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It was an average day in Gloomsville. Iris, the most hyper active black haired Cyclops the world could ever have, was on her gigantic flying bug, Squiq and well on her way to crashing head first into a fire hydrant. Misery , a grey-ish skinned Banshee and an outlook worth of her name, was enjoying herself, as much as she safely could, in her dark, dusty basement of a room complete with a comfortable bed of nails and ragged stained curtains on her single window. She and Miserabla were playing French revolution complete with Guillotines, ropes, and a vicious struggle from Misery to get out of the afore mentioned ropes. Skull-boy, the walking talking, breathing, living skeleton, was proceeding to imagine, draw, and paint various families with marvelous histories, taking time out every now and again to wipe off his paint covered phalanges. Boo-Boo, scare extraordinaire in training, was attempting to scare our favorite anthropomorphic bat, Scardey, into a catatonic state and judging by the high shriek and soft thud, he had yet again succeeded. Ruby Gloom, the happiest little red headed Goth to ever wear black was outside on the swing, jumping off and trying to beat her record of how far she could go while Doom, the black cat, marked the length of each jump with meticulousness. Certainly everyone was having a splendid day, But things weren't about to go according to plan.


Somewhere out on some unnamed rode a car was travelling. And contrary to the usual corpses the car would have carried and possibly may have before it was sold, it contained two living breathing people. A husband and a wife with high hopes and plenty of long-trip boredom.

"Skipper are we there yet?" a young woman with bright hair said with a boredom echoed in her voice.

"Almost Creepie, we're… AAAH!!" The hood of the car popped up with a loud bang, startling the occupants, before ceasing to move altogether. The man got out and started checking out the engine. "What's wrong Skipper?" Creepie turned to see Skipper with a look of frustration on his face.

"We're out of luck, the engine's fried "the sallow skinned, dark hair man replied grudgingly before shutting the hood. Skipper, or Tarantula Boy as he was known to the media, had been a part of the circus for a long time and he was no stranger to faulty equipment. He had once predicted that a bike was going to break twenty seconds before it happened, even though it was brand new. Skipper could deal with Ferris Wheels, mechanical rigging on a costume, and much more, unfortunately his weakness had always been cars and he was started to regret not having taken up the Circus Mechanic on his offer that Saturday long ago.

Creepie, formerly Creecher now Addams, sat in the Hearse staring blankly ahead cursing their misfortune. It had been an odd year for them but they had always come through and turned the best out of a bad situation, and Creepie wasn't going to stop now. With that old way they had of knowing what the other was thinking, without so much as a sound Creepie and Skipper got around the back of the car and began to push it to the side of the road before locking up and walking hand in hand up to the sign a few feet ahead.

"Look Creepie, "Skipper said with optimism on his voice."It says Gloomsville 1/3 mile." Maybe they have a gas station."

"Yeah, even if they don't have a gas station they probably have a hotel. It's gotta be better than sitting in a car all night." She said aiming a wry smile his way..


"Ruby! Hey Ruby!" Ruby looked up to see Iris banging on the window, that had only been replaced last week after Mayhem, the oldest of Misery's family, had come to visit. Ruby lifted herself out of her chair, rubbing the sore spot where she had hit a tree when jumping from the swing set, and opened the window. Ruby knew by now that it was useless to wonder how Iris got onto the window sill of the highest window of the house, and didn't bother questioning it "Hey, Ruby! " Iris nearly shrieked in that excitable way of hers "Guess what I saw!"

"What Iris?"

"There were some people in a car, "Iris had begun to bounce on the window sill, "And their car stopped and they got out." Then Iris stood on her head "I think their car broke down! " Iris had lifted her head off of the window sill and stood on her hands and again proceeded to bounce, effectively worrying her friend. "Do you think they need some help?"

"That's a good idea, Iris. Let's go see if we can find them." Ruby agreed readily.

"Way ahead of you, "Iris replied, "They're by the post orifice(1)." Iris now stood on one hand pointing with the other to the west.

"I'll tell Skull-Boy where we're going and we'll all leave to get them. They might be lost and worried." Iris jumped into the room like an extremely agile and somewhat caffeinated monkey to go tell Misery while Ruby bounded up the stairs before crashing into Skull-Boy who, obeying the laws of physics to the T, hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"Sorry Skull-boy," Ruby apologized offering her hand.

"No problem Ruby." Skull-Boy grabbed her hand, and got up."What's the rush?"

"Iris said she saw some people whose car broke down and we were on our way to go get them and see if they wanted any help. Are you coming?"

"Sure thing Ruby, Let's go"

"Hold on Skull-Boy, we have to wait for Misery and Iris." Iris came running into the room dragging Misery behind her, and seeing as Scaredey was still unconscious from earlier they decided to let him rest and left for the Post Orifice.

1-no I didn't spell that wrong, look it up. It's a reference to a Contemplating Reiko comic