Hi everyone. So, yeah, just when I left poor Tony in a predicament in "Taken," I start another series. This one is G/D, but more than bit AU. It's Heartland with a twist. Most regular characters should make an appearance, along with special minor characters. It's also very slashy with a bit of kink. You have been warned.

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It started as a typical Friday at Abby's Place. Same faces, same music, same beer. Abby's Place was unique in this part of the state, but luckily everyone left it alone and Tony felt safe, happy to have found a placed where he could go and be himself. He was lifting his beer to his lips when he felt the sudden shift in the room, a quickening of something… He looked around the bar, noting that everyone else was acting normal. Chatting, drinking, flirting. As he though, just a typical night. But something had changed. Something elemental and he couldn't quite place it. He looked around again, eyes focusing on the door and saw him. So. He wasn't imagining it. Tony took a drink from his beer, eyes narrowing on the stranger at the door. And he was a stranger. Tony knew all the regulars, and even knew the occasionals. There were no drop ins, not at Abby's Place. Tony watched as the stranger surveyed the room, his eyes locking with Tony's for the briefest moment. It was too dark to read his expression, but the light from the eyes came through clear. Tony felt something inside him shift. His eyes followed the stranger as he walked, no, limped to the bar, taking a stool at the far end and ordered something from the bartender. A deep amber liquid was poured into a glass and the stranger nodded his thanks. A twist of desire pooled in Tony's groin as the stranger dipped a finger into the glass and then licked the alcohol off, his tongue peeking to clean the finger completely before lifting the glass for a proper drink.

Tony pulled his eyes away from the stranger's mouth to take stock of the entire man. Short cropped hair, dark running to silver. The slight lines at his eyes indicated he was older than the normal patron of Abby's Place, probably over fifty. His posture, sitting straight backed on the stool, no slumping of the shoulders, no fidgeting of hands or legs, hinted to a controlled personality. Maybe even military background. Army? No, Tony thought. Marine. Another twist of desire shot through Tony at the idea of a Marine at Abby's Place. It was almost too good to be true.

He took another sip of beer and watched as Abby came from the back, her eyes immediate drawn to the stranger at the bar. She was dressed in her normal attire—black tee-shirt, short plaid skirt, thigh high stockings and three inch platforms. Most of her clothing had skulls on it, and her hair was pulled high into her signature pig tails. He trailed the Goth moving through the room as she stopped here and there for a quick word with familiar faces seated at scattered tables around the room. She was good, Tony thought. Had a kind word or quick joke for each patron, but her intent was clear, at least to Tony. She wanted to know who the stranger was and wanted to know soon.

Abby reached the bar, sliding behind it and approaching the stranger. The conversation was pitched too low for Tony to hear, but by Abby's reaction it seemed to go well. Suddenly Abby smiled broadly, receiving an answering smile from the stranger and for the third time Tony's gut twisted with desire. The stranger's smile transformed his face from stern and unapproachable to warm, inviting and sexy as hell.

Tony realized others in the bar noticed Abby's acceptance of the stranger and thought that was their cue. He sensed interest from the customers and one was even rising from their chair, eyes locked on Abby and the stranger. Tony made his move, shifting from his end of the bar and blocked access to the stranger. He raised a brow as that patron took one, two steps toward Tony before backing down and taking his seat again. Tony's gaze swept the room, letting everyone know the stranger was his. He turned on his heel and approached the bar again.

"Hey, Abby," he called to the Goth woman. "You look mighty fetching tonight."

"Ah, thanks, Tony," she replied. "You don't look too bad yourself."

Tony's answering smile said he knew that already. "Who's your new friend?" he asked, eyes focused on the man seated next to him.

Abby rolled her eyes at Tony's less than subtle approach. "Not a friend, just a friend of a friend, Tony." She took the beer from his hand. "I'll get you another while you introduce yourselves."

Abby walked off, pausing at the complicated looking console behind the bar to turn a few knobs. The lights in the bar lowered just a bit, the music volume rose slightly. Tony knew that signaled the night to go to the next level. "I'm Tony," he said, sliding between the stranger and the empty stool next to him. Tony could feel the heat from the strangers body, and detected his scent, even in the closed and stuffy bar room.

The stranger turned his head. The eyes were blue, Tony realized. Electric, striking blue. Those eyes regarded Tony for a long moment before the stranger spoke.

"Jethro," he said simply.

The voice was like honey on steel. Soft but hard, silky but tough. Tony was starting to lose count on the number of times his cock twitched because of this man and decided to just ride it out. "Nice to meet you, Jethro," Tony replied. "Haven't seen you here before." Tony kicked himself mentally at the lame line.

"Just passing through," came the reply.

"From where?" Tony winched when Jethro just looked at him. "Right, ask me no questions…"

"And I'll tell you no lies," Jethro finished.

"Sorry. Must be out of practice," Tony admitted.

"I wouldn't say that." A small smile curled the older man's lips. "That was a neat trick you did back there," he said, indicating the rest of the bar patrons.

"Didn't think you'd want to be bothered by a bunch of nonsense like them," he apologized, but not really meaning it.

"But it's okay for you to bother me?"

Tony shifted an inch closer. "Am I bothering you?"

Jethro regarded the younger man before answering. Stopping at Abby's Place hadn't really been in the plans, but he wasn't exactly eager to reach his destination and though a good, mindless fuck would be just the ticket. He was a bit disappointed in the place from the outside, somehow expected more after what he'd been told, but inside was a different story. He'd spied Tony the minute he'd walked in, knowing with one look he was going to have the younger man. Tony was what he wanted, and more importantly, just what he liked. Tall, handsome, casually sexy . And Jethro knew, just by looking, he'd be oh, so willing to give it up to someone else. He could smell the submission on Tony already, and his cock was hardening just at the thought. His was happy his detour to Abby's Place wouldn't be a waste of time. Jethro realized Tony was waiting for an answer. "We'll see," he said vaguely.

Before Tony could respond, Abby returned with a new beer and a bottle of bourbon. She placed the beer in front of Tony, then poured a generous shot into Jethro's glass. Before leaving the two men, she slid something across the bar to Jethro. Tony nearly groaned out loud as he recognized a key to one of the rooms she kept for special patrons. Jethro slid the key into his pocket, nodding in thanks as Abby moved away.

Tony watched as Jethro repeated the ritual with the bourbon, dipping his finger in, swirling it around, licking off the alcohol. "Why do you do that?" Tony's voice was pitched low.

Jethro smiled as he twirled on the barstool, effectively trapping Tony between his legs. "It warms it up," he said, dipping his finger into the glass again. "Plus, bourbon tastes better on skin." He lifted his hand up to Tony's mouth, finger almost touching Tony's lips. "Try it."

The smell of the bourbon filled Tony's nostrils, his lips opening slightly, but enough for Jethro to slip the finger inside. Tony automatically pulled the finger into his mouth, the taste of bourbon and man bursting over his tongue. His eyes closed as his lips tightened around the finger and Tony sucked it down, working his tongue, lips and teeth against the rough digit. He swayed on his feet, reaching out blindly for a hold and found Jethro's leg, his fingers gripping the hard thigh next to him.

Jethro groaned at the feel of Tony's mouth on his hand. He wanted that mouth on his cock, sucking down and biting and taking all of him inside. His other hand covered Tony's where it lay on his thigh, moving it ever so slowing to cover his straining cock.

Tony's eyes flew open at the feel of that cock, pulling his hand away and his head back, releasing Jethro's finger with a soft pop. His breathing was ragged and his cock was heavy and hard in his jeans. The desire between them was a living thing, hot and fiery and fierce, but except for Jethro's cock and dilated eyes, Tony could see no effect on the older man. That didn't seem fair to Tony, who was a mass of raw nerves after just tonguing the guy's finger!! "Yeah, you might be right," he said, finally finding his voice. "But I may need a few more test runs before deciding." Tony dipped his own finger in the bourbon before bringing it to Jethro's mouth, rubbing the liquor along the plump lower lip. Jethro's mouth automatically opened, but Tony dropped his hand before it could enter. He reached down and took a quick drink from the glass before bending down and claiming Jethro's mouth with his own.

The taste of bourbon spread from Tony's mouth to Jethro's as the kiss deepened. Tony opened willingly, letting Jethro taste his fill. Jethro reached up to bring Tony closer, slipping from the stool to press their bodies together. His hand found Tony's hair, pulling slightly to twist the younger man's head to the side and shoving his tongue deeper into his mouth. Tony swayed again, reaching and grabbing Jethro's belt , fingers dipping inside. Jethro broke the kiss but didn't release Tony. He pulled them closer together, trapping his hand and their cocks between them. "I'm guessing this is a yes, Tony?" Jethro ground against him. "You want me to fuck you tonight?"

Tony hand had worked its way past Jethro's belt, his fingers brushing against the hot, wet cock head. He nodded, then moaned as Jethro reached down to squeeze his cock. "I need the words, Tony," Jethro ordered, his mouth moving against Tony's neck, teeth scraping.

"I want you to fuck me," Tony said bluntly.

Jethro let go of Tony abruptly and moved away, throwing some bills on the bar and walking to the door. He was almost outside when Tony shot to life, following behind.

The chilled air hit Tony a bit, sobering him from Jethro's kiss. He fell in step with the older man as they made their way behind the bar to the line of rooms attached. He noticed Jethro's limp again. He was tempted to ask about it when Jethro spoke.

"Shot, six weeks ago," he said seeing Tony's eyes on his gate. Jethro figured he'd see the scar anyway and decided to preempt the questions.

The casual words threw Tony a bit. Jethro seemed calm about it, but Tony felt there was something else there, something deeper. His short answer tugged at something in Tony, something he hadn't felt in…forever. For the firs time in a long time Tony wished this was more than just a causal fuck.

Jethro stopped at the second one door in, removing the key card from his pocket and slipping it inside. The knob turned and he opened the door, holding it wide for Tony to precede him. The question was asked again, Jethro giving Tony one more out.

Tony paused at the door, face to face with Jethro and smiled slightly. He felt the older man's heat, smelled his scent, had tasted his desire. No way was Tony going to change his mind. He walked into the room and turned as Jethro closed the door.

Jethro leaned against the door, watching Tony as he stood in the center of the room, desire pooling again in his cock. The man was gorgeous. The dim lights of the bar hadn't even hinted at his looks. Jethro moved away from the door and approached Tony, a hand lifting to run softly against Tony's cheek before threading through his hair, anchoring his head still. Jethro's mouth moved in, taking Tony's with small, nibbling kisses, licking and biting until a moan came from Tony's chest and Jethro deepened the kiss, tongue delving deep into the rich heat of Tony's mouth.

Jethro's other hand moved to Tony's chest, scraping lightly against the soft material before slipping a button open. Warm skin greeted him and another button popped open. Jethro ran his hand inside, reveling in the heat of Tony's skin. He slipped a hand over to a nipple, flicking the bud before scraping a bit hard. Tony rewarded Jethro with a groan of pleasure at the slight pain. Jethro finally broke the kiss to run his mouth down Tony's throat to his chest, drinking in the hot skin and damp scent of the other man. He let go of Tony's hair to quickly remove Tony's shirt, stripping it a bit roughly from his shoulders. His hand paused on Tony's belt.

"How do you want it, Tony?" Jethro asked. "Soft or hard?"

Tony squirmed a bit under Jethro's actions. The man seemed to have eight hands and all of them were driving Tony insane. Hard? Soft? He didn't care…he just wanted Jethro, however he could get him.

Jethro's mouth moved again along Tony's neck, moving up to bite hard on his ear. "Answer me, Tony." Jethro's voice was just a bit rough, the hand on his nipple a bit severe. His other hand had Tony's belt open, flipping the button of the pants and snaking inside his boxers to grasp Tony's cock. "Hard or soft?"

Tony shook his head from side to side, unable to answer. His only focus was that mouth on his skin and that hand on his cock. His hips shifted to get closer to Jethro, needing that touch.

Jethro smiled against Tony at the action. "Hard it is," he said.

Tony felt bereft when Jethro's hands left him, only to find himself pushed back toward the bed. His knees hit and he fell back with a soft thud. Jethro's hands were on him again, pulling his pants and boxers down in one movement, exposing his cock to the air and Jethro's gaze. Jethro moved between Tony's legs, looming over the younger man. Tony felt a bit overwhelmed as Jethro stood there, eyes running along Tony's body.

He snagged Tony's gaze and kept it as he stripped—jacket, shirt, pants, boxers. Soon he was bare for Tony's eyes, and he did not disappoint. Jethro was fit and taught, broad chest tapering down to firm abs. Tony noticed the red puckered scar at the hip before shifting his gaze and sweet Jesus, the man had a cock that would not quit. Tony's mouth watered, lifting up off the bed and his mouth enveloping Jethro in one fell swoop.

Jethro jerked at the feel of Tony's mouth, shocked both by the action and the hot wetness that surrounded him. Jethro threaded his fingered through Tony's hair as that talented mouth worked his cock.

Tony worked Jethro's cock like a starving man, throating him down, teeth scraping along the underside, tongue swirling the head. His hands reached, one to pull Jethro closer, the other to roll Jethro's balls slowly between his hand.

Lightening shot through Jethro's veins at Tony's actions and he felt himself growing close to climax. Reluctantly he pulled himself out of Tony's mouth lifting the younger man up for a deep kiss, groaning at the taste of himself on Tony's lips. "Get on the bed," he ordered, his voice thick with desire. Jethro checked the drawer next to the bed, pulling out the lube and a condom. He quickly slipped on the condom and flipped the cap of the lube.

Tony shimmied up the bed, pillowing himself along the headboard, legs spread and ready for Jethro's next move. He squirmed a bit as the cool lube hit his cock followed by Jethro's hot fingers, wrapping around his cock before slipping under his ball to his hole. "You like this, doncha Tony," he said, slipping a finger inside. "You like this, being fucked by my finger." Tony mewed a bit as a second finger slipped in. "Soon it'll be my cock, Tony," Jethro vowed. "All the way inside you, filling you, fucking you."

Tony whimpered at the image. "Do it now, Jethro," he begged.

Jethro flexed his fingers in Tony, shaking his head. "Not ready yet, Tony."

Tony reached and grabbed Jethro's cock. "Am ready…like it…take it…"

Jethro pulled his fingers out and moved to between Tony's legs. He anchored himself above Tony, his hands on the headboard, Tony's feet flat on the bed as he slipped inside. Tony was tight and soft and oh god so fucking right. Jethro fought the urge to shove all the way in at once but Tony had other ideas, shifting himself down and taking all of Jethro at once. "Want it all," Tony said, screaming a bit as Jethro fell down to the hilt.

"Tony!' Jethro froze at the action, not wanting to hurt Tony or to end it too soon.

"Hard…you promised…" Tony reached up and pulled Jethro's hands loose from the headboard and flipped them over, his legs straddling Jethro's hips and his ass riding Jethro's cock. "Let me…hard…" Tony moved up and down Jethro's cock, hands on the wall above them, pulling out and pushing in, grinding along Jethro's cock, aiming for that spot that that made him scream. He felt Jethro grip his cock, squeezing to the same rhythm as Tony was moving and up and down and squeeze and oh god hot tight now now now now…


Tony sighed as Ed rambled on and on. His head was pounding, his eyes were filled with sand and his ass…Tony shifted a bit, trying to find a better way to sit. He tried not to dwell too much on the nights events but yeah, that's not gonna happen. Tony sighed again, filtering Ed out and let his mind float to last night. After a truly spectacular night of hot sex he'd woken up at Abby's Place alone, the only evidence that he hadn't been alone was the three…four condom wrappers on the floor and his sore ass. It hadn't been the first time Tony had woken up at Abby's alone, but this time it seemed…wrong. They should have woken up together, Tony thought. Should have had sex one more time before saying good bye in the light of day. Tony mentally slapped himself for acting like such a girl. It had been a fun fuck, DiNozzo. You'll never see the man again. A fun fuck, nothing else.

"Well, what have we here?" Ed was saying, driving a hundred yards to box in a car pulling up to the General Store. Ed exited the car and approached the driver of the other car. Tony shut his door and his heart froze.

"If you had one of those tennis ball hair cuts instead of that salt-n-pepper, you might be a scrawny kid I used to know."

"Hey, Ed. How are you?"

"Good, good. Heard you were a Fed now, that right?"

"That's right."

"Well, don't that beat all," Ed said with a laugh. "Hey, DiNozzo! Come and meet a bad boy gone good."

Tony circled the car, trepidation in each step as he approached the two men.

"Deputy Antony DiNozzo, meet Federal Agent Leroy Gibbs."

Tony slipped off his sunglasses and faced Jethro in the light of day.