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This Story starts around 6 months before the Uchiha Massacre.

People talking: 'Hi"

People thinking: Hi

Summon or Kyuubi talking: "Hi"

It was a normal day at Konohagakure no Sato. The sky was blue with just a few clouds. It was little hot but not too much to the point that it starts to be uncomfortable. Over all, it was a beautiful morning. Civilians were in streets busy doing their own things like shopping, working and talking with each other. Ninja who completed their mission were entering the village happy to finally be back at home while others were leaving to complete new ones. Gennins were training with their jounin-sensei in the local training grounds.

But not all people were happy. There was one child running to the forest outside the village. He had blond spiked hair and blue eyes that demonstrated sadness and anger. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a red spiral painted in the front and black shorts. He was sick of those glares he received from the people of the village. Sure, they never attempted a physical attack against him but the looks he received were enough to break him. It was like he did something terrible to them but he was just a six years old child, what could he have done? He just didn't understand. He was sad because nobody give him much attention. The only ones who talked to him were Teuchi-jii-san and Ayame-chan from Ichiraku, Hokage-jii-san and sometimes Iruka-sensei. But he was angry too because he didn't know the reasons for the glaring he received.

That was their reason for his trip to the forest. He needed to leave the crowded city for some time. It was for his sanity. If he continued staying there, in the middle of those angry glares he would eventually get crazy. So Naruto lay against a tree and relaxed. He really need to rest a little bit. When the blond was starting to sleep, he heard a sound. Because he was at the shinobi academy for a few months until now he knew that was the sound of a kunai probably hitting a tree. It looks like someone was training near his location.

The curiosity got the best of him and he decided to observe the training. After all he was a shinobi in-training; he had to learn everything he could if he wanted to become Hokage. Hiding inside a bush he tried his best to not be detected. What he saw amazed him.

There was a field which had targets spread in the floor, in the trees; there was even one behind a huge rock. In the middle of the clearing was a teenager with black eyes and long black hair tied in a ponytail. He wore black t-shirt and brown shorts. There was some kind of red and white fan in the back of his shirt. I'm sure I have seen that symbol in some place but I don't remember where… the blond jinchuuriki thought. Oh, I remember now! That is the symbol that Sasuke has in his clothes too. If I'm not wrong that is his clan insignia. That must mean that he is Sasuke's relative! .But what really impressed him was what he had done.

He had picked five shurikens in each hand and, in one single motion; he jumped and threw them all. They all hit the center of the targets, even the one that was behind the rock that he saw earlier. And he had done that like it was a very easy movement to do, with little to no effort. Naruto was at loss of words. He is really awesome! I bet even Iruka-sensei can't do what he did!

Then the black haired shinobi turned to focus on the big rock that was near him. Wow! For one moment I thought he had seen me. He started to do some handseals, but it was too fast for Naruto to see. But he did saw that it the sequence of the seals finished in the tiger seal. From what I can remember about Iruka-sensei' lessons in ninjutsu are that most of fire jutsu ends in the tiger seal. Maybe that is what he is going to do. Man, I really need to stop skipping classes or I will become too dumb. But they are so boring! .After the possible Uchiha had done the tiger seal he brought his hand in front of his mouth and blew a 2-meter fireball that engulfed the rock and completely obliterated it.

The sun kissed child was shocked. Is that what it is to be a real ninja? If I can be like this guy I will definitely become Hokage! Not just Hokage but I think I can be the best shinobi in the world! But in his surprised state, he happened to have stepped on a branch. While the noise was low for common people, it was loud enough for a seasoned shinobi.

"You can come out now, Naruto-kun"

Naruto petrified. To spy a shinobi in his training was illegal in Konoha and if this ninja told to the Hokage that he was spying he could get in a very, very bad situation. But what shocked him more was how this shinobi knew his name. So he came out of the bush and asked:

"How do you know my name?"

"For once you are quite infamous for your pranks around the village."

Naruto had the decency to blush when he commented that. All the pranks he did were because he wanted to get some attention to him. But all he got was those hateful glares from the civilians. At last Teuchi-jii-san and Ayame-chan laughed when he told his stories of his pranks to them. Old man and Iruka-sensei always reprimanded him but he knew that was because they liked him and wanted the best for him.

Then the black haired teenager continued talking:

"You are also on my brother's class at the academy. I'm sure you know him, his name is Uchiha Sasuke."

The jinchuuriki frowned. So that explain why he had the same clan insignia from Sasuke's clothes. He is Sasuke's brother. I never knew he had such an awesome brother. Damn, I'm a little jealous of him now. He quickly apologized:

"Sorry about seeing your training, shinobi-san. I was just resting on the forest when I heard some sound and come to see where it came from. Then I found you training and was amazed by things you had done. Please, don't tell Hokage-jii-san!"

The Uchiha shinobi smiled at that. "You can relax about that, Naruto-kun, I won't tell the Hokage. By the way, don't call me shinobi-san that makes me feel old, my name is Uchiha Itachi."

Naruto felt relief about that. At least, he wouldn't have one more problem. But he couldn't contain his curiosity about what Itachi had done and asked:

"What you did was awesome. That thing with the shuriken was pretty cool and the fireball after that was amazing. Damn, I wish I could do that too."

"Well Naruto-kun, if you want I can teach you a few things about the way of ninja. And I'm sure Sasuke-kun would like someone of his age to spar with."

"Are you serious? That would be awesome! I can wait to do the same things you do!"

Itachi couldn't help but smile again seeing the young child jumping with joy about learning some shinobi tricks. "Naruto-kun came here again about the same time and I will see what I can teach you." And then he left in the direction of the Uchiha compound.

After that, Naruto went back to the village thinking about all the things he would do in the next day. He wasn't even affected by the looks he received from the villagers the way back. He was too happy to have noticed that. When he reached his house he quickly took a bath and put his pajama. He lay down in his bed and barely could sleep with all the excitement he was feeling about his "training" that would come.

But what he and Itachi couldn't have foreseen that this was just the beginning of a really special relationship of master and student. One that would change the life of Konohagakure.

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