The days that followed were almost like a dream. I was in a haze of happiness. A happiness I hadn't felt since I was a child. For a brief moment everything seemed wonderful and things were starting to be as normal as they could be between Bella and I. I woke up to her smiling face every morning thankful to whatever power that be that brought her into my life. Things were completely different between us now. The only thing we argued about was who would take a shower fist since Bella tended to hog all of the hot water. Those fights were short lived though as we quickly found a remedy for that…we just showered together. Problem solved.

We were your every day happy couple satisfied with each other. We went to the mall, the movies and camping. We were always smiling and laughing which was a relief. I can't tell you the feeling that runs through me at the sight of her bright smile. She was absolutely beautiful.

It was also a relief to take a "break" from being cop and victim. We could finally just be Jake and Bells. I hadn't heard any news from Sam and things appeared to be quieting down. The carver was laying low, but I didn't dare delude myself into thinking that any of this was over. Creeps like him didn't just stop; they bid their time until they had the perfect opportunity to strike again.

The beautiful moments with Bella were sometimes tainted. I still hadn't told her about Angela and the longer I waited the less likely I thought she would forgive me for keeping that from her. I didn't know how to tell her.

It wasn't until a few weeks after our confessions to each other that we were sitting together at the breakfast table, Bella scarfing down French toast while I inhaled bacon that the guilty feeling took over and I reach out for Bella's hand.


"There's something I haven't told you and you're going to be pissed but I beg you Bells to understand why I didn't tell you. I was trying to protect you and I'm sorry. I'm very sorry."

She looked at me confused, still chewing on the last bite of French toast. She swallowed it hard, set down her fork and scooted her chair closer to mine. She took my hands in hers, leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Jacob. I know that you don't always do things the right way. I know that when it comes to things that might hurt me you tend to hold back because you think I'm not strong enough to handle it, but please do not underestimate my strength. I'm Charlie Swan's daughter. Don't you ever forget that."

She half smiled, bit her bottom lip and held my hands tighter. I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. I could feel my heart against my chest. I was about to break her heart again, but she deserved to know and she was right. She was stronger than I gave her credit for.

"Bells…" I began trying to find the right words to say. There were none. "Angela was found in your apartment a few weeks ago. He got to her. She wasn't as lucky as you were." I removed one of my hands from her grasp and pushed a lose strand of hair behind her ear and held my palm to her cheek. I took in another breath and said, "Bella…Angela is dead."

She didn't even flinch. She didn't move and she didn't react. She just stared at me without looking at me. Her mind was somewhere else, with Angela her best friend. We stood there like that unmoving for what seemed like hours but what couldn't have been more than just a few moments. I wanted to say more, but what was there to say? She didn't need to know the details. Not at this very moment.

She blinked rapidly and then suddenly stood up. She kept her gaze over my head but didn't let go of my hand.

"Jake." She said sucking in a deep breath and stuttering it back out the way you do when you're about to start crying uncontrollably.

"Yes?" I whispered, unable to really speak.

"Can you…can you just…just hold me?"

I didn't hesitate. I stood up reached out and held her as close as I could without actually crushing her. She sobbed silently into my shoulder. I wanted to cry with her. It broke my heart. I couldn't though. I was her rock. I would continue to be her rock. Her sobs slowly subsided and she stepped out of my arms and looked up at me.

"Promise me you will not hide anything else from me ever again."

I held her hand to my lips, kissed it and said, "I promise."

She spent the next couple of days not saying much of anything. After she managed to leave her room we held a little service for Angela in the back yard complete with flowers and a little Giraffe statue in place of a tomb stone. Bella said that it was Angela's favorite animal and that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I caught her going outside when she thought I wasn't looking to have a brief conversations with her.

It was day three when she finally asked for the details. I hesitated, but told her everything I knew. She was tough and every day she grew a little stronger. She was determined not to let Edward scare her.

By week two she was back to her normal self with the exception of the periodic visits to the back yard.

"Bella." I said to her before we went to bed.

"Mmm?" she said half asleep.

"I need to ask you something."

She stirred a little before she turned over and sat up a little.

"Bells…" I continued taking a strand of her hair twirling it between my fingers. "I'm going to get that son of a bitch. I'm going to get him and put him away so that he can't harm you or anyone else for that matter ever again."

"I know." She said without skipping a beat.

"And when that happens you'll be free and able to live a normal life and…"

I stopped myself finding it hard to bring up the next few words. I grabbed her hand and played with the ring on her finger, the one I bought just for her. I brought her hand to my chest and continued.

"…and if you want we could…I…I love you Bells and I want this with you when everything is all said and done. This ring is yours and although you may change your mind when all this is over I want you to know that I want you in my life…forever."

She was quiet for a minute before she reached over and hugged me, following it with a sweet kiss.

"Jacob Black if you thought I was going to give this ring back to you and if for even a second thought that you could get rid of me when we got back home then you have severely lost your mind cause you're stuck with me…forever."

She chuckled to herself and I smiled. I scooped her up and held her to me as hard as I could. I crushed my lips to her and fell into her for most of the night.