before my eyes and such. All I felt was disappointment; like I suddenly realized no mater what my move- check mate. I had got about ten steps up the stairs when I turned around and saw him at the base. He was beautiful, of course, tousled amber brown hair and strange golden eyes. I shook my head back to reality, trying to strategize some sort of plan. He couldn't kill me here in public, but he'd follow me wherever I went and I couldn't bring a vampire down on any friends or family- my life was forfeit at this point. I noticed the street was strangely quiet, then I heard a sudden woosh and now he stood in front of me about seven steps up.

He put his arms in the air, palms up, "Hold on a sec, I just want to talk," his sweet voice rang to me. I knew I couldn't out run him, though I was certain if I could get to the water I could out swim him. He raised his eyebrow curiously at me. I started to back down the steps, he did not follow.

"Careful…" he warned me just my heel missed the edge of the step and I tumbled down the remaining eight stairs. My right leg twisted and snapped beneath me as my head finally thunked against the cold wet pavement. He was beside me on the ground in an instant pulling the scarf from my neck and holding it to the base of my skull behind my head. I watched him as he quickly gave me one good look up and down and then paused when he saw the unnatural way my leg sprawled out beside me.

Then the pain hit. My eyes pooled over with tears streaking down my face as my headed pounded with each frantic beat of my heart. My leg was a whole nother degree of pain, it was bent in the shape of an "L" just below the knee. I jerked it trying to find relief from the pain but it only made it worse. I focused myself and tried to stay quiet, I didn't want spectators any more than the vampire did. Unfortunately it was futile, we had already accumulated a small audience.

I heard one spectator say something about an ambulance, the vampire quickly responded, "Already called."

No! I couldn't go to the hospital, they would find out that I was different, send me off to some government facility to be experimented on. It could compromise the entire tribe.

"No hospital, please" I managed to wheese out. Never thought I would be begging for death from a vampire, but here I was.

"Try to stay still, help is coming" he held the now soaked scarf to my head as his other hand reached for mine and squeezed gently. At that moment a black Mercedes pulled up on the pavement beside me and stopped. The driver side door opened and the scent hit me again- even in this state of extreme pain. Another Vampire.

Relief washed through me, this was his "help." The new vampire talked quickly to the other, I couldn't make out what they were saying. Then the first vampire made comment as to how long the ambulance was taking.

"Just put her in the car" the new vampire declared, "we'll take her ourselves."

The new vampire knelt down beside me, pretending to see if I was stable enough to move I suppose. The pain was still overwhelming and I found it hard to focus.

He caught my eye a few moments later and put his cool hand on my cheek. "My name is Carlisle and this is my son Edward," he motioned to the first vampire, "can you tell me your name, sweetheart?"

I had to think about it for a moment, "Isabella" I mumbled. Only my friends called me Bella.

"Okay Isabella," he replied with a dazzling smile, "we're going to get you out of here and to some help." He winked at me, I heard the words but I still wasn't grasping much besides the pain- it all blurred together. It took me a few more moments to realize this all must be an act for the bystanders. I decided to play along, opting for the vampires over the hospital.

The vampire named Edward lifted me slowly as Carlisle opened the door to the back seat of the car. He moved very slowly and steadily but my body still uncontrollably winced and shuttered in pain.

"I know it hurts, I'm sorry" he was keeping up the act quite well. He laid me across the back seat; Carlisle was already seated on the far side helping guide me in with as little movement as possible. My head ended up resting on Carlisle's lap as Edward got into the drivers seat. Carlisle now held another clean cloth to the back of my skull that must have still been bleeding. With his other hand he pulled a black bag up off the floor and placed it on the seat beside me as he commanded, "Drive."

The car roared to life but I had no since of direction. I was starting to feel light headed, but the overwhelming pain kept reality close.

"The bleeding has slowed down a little," Carlisle said to me, "that's good, how are you doing Isabella, you still with me?"

I must have hit my head pretty hard; why was he acting this way still? I looked at him confused. The car shifted as we took a fast turn, probably onto the highway, my leg was jarred again. There was no escape this time, my threshold for pain tolerance was broken and I let out a wrasping scream of pain.

"Edward take it easy," said Carlisle then he looked back at my face, "It's ok, let me see what I have." He used both of his blood stained hands to rummage through his mysterious black bag coming up with a little syringe and a vial.

My heart faltered and it took a moment for the panic to set back in. There was only one thing worse than going to a hospital: that was if the vampires planned to do their own disecting. By the time I had processed this new scenario, the syringe was full of a clear liquid and Carlisle was putting the vial back in the bag. He held the syringe as a doctor would; he knew exactly what he was doing. Shit.

I struggled violently now against him but his hold was far too strong. The pain of struggle was literally making me nauseous as my body dry heaved. I was suddenly glad my stomach was empty and that I had skipped breakfast. He couldn't hold me still enough with one hand to give me whatever poison was in the other.

He quietly put the cap back on the syringe and dropped it back in the bag. I stopped thrashing and swallowed back the pain again. I didn't know how much of this I could keep up especially since I knew it was going to be losing battle in the end anyways. It just wasn't in my nature to surrender to them, but I also knew my options were few and as I had realized before: my life was forfeit. My death would protect the ones I loved so the best I could hope for at this point was a quick end- which seemed unlikely at this point.

"Shhhh, shhh," the strange vampire lulled to me. I just continued to look at him dumfounded, the pain still gnawing away at me.

"Carlisle?" Edward asked from the front seat.

"It seems I'm doing more damage than good, maybe if I just give her a few moments to calm down."

"She's in allot of pain. I'm only getting random flashes. She's utterly horrified and pain, lots of pain."

"Once we get her home, we'll have help. It will be easier."

I could see Edward nod as he continued to drive. What did he know about my pain? Carlisle's hand came back to my face and I winced away from him, jarring my head. My eyes fluttered, the light headedness was returning.

I could feel my heart slowing, my eyes becoming heavy despite the agony. Hope entered my soul, I let the tiredness come, maybe I had lost enough blood or hit my head hard enough, maybe all I had to do was let go and fade…

"Isabella? Isabella?" I ignored him.

"Isabella" he called louder, squeezing my hand hard. I still refused to respond, he wasn't taking this from me.

"Isabella!" he called louder and pulled my right leg up an half an inch.

"Agggugh!" my body dry heaved again as I was forcefully pulled back to reality.

"I'm sorry sweetie," he was crooning to me again, "you can't sleep just yet, not until I get a better look at that head." He started to wipe the tears from my face with the back of his hand. I looked at him with new eyes now mixing the agony with anger. Why? I couldn't comprehend why they were doing this to me? If looks could kill, the one I was giving Carlisle could have stopped a beating heart- not that he ever had one.

Edward laughed from the front seat, "Ohhh, now she's pissed and in pain."

"Hmph, you can be pissed at me all you want, but you're not going anywhere."

In that long ride in the car, I tried to close my eyes a few more times. But each time Carlisle would squeeze my hand in warning again. I opened my eyes quickly each time, giving him the same agonized look of hatred.