(A/N: I felt the desperate need to write this story after watching this video: http : // www. youtube. com/ watch?v= skj38WVv7wY Just remove the spaces. ^^ Anyway... ANGST AHEAD!)

Prologue - Where It All Started

"You are the hero
I am the servant
We are twins that destiny played a cruel jest on."

Pressing his glasses slowly up his nose, Matthew Williams gave his brother a dubious look. "Alfred," he said cautiously, "you do realize that's going to get you in trouble, right?"

Alfred F. Jones, representative of the United States of America, looked up from the papers he had been perusing and blinked at the Canadian. He had a hamburger halfway to his mouth, which was open to reveal a lump of half-chewed burger already inside. Shuddering, Matthew looked away quickly. Alfred's eating habits disgusted him to no end, but he was loathe to say anything for fear of insulting Alfred.

"Whaddyou mean, Mattie?" he asked, looking perfectly confused. Matthew could never tell if Alfred was really that stupid or just pretending…

Nervously, Matthew held his polar bear, Kumajiro, closer to his chest and watched Alfred closely. "Well, you know… It's just that…" Fumbling to a halt, Matthew stared in wonder at his brother's blank expression. "You really don't see how your meddling is going to piss people off??"

A bark of laughter was Alfred's response to the blunt question. "Oh, Mattie! They're not going to be pissed off! I'm saving them! Who would be pissed at their hero?" Matthew could name quite a few people who would be angry at the hero that was Alfred, himself among them, but he kept quiet. "Besides!" Alfred continued, grinning at his brother and sucking down large gulps of his Diet Coke. "You'll always be there to help me out, right?"

That was how it must have started, Matthew mused to himself, thinking back on that moment with a certain fondness that he supposed he shouldn't feel. Alfred had placed complete and utter trust in him, and while Matthew often disagreed with his brother, he would be damned if he was going to betray that trust.

And somehow, that thought made the bars of his cell seem much more superfluous…

"Even if the world turns against you
I'll become the only evil that is on your side."