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I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk
Where's the kid with the chemicals
I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full
I need some meaning I can memorize
The kind I have always seems to slip my mind

- Bright Eyes

I think the plane ride was more uncomfortable than the car ride. I would've rather ridden coach if it meant having to stare across at them. Them in their engaged glory. I congratulated myself in not staring. Edward didn't stare either. He never did. Ever.

I think what I hated most is how everyone forgot except me. Lia and Edward had never happened in the eyes of the world. The history books forgot about us and the novels didn't mention us. My heart was the only record of the events between January and March. And sometimes, even I had trouble remembering if it was real or not.

"I'm actually excited to be going to Santa Barbara, can't say I haven't missed the sun." Bella murmured to Edward.

"Even if it means not spending anytime with me?" He joked.

"I'll stay with you, no matter what. "


She was doing this on purpose, I was sure of it. Who knew Bella had it in her? I suddenly felt like shooting her in the face as well.

My mother didn't greet me warmly when we got off the terminal either. It's not like I had expected it. She, of course, was all fake smiles and kisses to Edward and Bella. Although she had no idea, I still felt betrayed. She wasn't supposed to be kind to the two people that made me most miserable.

"Lillianne, how are you feeling honey?" My mother looked quickly towards my side and back to the road.

I sighed, "just fine mom, glad to be home." I half-meant it too. There was something about being greeted by the Pacific coastline that set a funny stirring in my heart.

The road to my house was relatively spent in silence. If they had been talking, I didn't notice, what with my ears firmly plugged up.

I heard Bella's usual hitch in breath whenever she came close to my home. The winding, cobblestone pathway and the walls drenched in ivy. Home. I repeated it quietly to myself…

"Home" It was home again. Relief, dread, anxiety.

Lia's beach estate, as expected, was as impressive as it was cold. Although filled with warm hues, ivy, and an open floor plan, the furniture was as new as it was unlived in. Everything was impeccable, unfamiliar, a plastic model of what should have been a home. Nestled in a cliff overviewing the Santa Barbara coastline, I could feel her world wrapping around her, the relief of the familiar, the dread of the things she ran away from.

Like most women of money, Lia did not appreciate her wealth. She bought Chanel heels like they were candy and had over twenty different Burberry coats in her closet. The closet left behind in sunny Southern California. She was literally filled with excess, and yet, she had the nerve to find other things to blame her misfortune on. It wasn't as though I was suggesting that money was everything, clearly, I knew more than most how infinitely important other things in life were. Lia, on a subconscious level, felt the same. Perhaps it was the wealthy who really understood the concept of that philosophy.

Considering it was Spring, the sun was behind a soft layer of clouds. This being the biggest selling point of my visit. I really had no idea what had gotten into me when I accepted Bella's invitation. If only, it just proved that Lia held my heart a lot more than I was convincing myself. I would be a fool to deny that I didn't come here to stay close to her. I couldn't be with her, but I couldn't live without her, I was afraid she would disappear.

I shook my head, ridding myself of any potential unfaithful thoughts, I had had enough of those to last me a lifetime. I looked at her through my peripheral vision, she was breathtaking sometimes, the other times, she looked so sick that I was afraid her heart would give out right then. Perhaps it had been the general California ambience that made her look worse than ever. Her skin had a sallow tint, and her hair was so dull, it seemed as though the once dark locks were washing out. Her heart was beating regularly at least, considering the intensive care they had given her in the hospital.

"Lia, why don't you show dear Bella and Edward their rooms?" Her mother, Sophia, suggested as she waltzed into the formal living room. Lia's eyes changed from their dreamlike state into one of focus, she looked towards her mother. Her eyes flashed dangerously before settling down once more.

"Sure," she mumbled as she stood up, swaying.

She made eye-contact with me, before doing the same to Bella.

"Follow me," She added cheerfully, plastering a smile on her face for her mother's sake.

I slipped Bella's hand into mine as we both stood up.

Lia didn't bother to strut anymore, her whole body sagged against her, her legs threatening to break at any moment under the pressure. Broken girls were not made for walking.

The long hallway was lined with chandeliers, the walls a crimson red mimicking that of an English home.

"This is your room Bella," Lia started while she pushed open a tall, white door.

The room was completely white, the large window taking up most of one of the walls. From here, there was a spectacular view of the ocean and the family's garden. My eyes lingered in appreciation. It wasn't often that a vampire got to enjoy the southern pacific coast. I briefly wondered if Lia's mother had gone wrong into sending her to a place as dreary as Washington. I couldn't help but think that Lia would've fared better in a sunnier environment. The queen-size bedroom held a white four-poster canopy, the perfect picture of casual luxury.

"Edward, your rooms next door, feel free to check it out yourself." She retorted a bit snappily. I looked towards her, my eyes narrowing. My heart felt a familiar pang, but my head quickly dismissed it.

"Thank you," I answered warmly.

"No Problem," she sighed, walking out of the room, leaving Bella and I to ourselves.

I turned towards Bella.

"Beautiful isn't it?" She muttered, her distant eyes staring out the window.

"Spectacular," I muttered against her cheek.

She shook her head, pouting a bit as she did so.

"It's a good thing she's coming back here." Bella noted.

Why so? I asked in my head, not daring to say it out loud.

"I was thinking the same, actually." I replied, wrapping my arms around Bella's waist.

"Were you really?" Bella said, suspicion lacing around her tongue. She turned towards me, still caught in my embrace. I grew slightly irritated, tired of her constant accusations.

"Yes, really." I retorted, the annoyance coming forth.

Her eyes hardened for a millisecond, if I weren't a vampire, I would've questioned whether they had been that way at all. Once they softened, she let out a small sigh.

"You're right, I'm sorry," she muttered against my chest. Rather than relieving the anger the way it normally did, it only ignited it further.

Bella gave in. Bella always gave in.

"I think I'll go and grab my bags," I mumbled suddenly, releasing myself from her hold. I felt the drop in her stomach, her doe eyes glistening.

"ok," I heard her say softly.

I didn't bother to kiss her as I walked out of her room, returning to the hall where our suitcases had been set.

Stupid Bella, stupid Edward, what the fuck? I heard Lia scream in her head, cursing us to high heaven for intruding in her home. I felt my anger build with hers, wondering why the hell I had come here in the first place.

I could only seethe in my anger as I continued to curse Edward and Bella. Fucking, motherfucker. Obviously, this was some cruel joke. Bella and Edward enjoyed torturing me so much that they decided to follow me to the one place that held no memories of them, or him. As hellish as this place was, this was my hell. Clean and untouched with memories of the biggest crack in my heart, my faith, my everything. Why? Why? Why?

I kept throwing my unpacked clothes forcefully into their drawers and closets. I felt my stormy blue walls blurring, my vision obscured by traitor tears. Had Bella forgotten that my mother was hardly ever home? Had she forgotten that this visit would be spent relatively alone? How the hell could I stay in this house, knowing that they were alone, together, with no one to intervene in their activities, appropriate or not? This was my home, and they had intruded. Tainted it, even. I fucking hated them with everything in my being. I angrily wiped away the tears as I made my way over to my bed. The soft ivory duvet wrapping it's softness around me, making me drowsy, sleepy even. I relaxed into the luxury, sniffing away the last bit of wetness.

I figured, if I stared into the ceiling long enough, everything would turn blue. I'm not sure how long I stayed there exactly, staring, staring, staring. I didn't know what to do anymore, not really. I fell asleep eventually a newly formed headache pounding me to sleep.

I woke up at 9:30 P.M. My clothes rumpled and my head screaming.

I turned towards my alarm clock, and consequently, my cell. It's screen was glowing obnoxiously and I hastily picked it up, squinting at the brightness. THUMP…. THUMP…. THUMP, went my head.

Two new messages, my my, wasn't I getting popular? I distractedly read them, scanning the names.

One was from my mother, the other was from Nate.

My mother told me she had gone out with my stepdad and wouldn't be back until later, which usually meant they were going to be too drunk to come home and would instead rent a hotel room.

Nate had heard of me coming back to Santa Barbara and was having a party at his house. I sighed, turning my eyes towards my stormy blue walls. The walls, made of cardboard and hollow wood, heard everything in the house. They heard Bella and Edward talking, they heard Bella and Edward laughing, they heard me say Fuck it.

I texted him back quickly, telling him I'd be there in an hour. I got up from my bed and padded over to the kitchen, the long hallway's chandaliers were still on. Once there, I threw open the cabinet where I knew my mom had her prescription painkillers, the ones she never used after she had a miscarriage. It was last year, she was only on her third month, hardly scarring. I cut the vicodin in half with one of our kitchen knives and threw the pill back with water. Half of these babies could take away my worst headaches in less than half an hour. I almost missed home then.

Returning to my room, I saw that my phone had another message. It was from Nate again.

Are you serious? You're actually coming? That's great Lia, see you in an hour (;

Whore. He would have the audacity to send me a winky face. I rolled my eyes and sent him one back, smirking.

I decided not to shove my earphones into my ears and placed my iTouch on the ground instead, letting the music come out. I quickly turned on my curler and grabbed my makeup bag.

After about an hour, I was dressed and ready. My hair was in volumous curls and my eyes smoky. I was wearing sequined black shorts with a loose Led Zeppelin shirt that was hanging off my shoulders, I finished the look with black pumps. I smiled cheekily at myself, I didn't look half-bad. Of course my stomach was almost protruding and the shorts were fitting too snuggly, but what the fuck ever, I was having fun tonight, no matter what.

I knocked on Bella's door, knowing that Edward was in there and definitely not in his own room. She opened it a tad, taking in my appearance.

"I'm going out," I said bluntly.

"Should I wait up?" She asked nicely, but I could see the annoyance in her eyes. I bit back a smirk.

"Nope," I answered, turning away swiftly, strutting down the hall.

I vaguely wondered whether Edward would follow me out or not and try to "protect me." Lord knows he wouldn't be too pleased at my current plans for the night, the chivalrous bastard. But, knowing that Bella wouldn't approve of his interference, I was more or less safe from his reprimanding ways. And wasn't it past Bella's bedtime anyway? It was almost 11:00 P.M. She was living on the wild side tonight, that's for sure.

It took me five minutes to get to my cream Mercedes-Benz. I slid in, ah, how I missed nights like these. I quickly changed the radio stations to my favorite ones from California, turning the speakers up so that they shook my car violently. I backed out of my driveway hurriedly and zoomed towards Nate's house. The drive was so familiar my mind was taking me there on autopilot. I zipped through the winding hills and marveled at the ocean view I occasionally got, it all felt so homey to me, I realized with a pang that I had missed this aspect of my life. It just, I don't know, felt so freeing. It was as though all my worries and thoughts were melting away as I got closer and closer to Nate's, I hadn't realized I was actually laughing out loud until I pulled up to his driveway.

The gate let me open as I took the sight before me. There were cars everywhere (one who I recognized was Ellie's.) and the music was blaring out of the house. I almost felt nervous as I parked my car, wondering just who the hell would remember me from here. I tentatively opened my door, never taking my eyes off of the familiar house. I texted Nate again, telling him I was here before walking through the door.

I was instantly greeted by dozens of drunk teenagers (some on something else entirely.) and I shut the door quickly. Some stopped to gape at me, others ignored me completely. I heard a few people question "Lia?" but I didn't bother to respond to them.

It wasn't until I saw Nate walk quickly towards me that I let myself smile again. He looked the same, but, older. His hair was just as golden brown and his eyes still sparkled navy blue, his toned arms were still tanned, and he was still taller than me.

I opened my arms as he pressed himself against me, swinging me around and laughing in my ear. I shrieked happily and kissed him on the cheek.

"Nate!" I screamed, unable to hold my excitement, he had been one of my best friends, after all.

"Fuck Lia! Is that really you?" He grabbed my face between his hands for good measure, his breath was a mixture of alcohol and mint.

I nodded, giggling, "Yes, it's me Nate, really."

"Well come on then," He dragged me towards the kitchen, taking me by my hand. Jesus, was it any wonder why I had had such a ginormous crush on him?

The word crush got my mind thinking of something else, I felt my heart give a pang, but ignored it. Tonight was not the night to be moping about stupid Edward Cullen.

"We'll have a drink!" Nate declared, "to you being back!"

I nodded, smiling at his childish antics, "Do I get to choose?" I yelled over the music, pushing past a couple of trashed sophomores.

"Take your pick!" He yelled back, moving his hands dramatically across the copious amounts of alcohol on his kitchen cabinets.

The Rosé caught my eye as I picked it up.

"No Lia," Nate laughed at me, "that's for after the shots."

I smirked, "well I'm keeping it so no one else steals it, I want some." I returned, deciding to pick up the green bottle filled with Jegger.

"Now that's more like it," Nate approved.

We downed three shots before moving to the wine.

We were sitting on the couch, laughing our heads off at anything and everything.

"You know.." Nate began in between fits of laughter, "I only bought this wine because rappers are always going on and on about it." He laughed again,

I almost coughed out my drink, "You're such a loser Nate," I deadpanned, leaning my head against his shoulder.

The bottle was almost done, and my head was swimming happily. Happy, Happy, Happy. Deliciously numb.

We settled down after that, content to just watch people in their stupidity, humping on floors, and skirts all the way up to a girl's underwear, and boys pants getting tighter. It would be absolutely disgusting if I didn't know how fun that could be. My mind took me to a memory of my sophomore year, me and Nate (who had been as high as kite.) dancing to "We Run L.A.", every time I happened to catch that song on the radio, I would immediately think back to his house. He used to always turn up the song when it came on the radio.

"Still a pothead?" I murmured, continuing to stare at the makeshift dancefloor.

"Hey," Nate shoved me playfully.

"Ow!" I complained loudly, leaning my head back on his shoulder.

I laughed out loud, "You're such a baby," he teased.

I mhmed softly.

"And for your information, no, I've moved on to… better things." Nate answered, staring at me out of the corner of my eye.

"Is that so?" I returned slyly, curious about what kind of trouble Nate was into now.

"Let's just say I've moved up a level," he retorted.

Well, that piqued my interest.

"Care to explain?" I continued, snuggling closer as my eyes drooped slightly.

"It wouldn't be making you sleepy that's for sure," He added, staring down at my lazy form.

"Then give me some," I mumbled bluntly, my eyes almost closing.

"Really?" He questioned, not too surprised.

I nodded, "I'm tired of being sleepy, alcohol sucks," I muttered into his arm.

His bloodshot eyes lit up in excitement as he pulled me up.

"Let's go then," He whispered, his excitement influencing my own.

I smiled back, "lead the way,"

Nate grabbed hold of my hand once more and directed me to the top of the stairs. He took the far room on the left, shutting the door promptly behind him. His walls were the dark blue to my stormy ones, his California king sized bed had a rusty gold comforter, clothes were strewn everywhere, not a book in sight. It was just the same as I had left it, good old Nate.

"Is your email password still 'lacrosse' too?" I tried to smirk, remembering the password he had been using since fifth grade.

"Shut up," He laughed, throwing me one of his pillows, I attempted to catch it, but stumbled back instead.

I continued to laugh, unable to hold in the excitement of whatever drug we were about to do.

Edward in the back of my head was telling me to stop, while I was promptly telling Edward-in-my-head to shut it. Yes people, I was talking to imaginary voices in my head, I know that this is not healthy.

Slowly, Nate took out a keychain from his back pocket, revealing a tiny globe. He held the tiny keychain in front of him, staring at me in what I assumed was his attempt at a serious expression.

"Now this, Lia, is The World." He stated mysteriously, I just threw my head back and laughed.

"Shh!" He rushed over to me, swaying as he did so, before clamping his hand firmly on my mouth.

"We are having a serious moment, no laughing," he directed, holding back his own smile. I nodded eagerly, hoping he would take his hand off of me.

He did eventually.

Carefully, he opened up the tiny globe, revealing a small clear packet with three clumps of a white powdery substance in it.

"You moved up to coke?" I questioned, staring in his eyes, I had never thought Nate would do that.

He nodded swiftly, opening the contents as I looked at him in delight. I had to use all my willpower to not clap my hands in excitement.

We moved to his bedside table as he spilled one of the three clumps, crushing it with his credit card. I was literally bouncing off the walls.

Finally, he set the white powder into three, neat little rows, taking out a dollar bill from his wallet, he rolled it expertly and snorted one of the lines. He promptly handed me the dollar bill as I eagerly followed his movements. The laundry detergent smell was delightful, the slight burning sensation in my nose a welcomed treatment. I snorted once more to make sure it had all gone up to my brain, before swiping my finger against the residue and spreading it on my gums.

We did the same towards the last two clumps and fell on his bed in contentment. I couldn't feel myself breathe, I felt invincible.

"Amazing," I stated, feeling happier than I had in months, why had I given this all up in the first place? It made me feel a thousand times better than ballet ever did.

"I know," Nate breathed, turning to his side, looking at me as he did so. I copied his movement and grinned widely at him.

He started cracking up as I did the same. Our laughs resonated against the walls, bouncing towards us and feeding the giggles, I was delirious with joy.

When the laughter died down, I asked Nate where the others were. He told me they had gone to get more booze. Then, I asked him if he still was with Ellie, he scoffed and told me it ended a long time ago. Then Nate asked me if he could kiss me, I told him he should've just done it instead of asked.

"So...is that a yes?" He repeated, inching closer to me. It wasn't a yes, and it wasn't a no, but my head nodded dumbly instead.

I felt his lips crush mine as his eager hands wrapped around my hair. He pushed my closer to his body as I tried to imagine how happy this would've made me a year ago. Now it just made me slightly nauseous. He maneuvered me on top of him and I grinded against his pelvis. He groaned in my ear, I opened my eyes and rolled them to the back of my head, boys were so predictable. The room started spinning and I didn't know what the hell was going on, I tugged at his hair and he tugged at my clothes. I felt a slight chill and his hand slipped in my underwear. Alarm bells started ringing off, way to fucking go alarm bells, should've been there fifteen minutes ago.

"Stop," I mumbled against his lips, his grip keeping me from breaking away.

"Ok," he muttered, continuing his movements.

"Nate, I mean it," I muttered, the spinning making me dizzy, making me unaware of what the hell was coming out of my mouth.

He didn't stop and I couldn't breathe, couldn't think, the room just wouldn't stop spinning and there were stars in my eyes.

I heard the door slam open.

She was almost naked and that vile thing was taking advantage of her. He who was supposed to be her friend was touching her, touching her like he owned her. I stormed into the room, yanking her off of him as she collapsed into my arms, the boys eyes shot open in alarm.

"Lia?" He questioned innocently as I heard the repulsing things going through his hormone-drug induced brain. He got up to come near her and I growled fiercely, my vision turning red.

"Get the fuck away from her." I seethed, spitting venom and his heart started beating dangerously fast, his eyes widening in fear.

I didn't have time to scare him further as I pulled her out of the room, putting my jacket on over her and jumping out the second story window in the hallway. I sped through the side of the house, getting to her car and placing her in the passenger seat. She stirred a bit and her eyes shot open before I turned the key into the ignition.

Her thoughts weren't making any sense, she was mumbling but it was completely incoherent. I sighed, worried, angry, and scared. I couldn't take her home, not like this. I ran a hand through my hair, cursing. I sped out of the neighborhood, searching for a hotel where she could sleep this off. I couldn't take her home, if Bella woke up it'd be better that she thought I was feeding than taking care of a drugged-up Lia, who was sure to make an obscene amount of noise. I raced through the town, seething. How the hell could she do this? I knew she had no sense of self-preservation, but didn't she once become alarmed by her disastrous actions? She was completely reckless and it scared the hell out of me.

I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye, seeing her turn her head slightly, still mumbling. She kept saying my name over and over.

I sighed guiltily, I knew that I had been a part of this, I should've never left her, she had needed me, and I had been selfish. I had never wanted to leave her, but I couldn't betray Bella either. I loved Bella, but I couldn't leave Lia, I couldn't, if anything happened I would never forgive myself, I couldn't live with it. She needed to live or I wouldn't be able to. She meant everything to me, if she gave in, I gave in.

I grabbed her hand swiftly, gripping it as tight as I could without causing her any pain, whether it was for her comfort or mine, I didn't know anymore. I felt her hand apply light pressure to mine as she mumbled my name again and my heart gave a violent tug.

We finally arrived at Seaside Inn and I parked in front of the lobby, I couldn't go in with her and ask for the room, but she was definitely not staying out of my sight. In a rush, I exited the car and walked across the parking lot, yanking the door open, the bell tinkling behind me.

"Welcome to Seaside Inn," a bored looking woman in her mid-twenties stated, a monotone to her voice.

"Good Evening," I replied smoothly, hoping to get a room as fast as possible.

Her watery blue eyes popped in her skull as she took my appearance, I didn't dare smile for fear she might go into cardiac arrest.

"I was in need of a room for the night," I said in a rush, hoping she would notice my urgency and do her job quickly.

"Rrright.. yes of course!" she stuttered, clumsily finding a room through her computer.

"We only have a king size, ocean view open, is that alright?" She asked, trying to bat her lashes inconspicuously.

"Yes," I all but hissed, tapping my fingers impatiently.

"Alright all booked, if I could just see some I.D." I quickly took out the manufactured I.D. that Jasper had gotten for all the Cullen siblings, it was such a hassle to be stuck at age 17.

"That'll be one-hundred and two dollars please," She let out seductively, or attempted to anyway.

I quickly throw a bill on the counter and picked up the room card.

"Thank you," I added before stalking off in time to see a wide awake Lia staring blatantly at me through the window.

All of my previous worry took a spot in the back of my head as my fury took over. I opened the passenger door and scooped her up against her incoherent protests.

I was in front of the hotel room door in no time, opening it up quickly before gently laying her on the bed. I tried to subside my fury, there was no need to yell at her now, she needed her rest. But she was still wide awake, and her eyes kept following mine, moving back and forth rapidly.

I grabbed both of her hands in mine, staring at her.

"What do you need?" I tried in vain to ask her, my worries back in full center.

I heard her stomach give an unpleasant lurch as her eyes wound shut, her head spinning. Knowing what that was, I picked her up quickly, opening the bathroom door with my foot as she scrambled off of me, she sank to her knees as the alcohol brought itself back up.

I grabbed her hair and sat down next to her as her bone-white hands clutched at the porcelain toilet. She continued like this for a couple of minutes until her head decided it couldn't stay upright anymore.

She shakily turned herself around, brought her knees to her chest and hung her head in between them.

I needed to clean her up, and her stomach, although empty, was still trying to vomit.

"Get up Lia," I said softly, trying to pull her up. She shook her head weakly as she screamed at me in her head to just let her stay there.

"Can't do that love, I need to clean you up," I tried again softly but she continued to shake.

Please please please just let me stay here. PLEASE!

With a bit of guilt, I tugged her up.

"No," she whined softly, trying to sit back down, but I didn't let her. I held her against my body as I turned on the shower. She was sweating, shaking, and covered in vomit. I turned the water as cold as it could go as her burning skin got worse. She kept screaming in her head to let her go, I didn't have half a mind to listen to her protests.

I carefully took of my sweater and got her in the shower, her black undergarments still on. She swayed on the spot and I gently let her sit and her head immediately found its way to her knees. She kept shaking and her skin was burning. I couldn't panic, but I was lying if I said I wasn't scared to death. I'd know if she was overdosing, and she had been dangerously close.

She looked so lost, so weak, there in that shower, the cold water cooling off her skin, but not calming down her shivers. I ran my hand softly up and down her back as my other hand grabbed the small shampoo bottle. I carefully washed her hair, the vomit and sweat wafting up my nose, mixing with the smell of lavender.

"Close your eyes," I whispered, I knew they weren't open, but I didn't want her to suddenly do it when the shampoo was washing off.

I let the running water wash the shampoo off as the soap filled the rest of her body. I grabbed a washcloth, gingerly scrubbing her body around her sitting position. I grabbed the other bottle of conditioner and ran my hands through her knot-filled hair, gently tugging as it became silk in my hands, I let out a slight gasp as I felt a large amount of hair stay in my hands. She was killing herself, deteriorating right before my eyes. She let out another shake as she buried her head deeper between her knees. I let the water rinse her off as I pulled her to a standing position, her protests screaming in my brain. I gingerly grabbed a towel, wrapping her around it before pulling her towards my body. I picked her up, her head finding its way onto the crook of my arm. Her wet hair seeped into my shirt, her bare skin grazing against mine. I deposited her on the bed once more. I sat down next to her, the bed sinking as I did so. I tugged at my hair, wondering just what the hell I was doing and how I was going to explain this to Bella tomorrow morning.

Right now though, none of this was important, all that was important was that Lia was safe and comfortable.

I looked towards her shaking form, seeing the goosebumps form on her arms as she moaned softly. Sighing, I grabbed another towel and attempted to dry her hair, She whimpered as I felt her head thumping loudly.

"Shh, it's ok love." I murmured and she nodded her head slightly, trying to tell me she could hear me.

After a couple of minutes, it was damp enough to let out of the towel.

She was still shaking, I looked towards my ruined jacket before looking back at her form. Her long lashes shimmering slightly against her lids. I took of my shirt and pulled it on over her. She cringed as the wetness of her bra hit the warmth of my shirt, she clumsily tried to put her hands behind her back, finding what she was looking for, she attempted to undo the strap, to no avail. I went behind her, unstrapping it for her with shaky fingers. Once undone, I took a deep breath, moving towards her shoulders, I slid off the straps, helping her take her arms out of the holes in my shirt. Her bra fell through the shirt as she picked it up and threw it on the floor, she turned her head, her eyes slightly open, and blinked at me.

I looked at her then, really looked at her. Her eyes were still red, and her skin was a ghastly pale color, she looked so small, so weak, she scared me, she really did. I guided her towards the bed again, letting her head softly hit the pillow. As soon as it made contact, her eyes closed shut. I let out a sigh of relief as she impulsively moved closer to me. I pulled all the blankets on top of her, making sure she was nice and warm before wrapping my arms around her, the familiar scent of black roses taking over my senses.

And it felt like home.

A/N: Now, let me just say that Nate was in no way trying to rape her, but in his drug-induced state, was as coherent as Lia, which is not saying much. I actually really want to hear what people say about this chapter, I promise to reply to all your reviews. I feel terrible that I haven't been doing so lately, it's always been one of my favorite parts.