To the West and some ways down near the other side of the Train Station was a huge building in the shape of a mail box with a gigantic, gaping maw filled with razor sharp teeth as a mail slot which was lovingly known to the residents of Gloomsville as the Post Orifice, inside were two new comers. One checking out some local maps the Postman had lent and the other looking at a plaque in silver of the wall next to the door.

"Hey, Creepie look at this!" Skipper called over to her.

"What is it, Love Bug?" Creepie walked over to her husband before bending down slightly to stare at the plaque on the wall before noticing exactly what Skipper was looking at. "Is that…?!"

"A Black Widow! I know, right?" He exclaimed gleefully reaching out his hand to pick up the arachnid.

"A Black Widow? "The man behind the counter said. "Let me take care of that for you."He rummaged through the area under the counter before coming up with a nasty looking can of Raid.

Creepie watched as the man came running towards the oblivious Skipper as he petted the spider and decided to stop him, just like any other bug killing creep. She put her foot out, watching as the man tripped and reflexively clenched his hands, accidently spraying someone in the face with the raid and knocking them over. And from underneath the hulking man came a soft "Ow."

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" The man Post Orifice Man said getting off of her as quickly as he could. "Oh, no! You got raid in your eyes!"

Creepie almost cut in with 'No, YOU got Raid in her eyes," But deemed that helping her get it off of herself was first priority. Skipper, who had taken notice of the disturbance, handed Creepie her web purse ( proudly made by his mother for their wedding,) and went over to quickly dispose of the can of Raid seeing as he also couldn't stand to see bugs or spiders be callously killed. Creepie fished out her handkerchief and handed it to the unlucky girl.

"Wow, it's a good thing we let her go in first" a small red headed girl said upon opening the door, getting nodded agreement from her friends. Creepie didn't pay this much attention, preferring to keep her mind on the one with chemicals on her face.

"I'm fine really," she mumbled as she cleaned her face off. "I only got struck by lightning twice today and was excepting something like this. I'll probably break out in enough hives to give Malady a run for her money though." As she brought the cloth from her face Skipper and Creepie took in the sight of her grayish-purple skin and the white pupiled eyes surrounded by black with tears running down in a constant stream. "Oh," she mumbled miserably, "You two must be the two Iris was talking about."

Despite everything, Creepie wasn't exactly sure how to deal with people who knew you, but you didn't know. "Well, that depends" Creepie said crossing her arms in front of her, "Who's Iris, and what did she say?"

"I'm Iris!" Creepie turned to look at a small bouncing girl who had one eye, not like a pirate, mind you, just one large eye in the middle of her forehead.

"Wow, a cyclops. We don't see many of them outside of family reunions, huh, Skipper?" Creepie turned to her husband who was putting away the handkerchief.

"Wow! You have a Cyclops in your family?" Iris squealed, jumping up and down, "That is so cool!"

"Yup, Uncle Murty, he's a real joker." Creepie said with concealed eerie fascination as she watched the already tremendous eye, wide even more in excitement. Although how she could get even more excited, I don't know. Creepie suddenly felt a tugging near the knee of her ragged black dress and looked to her side. It was that red-head from earlier.

"Hi, I'm Ruby Gloom" the large eyed little girl said extending her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Ruby," She leaned over, grasped her hand and shook it once before raising herself back up to her full height. "Gloom, huh? Hey Love Bug," she called out to her husband who was talking with the girl that had been knocked over earlier. Skipper immediately gave her his full attention with an ease that bespoke years of practice of listening to her. "Didn't we know a Gloom family?"

"I think so. Mom said that she was an orphan too, and the Glooms took her in before they helped her find a new family with the Addams, Wednesday and Joel. (1)" Skipper came over to stand by his wife.

"Welcome to the family then Ruby," Creepie quipped with her usual deadpan expression.

A loud crash sounded soon after. "Hey Ruby! Another 16 ton weight(2) fell out of the sky of Misery again. Give us a hand?"

"Just a second!" Ruby turned her attention back to the Addams couple. "Iris said she saw your car break down. If you need any help, we'd be glad to assist."

"Thanks Ruby," Skipper said, quite pleased with the turn of events. " But for now you had better get that weight off of your friend." And with that they walked outside leaving behind a man paranoid about deadly spiders searching frantically for his can of Raid, and a spider that was sitting directly a bove him on the ceiling, settling in for a nap.

Joel is the dude the Wednesday falls in love with in the second movie Addams Family Values.

Hurray for Monty Python refrences