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People talking: 'Hi"

People thinking: Hi

Bijuu talking: "Hi"

Jutsu: Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu

"The first match between Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji begins now!"

Neji wasted no time and ran in Naruto's direction, intending on finishing the fight in little time possible. He attempted a palm strike at the blond teen's chest, but Naruto reacted in time to avoid the palm and jumped backwards.

The blond landed a few feet away from the Hyuuga and smirked. "Wow, wow, wow, calm down, sneak hands. I know that if one of your love palms touches me, I can say bye-bye to the exams." As I thought, he is on the same tier as me in speed. But I can't risk being hit by the Jyuuken. I'll have to follow the plan and use the clones and long ranged attack.

Neji smirked. "It doesn't matter in the end, Uzumaki. You may talk all you want, but you still are not a match to my Jyuuken."

Naruto just grinned. "That's what we will see." Now let's test his range. He made his usual cross shaped seal and said. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Four clones were created and jumped trying to hit the other genin.

Neji side-stepped the first clone attack and with a two-finger hit on the clone's neck, dispelled it. The second clone attempted an upper kick but Neji blocked it and kicked his face, making him explode in smoke. The other two clones tried to take advantage of the smoke and went for a double attack but the Hyuuga crouched avoiding both of the clone's strikes and with a double palm attack finished them. The Hyuuga stepped out of the smoke and snorted. "If this is all you have, you better give up now."

Naruto just smirked. "I'm only starting." I will need two clones for distraction and two for the attack. He made the cross shapes seal again and performed the same technique he used before. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" Again four clones appeared in front of him.

In the arena, the public was anxious for the next steps of the fight. From the first encounter of the two fighters, they could see that this was going to be a great battle, and that the Hyuuga demonstrated to be the top dog there.

Ino saw Naruto's new move and face palmed. "I thought Naruto was getting better but he is still an idiot. Didn't he saw that clones won't work against Neji?"

Sakura knew she had to defend her teammates. "Don't talk about him like that, Ino-pig! You only saw two of his fights and they were both atypical situations. Naruto is very smart in combat. I think he can even surprise Shikamaru." Ino snorted. "Okay, Forehead, let's see what he can do."

Neji stood in guard, waiting for the blond genin movement. Two of the clones came into his direction, while the other two tried to encircle him.

The Hyuuga first focused on dispelling the bunshins that were heading in his way. He watched as they picked shuriken from their pouch and threw them at him. He turned his Byakugan on and easily avoided the shurikens. He blocked the punch from the first clone and jabbed on his solar plexus, sending it backwards. The second clone tried another strike but Neji sidestepped his attack and palmed him on the belly, making it double over. Before the two clones dispelled, the Hyuuga saw a smirk on both of their faces.

Why did they… That was when he saw he was in the middle of the remaining two clones while they were already into a sequence of hand seals. So they were just for distraction, huh? But that's not going to work.

The two clones finished their hand seals and released their attacks.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!" "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

The gust of wind and the fireball quickly crossed the ground and met each other with the Konoha Genin in the middle of the encounter.

The public looked amazed at the little flame show their resident Jinchuuriki had just created. Ino looked awe at the attack. "Wow. A flashy technique from a flashy user." Sakura smirked. "That's Naruto for you."

Chouji spoke. "Is it over?" Tenten, who was near them, said. "Impossible. Neji is the strongest genin here, there's no way he will be defeated by that."

As Sakura and Tenten entered a glare contest trying to defend their teammates, the public watched as the smoke and flames died down and revealed Neji spinning inside a blue dome.

The Hyuuga stopped his technique and smirked. "You thought you had won?" Neji didn't get even a scratch from the last combined ninjutsu attack.

Naruto quietly observed as the Hyuuga finished his defensive technique. "Hakkeshou Kaiten, isn't it?" Neji was a little shocked for a bit but allowed a smirk on his face. "It seems that you're not that much idiot as I thought."

The Jinchuuriki grinned. "What can I say? I did my homework." So that's the Kaiten…It will take too much chakra to overpower it. "But you know … a good shinobi never uses all his tricks at once. And since you behaved yourself until now I will show you a technique I learned in this last month."

He shunshined to the wall behind him and climbed it till he was a few meters high of the ground. Neji snorted. "What is this new technique? A new ninjutsu that you use to fled in fear?"

Naruto smirked. "Wait and see." Since I can't overpower him on a direct confrontation, I'll just need to amply my advantages. He bit his right thumb, drawing blood from it, and made five consecutive seals. Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Sakura was as flabbergasted as the whole people in the arena. "Summon? Since when he can do that?" She turned to Haku for answer, and the other kunoichi replied.

"He made me swear that I wouldn't tell you about that. He wanted it to be a surprise." But even I don't know to how extent he can use the toads.

Ino and Chouji heard Naruto say he would use a technique he learned last month and they linked it with their encounter with the boy and his new sensei. They looked expectantly to see what kind of techniques the idiot would learn with the Sennin.

The smoke from the summoning cleared, and everyone could saw that Naruto was now on the head of a big blue and green toad, by the size of a horse, which was bound in the wall.

Sakura thought with herself. A toad? But from what I remember, the only one who is known to summon that type of animal is Jiraiya of the Sennin… Wait, don't tell me he… the girl looked at Haku and saw that she was giving her a hesitant smile. She sighed and spoke. "I'm going to kill him for hiding a secret like that."

The shinobis and the people at arena were shocked by this happening. For the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki to summon a toad…it can only mean that he became the apprentice of the Jiraiya of the Sennin. Asuma and Kurenai stood wide-eyed at Kakashi's student on the top of the toad's head. Asuma even let his cigarette fell out of his mouth in shock.

Kurenai finally managed some words. "I guess that proves Jiraiya-sama is back."

In the Kage's balcony, Sarutobi was looking proudly at his "adopted" grandson. So Jiraiya taught him the summoning technique. I'm surprised that he managed to grasp it so well to learn what toad to call. The Sandaime looked to his fellow Kages and got a smirk on his face.

The Kazekage was wide-eyed at seen the toad summon while the Tsuchikage was almost at the point of freaking out. He even heard the old geezer murmuring with his bodyguards. "Not another blond toad summoner!"

Naruto saw the shocked looks the public around the arena was giving him and couldn't contain his grin anymore. He then returned his attention to the toad he summoned. "Hello, Gamataki!"

Gamataki looked at his summoner and let out a happy nod at him. Naruto then focused again at his opponent and said. "Now let's do it just like we trained ok?"

The toad nodded and turned his attention to the Hyuuga down at the floor. The Uzumaki put his right palm on the toad's head and spoke. "Prepare yourself Neji, because this attack will be the crossing waters of this battle. Suiton: Gama Mizuumi no Jutsu!"

Gamataki let out a huge blast of water at the other genin at a great speed. Neji widened and quickly jumped backwards to avoid the water shot. But to his surprise, the toad continued to release the water and this time, moving the water flow, aiming at him.

Naruto smirked. By the use of his fuuton chakra, Gamataki could make this jutsu a powerful offensive attack. And because the Jinchuuriki himself was the one pumping chakra in the toad to use the jutsu, he could maintain it for a long time.

The blond genin saw that Gamataki had managed to corner Neji into the wall, forcing the Hyuuga to use another Kaiten to avoid the blunt force of the attack. Seeing that the toad was starting to become tired, Naruto spoke. "You can stop, Gamataki." The toad let out a thankful nod and stopped the water flow.

Naruto patted the toad on the head again and said. "Thanks for your help, Gamataki. You can go now." The toad gave him a positive nod and went away with a poof.

The Jinchuuriki jumped from the wall to the now wet surface. Neji snorted at him. "You executed all this flashy attack but in the end, there was no damage." Naruto replied. "Who said this jutsu was for offensive purposes? Take a look around you."

Neji didn't have time to check it before, because he was constantly dodging the water attack, but now he could see its purpose. The whole floor was flooded, transforming it in a kind of artificial lake. Naruto grinned. "Now, you're in my field."

In the balcony, the chuunin examiners gave the blond tactics an approving nod. Kotetsu turned to his friend and said. "He transformed the whole field to maximize his strength."

Izumo nodded. "A chuunin needs to adapt to all situation and disadvantages. By changing the field, he will be able to explore new advantages while decreasing his opponents' range."

Neji decided it was time to stop playing with his enemy. With the recent change of scenarios, he was now at disadvantage. He knew his opponent had a hand in suiton ninjutsu and the water field didn't help his close combat style. With his Byakugan active, he felt in his stance and waited for his opponent's movement.

Naruto went into a string of hand seals and said. "Suiton: Suishouha!" The water in front of him raised and formed a huge wave, which went crashing into Neji. The young shinobi jumped over the wall, and using it as impulse, jumped over the wave, as it crashed in the wall and made them tremble.

As Neji fell into the lake, he was soon assaulted by a couple of clones. He is keeping me from approaching him into close combat. I can't lose time. From the crowd's sight, it looked like Neji was dancing around the clones blows, but each one of the bunshins had received an only but effective attack by the Hyuuga. "Stop hiding behind your bunshins, Uzumaki!"

Naruto kept his firm look on the Hyuuga. He's starting to get tired. I have to keep wearing him down. He picked handful of shurikens from his pouch and threw them at Neji, before clapping his hands together. "Fuuton: Reppushou"

Neji watched as the flowing shuriken gained speed and cutting power. He started to spin, releasing chakra from all over his body and calling his technique. "Kaiten!" The dome of chakra stopped the deadly shurikens and the older genin took advantage, by picking them mid-air and quickly throwing against the Jinchuuriki.

Naruto went into a sequence of five hand-seals and said. "Suiton: Suijinheki!"A wall made of water rose from the field and protected him from the shurikens. As the wall died down, Naruto had to quickly dodge a palm strike directed at his chest. So he used my own shurikens to force me into defensive huh? Not going to work.

The Hyuuga smirked as he finally was in hand-to-hand distance. "Now you won't be able to avoid me." The two genins went into a taijutsu exchange battle, with the blond genin trying to dodge the strikes coming from Neji while the Hyuuga viciously attacked intending on finishing the fight.

For a while, Naruto managed to maintain the hand-to-hand combat neutral, but a moment of distraction allowed Neji to enter his defense, wasting no time connecting a palm strike before the Jinchuuriki could react. Fearing having your points pressed, you tried to dodge all of my attacks, but it was clear that eventually you're going to misstep and that was going to be your downfall. "You're done."

Naruto doubled over and coughed blood while the spectators nodded in acknowledgement. In the end, it didn't matter the flash techniques the Jinchuuriki had used, the Hyuuga genius was still stronger. Izumo and Kotetsu balanced their head. "It's over. It's a shame, Naruto was doing so well." In the other part of the Arena, Tenten let out a smirk. "I said Neji was invincible."

Ino and Chouji looked at Sakura, thinking on the best way on how to consol her, but instead saw on her face a confident smile. Ino questioned her. "Are you crazy, Forehead? Are you happy for your teammate's lost?"

Sakura explained. "This isn't over yet. When I said Naruto could surprise Shikamaru, I wasn't lying. You'll see he will come back." I am hoping for it, Naruto. Don't disappoint me.

Neji pulled his hand back and said. "You fought well, but fate had already decided me as the winner of this fight. Any last words? " But for everyone's gasp, Naruto started to laugh. He raised his head and grinned. "Do you like fireworks?"

The bunshin started to glow and finally exploded sending water everywhere. The Hyuuga barely had time to brace himself from the damage before being thrown backwards because of the force of the explosion. He was anticipating what I was thinking, and purposely having an exploding clone stand out.

Neji was trying to regain his control and stand up again on the water when he noticed that something was wrong with his Byakugan. This water is too 'heavy', too much reinforced by chakra. What does that..! To his surprise, water from the field started to surround him before they completely bounded him forming a water dome.

Naruto rose from the water behind Neji, with his right hand sustaining the water prison that Neji was in. "Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu and Suiton: Mizugakure no Jutsu. Now who is the loser now?"

While Kiba and Hinata were celebrating Naruto turnover with their own way, and the chuunin examiners were letting impressed and approving nods, Sakura let out a sigh."One of these days, you will still give me a heart attack Naruto."

The crowd was paying close attention now. With all the turnovers they had seen, they couldn't afford to miss another moment, even if the fight appeared to be concluded.

Naruto looked at Neji with an emotionless expression and said. "You still have some time before you pass out from lack of oxygen. So please, tell me, why fate is so important to you and why you hate so much the Hyuuga family? I know that you attacked Hinata so ruthless after she was already bad."

Neji closed his eyes. He knew a way to get away from the prison but he would need to gather some chakra first and this was the perfect opportunity for it. "You want to know that much? Okay, I will tell you about the Hyuuga Destiny of Hatred."

"The Hyuuga main family has a special ninjutsu that's been passed down. It's a cursed jutsu. The curse of the mark represents 'A Bird in a Cage.' It is... the symbol of being tied down to an inescapable destiny."

Neji with some effort managed to untie his hitai-ate and show the seal engraved on his forehead. Naruto spoke quietly. "That's a forbidden seal…."

Neji continued his explanation. "One day when I was four, I had this horrible seal craved into my forehead through the cursed seal jutsu. That day, a grand ceremony was taking place in the leaf. A shinobi leader from the Cloud country, which had been warring with the leaf for many years, had arrived to sign an alliance treaty. But at this ceremony which everyone attended, from Jounin to Genin, one clan was missing. That was the Hyuuga clan. Because that was the important day that the Hyuuga hair turned three."

Naruto knew he had heard of some happening on that day. He decided to continue listening to discover. "Hinata-sama's third birthday." Neji then turned his head to look up to his uncle. "My father, Hyuuga Hizashi, and Hinata-sama's father, Hyuuga Hiashi-sama, were twins. But Hinata-sama's father, Hiashi-sama was born to this world first. A member of the main family. And my father, the second son, became a member of the branch family."

The Hyuuga genin turned back to Naruto. "When the Hyuuga first daughter grew and became three, I was turned into 'The Bird in the Cage,' through this curse. As a Hyuuga branch family member."

Naruto knew that clans had their main family and branch family, the Uchiha were also like that, but there was one thing that he didn't understand. "It's normal for clans to have a main and branch family, but why is a seal used to separate them, and more important, a forbidden one?"

Neji nodded. "As you guessed, this mark on my forehead is not simply a decoration. This curse seal is the absolute fear of death given to the branch families by the main family. With a simple secret hand seal, the branch member's mind can easily destroyed. Death is just as easy, of course. And this curse will only disappear after death. Sealing up the ability of the Byakugan along with it."

Naruto widened his eyes at the explanation. He had never even remotely thought that family members would think of something like that.

"The Hyuuga House is a clan that holds great advanced blood. Those that go after those secrets are incalculable. So with this jutsu, the branch family is allowed to live only to protect the main family. No disobedience is allowed by the main family. It's an effective system, created to eternally protect the advanced Byakugan Blood of the Hyuuga."

The brown haired genin closed his eyes. "And that incident occurred. My father was killed by the main family." Naruto was now even more shocked. "What?" In the stands, Hiashi lowered his head in shame.

Neji continued. "One night, Hinata-sama was taken by someone. Then, Hiashi-sama quickly took care of it, and killed him. That man...was the Kumogakure Shinobi leader, who had just signed the alliance treaty. It became clear that he was after the Hyuuga secrets from the beginning, but Kumo, with one of their leaders killed in the failed plan, made demands of Konoha for breaking the alliance. Of course, Konoha and Kumo bickered back and forth...it almost came to war. But with Konoha wanting to avoid war, they made a backdoor deal with Kumo."

Naruto was surprised. "A backdoor deal?" Neji nodded. "Kumo wanted the Hyuuga Main families blood and the Byakugan...they demanded the corpse of Hiashi-sama." The boy then clenched his hand into a fist. "Konoha had agreed to their wishes. War was avoided, thanks to my dad, who was killed by the Main family to replace Hyuuga Hiashi's corpse."

Naruto raised his head and looked up to the Sandaime Hokage, who also had lowered his head. So it's true… He heard Neji chuckle and say. "Like I said, to escape this horrible curse… there's no method but death . They were twins, their strength was virtually the same, born first, born second, and destiny was decided just by that."

Neji's face got a dark expression. "And this fight, your destiny was decided the moment I became your opponent." Naruto was still binding Neji in the water prison asked. "What it is?"

"Your destiny is to lose to me." Neji smirked, confidence radiant in his eyes. "There's no doubt about it." He then turned his Byakugan on and said. "You're in my divination field."

Naruto was surprised. "What?" The Hyuuga released a great amount of chakra from his body, disrupting and destroying the water prison. He felt on his Jyuuken stance and said. "Jyuuken Ryuu: Hakke Rokujuuyonshou!" With a burst of speed, he entered the guard of the Jinchuuriki and started his sequence of attacks."Two strikes! Four strikes! Eight strikes! Sixteen strikes! Thirty two strikes! Sixty four strikes!"

The strength behind the strikes was so great that they pushed Naruto a few steps away from the Neji. The Hyuuga smirked and said. "It's over, I sealed all your tenketsus. You fought well, I recognize, but in the end a failure is a failure, fate has already determined that."

The crowd watched as Naruto forced himself to stand up and face Neji one more time. But they were surprised to see a grin on his face. "Neji, as I said before, a great shinobi never uses all his tricks at once." And with that, his body exploded into black crows.

Neji widened. That idiot… I used most of my chakra on the last attack... I'm near exhaustion. He watched as the black crows started to multiply and cover his vision. "Show yourself, Uzumaki, or are you afraid?" Naruto replied. "Stop the bullshit Neji, you can barely keep your Byakugan on and stay atop of the water. But now it's time to finish this."

The Hyuuga tried to pinpoint the place the sound had come but he the apparently the crows masquerade the sound too. He noticed that the crows' movement around him started to become more intense and it was then that he managed to detect three kunai coming at his direction with his Byakugan. He noticed that they were covered with fuuton chakra.

With some effort, Neji dodged all the three kunai, but because of the crows, he didn't see that each of them had a tag attached. Only when they got close to his face that he finally detected what they were. In the tag, there was a seal with a centered kanji for 'Light' on it. From that, the talented genin could predict what was waiting for him as they activated.

The tag release a very intense and blinding light that covered the whole ground of the arena. Even the people at the chairs had to cover their eyes to not get obfuscated by the light. Neji wasn't so lucky. At the moment he had his Byakugan activated, and with its enhanced vision, it only served as a disadvantage, making him enter a stage of temporary blindness.

The Hyuuga tried to overcome the blindness but he was too disorientated and could barely stand up. He tried to fight again without his vision, but all he managed to do was heard a sudden rush of water, before he felt hundreds of liters of water into his body, pushing him at the wall and pressuring him against it, terminating his last strength.

As the Karasu bunshin exploded into crows, Naruto knew that it was the time to end the battle. Making sure that he was concealed from within the crows, he picked three of his kunais that he had prepared before combat, and adding fuuton chakra to cover them, he threw the weapons at Neji.

The Jinchuuriki was sure that this point of the battle, the Hyuuga would focus only on dodging the enhanced kunais without taking measures against the real focus of his strategies, his light seal tags. After making sure that the tags were in the Hyuuga vision field, he covered his eyes with his hitai-ate and activated the tags.

With the help of Ero-Sennin, he was proud to say that these were one of his first successes at the fuuinjutsu intermediary seals. He knew that Neji would over rely on his eyes, and that if he managed to somehow use the doujutsu against him, he could win the exams.

He had come with the idea of the light seals after reading his mother book of fuuinjutsu. He asked his perverted sensei about it, and if he could help him create some of them, which for his happiness the old Sennin was gladly to do. After making sure the seals were combat-ready, he just needed to create a strategy on the right time to use them.

He knew that if he used at any point of the battle, the Hyuuga would detect it with his Byakugan and provide a counter-measurement. So he first needed to wear the other genin down to the brink of exhaustion, making him get careless and dismiss the tags on the kunais. And since stamina was one of his strong points, he was confident on entering a battle of attrition.

After making sure that the light effects were off, Naruto took over his hitai-ate to his forehead to take a look to his hand work. And it got the result done. He saw that Neji could barely keep his equilibrium without his sight. The Jinchuuriki grinned and entered a forty-four sequence of hand-seals. "Let's end this with style! Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

The water shaped dragon formed around the Jinchuuriki and advanced forward the older genin. The poor Hyuuga couldn't do anything to avoid the attack, as it hit him with full force, throwing him at wall and pressuring him against the cement. As the attack ended, the Hyuuga couldn't even support his body weight and felt with his face right on the water.

Naruto watched as the examiner made his way to Neji, so that the genin wouldn't end accidently drowning. He took that moment to regain his bearing a bit, since the water dragon technique required quite an amount of chakra to use.

With the help of the examiner, Neji managed to raise his head till he could face the Jinchuuriki face to face. With some effort and in a rough manner, he managed to speak. "In the end, it was another bunshin... Your main area of expertise, ninjutsu… How careless of me…"

Naruto looked over Neji and said. "You know, when I was a children, I was raised by the Uchiha Clan. They were famous for their specialty in ninjutsu. However at the academy, I had a lot of difficulties and was almost reproved."

Everyone on the stadium was now paying close attention to the blond genin words. He sighed and then said. "It was all because of the same area that kept me holding back. Ninjutsu."

Neji widened. Naruto then softened his eyes and said. "Stop with the fate crap, it isn't like you. Unlike me, you were born a genius."

Genma smirked. The boy has the special skill of talking. I wonder how he will grow up to be. "Winner, Uzumaki Naruto."

The crowd was speechless as they watched how the succession of events had unfolded. First, they had been sure that the Kyuubi brat was at the advantage till the Hyuuga pulled his strongest attack and defeated the boy.

Many were starting to think what they could do with the money they would won from their bets on the Hyuuga when the other kid was revealed to be a bunshin, and with a quick counter-attack the Uzumaki surprised the genius and defeated him.

Sakura finally realized that Naruto had won and shouted. "Shannaro! Naruto, you were great!" The pink haired genin shout seemed to have taken everyone out of their stupor and they started to clap.

"That was great!" "Awesome fight, brat!" "Congratulations, kiddo!" That was what many people were saying in the crowds. Naruto looked up and saw all the applauses directed at him.

The Jinchuuriki was shocked by all the attention he was getting, finally the positive kind. He lowered his head so that no one could see the blush on his face. After controlling his embarrassment, he raised his head and with a grin on his face, he waved to the crowd.

Shikamaru looked at the blond genin waving to the crowd. "That idiot… I thought he was going to continue on our level and then he does that. Now he is getting all the cheering from the crowd too."

Shino replied. "You should have expected this type of evolution from Naruto." The Nara sighed. "This is becoming more and more troublesome."

Sakura watched her teammate. Naruto, you are constantly improving. I know that you are going to fulfill your promise.

She then heard two women talk behind her. "That kid was great." "Yeah, I think he can go far. He is kind of cute too." The kunoichi smiled. People are finally starting to accept you ... just like I came to accept you. Watching you give your all, it just makes me feel like I can get strong too.

"Sakura, are you okay?' Sakura shook her head and replied. "Yes." She then turned to Haku. "So that was his surprise? I have to teach him a lesson about leaving to get training from a Sannin and not saying anything to me."Haku just smiled to her. Naruto-sama…

Kotetsu and Izumo were two of the people who were applauding the genin. The bandaged man spoke. "The kid used his strategy since the beginning to win this fight. In the end, he won without having a scratch over him."

Izumo nodded. "On a combat unit team, it's important for the leader to use the tactics to explore the best skills out of his team and also have the strength to protect everyone if needed. I think he has good chances of becoming a chuunin." Kotetsu nodded.

Kiba and Hinata would be happy to hear that if they weren't unconscious. Kiba was knocked out by a suspicious ANBU and Hinata was resting after being healing by the same elite ninja.

Sarutobi watched as Naruto shunshined to the fighter's balcony and was received with compliments from Shikamaru and Shino while the Hyuuga boy was being taken away by the medic team. Jiraiya, I just hope you're right about your decision. He then turned to the other Kages and said. "Impressive match, wasn't it?"

The Kazekage nodded. "Yes, it was. But unfortunately for him, he will fight against Gaara in the second round." The Tsuchikage laughed. "I wouldn't count victory yet, Kazekage. After all, Mitsuki was personally trained by my granddaughter."

The Kazekage smirked. "We will see."

"The second fight, Kuro Mitsuki vs Gaara, starts now!"

Naruto looked to Shikamaru and said. "So Sasuke hasn't come yet?" Shikamaru made a negative gesture. "No. I thought you would know where he was since he is your teammate."

The Jinchuuriki smirked. "He is probably waiting to make a dramatic entrance. Damn Uchiha." The two let out a little laugh when Shino called their attention."Naruto, you should watch this battle with attention. After all, you are going to confront the winner of this match."Naruto nodded.

They watched as the girl from Iwa used all her arsenal of doton jutsu but they were all successfully defended by Gaara's sand. Mitsuki eventually become tired and without chakra too continue keeping using her jutsu.

The Suna Jinchuuriki gave the girl a creep smile and said. "Your blood will help me prove my existence." He then extended his hand towards the girl.

With this gesture, he commanded the sand to go after Mitsuki. The Iwa Kunoichi tried to avoid the sand waves but eventually her tiredness slowed her and the sand got her.

Gaara did a half seal and opened his closed his hand. "Sabaku Kyuu." The sand involved the kunoichi and immobilized her.

Naruto was depicting Gaara's intention and then asked to Temari, who was next to them. "Can't you do anything to stop him from killing?" Temari made a negative gesture. "Once he gets into this state, no one is able to stop him. But why do you care about her? Isn't her from Iwa who is a Konoha enemy?"

Naruto looked at her and she could see a mix of determination and sadness in his eyes. "The life of a person should be always preserved, no matter from what country or village she is from."

She was shocked after hearing the statement and had to hide for face fin shame. Such a resolve. I wonder if he will maintain this thinking after what is going to happen…

But for Naruto's relief, Genma decided to interfere. "It's enough, genin. She is already defeated, you won this match.

But Gaara paid him no thought. He raised his hand and the sand coffin levitated with the girl inside it. The girl was starting to cry, fearing for her life.

The Konoha jounin raised his voice. "If you don't stop now, you're going to be disqualified." This time Gaara stopped.

He looked over the fighter's balcony and saw an irate Naruto looking at him. The Suna Jinchuuriki seemed to ponder for a moment before he released the sand binding the girl. He then looked at the girl and said.

"Consider yourself luck that to fight Uzumaki Naruto I can't be disqualified." He then shunshined back to the balcony. Genma sighed and announced. "Winner, Gaara!" The medic team came and put the Iwa kunoichi in a stretcher before leaving to treat her wounds.

"I told you Gaara would win easily, Tsuchikage." The Tsuchikage glared at the Kazekage but decided to let it go. There was still one genin from Iwa in the tournament.

Genma decided to continue the exams. "The third match between Nara Shik…" But before he could announce the next match, the Suna Kunoichi opened her fan and did a quick wave with it, creating a torrent of wind sufficient to make her planate on her fan to the arena.

The Konoha Jounin smirked. "Eager, aren't you? Shikamaru, get down here." The Nara was thinking about what he was going to do. Well, I guess I can forfeit and…

"Stop being lazy, Shikamaru!" Naruto pushed the boy over the wall, and the pineapple fell in the ground head first. Damn you, Naruto.

Taking time to relax a bit, Shikamaru was lying on the ground when he heard shouts coming from the crowd saying to him start his fight already. Man, are they that eager to see Sasuke's fight?

Temari snorted. "Are you going to give up?" The Nara turned his head to see the Sand Kunoichi and frowned. Ah, it's a girl again…

The girl was starting to become angered. "Well if you won't come, I will!" She then ran with her fan already in hand to use as a weapon. But the boy easily avoided the hit.

"Can't have a boy losing to a girl can I?" I'm lucky that the Iwa girl doton techniques had dried the land. If it was still flooded, it was going to be a really pain the ass to use my Kage Mane. I have to remember to thank Naruto again for that.

In the crowd, Chouji was eager to see how his teammate was going to perform in the fight. He and Ino discussed a bit about how Shikamaru's fight was going to be, because Chouji claimed that the boy was going to give up in the end and Ino said he wasn't, and kept cheering for her teammate.

The fight between Temari and Shikamaru was an interesting one. The Sand kunoichi kept trying to hit the boy while taking a lot of control to avoid being caught by the shadow jutsu. The Nara kept on the defensive, cornering Temari till his Kage Mane could connect.

Unfortunately for the girl, Shikamaru intellect shined and he managed to lock the girl into a position where he finally completed his shadow possession technique. And when everyone fought he was going to knock the girl out, the Nara surprised almost everyone. "I give up."

"Winner, Temari."

Ino shrieked while Chouji let out a smirk. Just like I said. Kurenai and Asuma, who were watching the fights together, were impressed with Shikamaru. While Asuma was proud of his student and expected his lack of interest, Kurenai was surprise by the tactics and intelligence demonstrated by the Nara.

In another place of the arena, Izumo commented to Kotetsu. "When you measure the value of a small unit leader, protecting the team from danger is usually more important than completing the mission,"

The other chuunin nodded. "In gathering information, you can't be saying 'I completed my mission, but my team was wiped out. You need a guy that can balance the risks, sacrifice and the mission on a scale. If you can't act and think with the lives of the team as the top priority, you don't have what it takes to be a Chuunin."

Izumo then added. "On that point, Naruto and Shikamaru showed opposite skills. While Naruto used his repertory to adapt himself and always stood on the offensive, without giving time to his opponent to breath, Shikamaru stood on the defensive, using strategy to corner the girl till he could finally caught her. And both ended with minimal to none injuries. So what do you think?"

Kotetsu replied. "My opinion? I think the two of them got good chances."

In the fighters' balcony, Naruto face palmed. "I can't say I didn't expect that."

As Shikamaru climbed his way back to the balcony, Naruto was quietly waiting for him. As soon as Shikamaru head showed on the balcony, Naruto punched him with all his mighty. "You idiot! Did you really need to give up!"

Shikamaru sighed. "Can't you forget about that?" Naruto frowned. "By giving up, you are making us look bad. And I don't want to look bad." The Nara smirked. "Come on, you big crybaby. Focus on the next fight."

Naruto sighed. Sasuke, why aren't you here yet? You're probably making Sakura-chan get worried. I bet you are just waiting to make a dramatic entrance.

And it's over!

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Omake Part 2.

After countless phrases of "Are we there yet?" and "How much is it going to take?", Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke and Shishui finally arrived at their destination. Naruto looked awed at the sight in front of him. "Amazing!"

It was a big city with lot of tall and modern buildings. He could see a lot of people on the streets and from what he could guess they were all part of the Uchiha Clan. Itachi saw the perplex look on his young charge's face and smirked. "This Naruto-kun, is one of the Uchiha hideouts outside Konoha. Now come on, we have places to go and clothes to buy."

Naruto was now on an underground tunnel he pretty much thought was going nowhere. That was, till he saw two cats coming at him. Itachi and Shishui made a gesture for the boys to stop and waited for the cats to come near them.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was pretty much flabbergasted with what happened next. One of the cats approached and Itachi and talked. "Itachi, it's been sometime, hasn't it? You too, Shishui-san." "Meow. What are you here for?"

Naruto with a shocked expression pointed at the cats and said. "Talking Cats?" Sasuke face palmed. "These are ninja cats, idiot." Itachi crouched and said to the cats. "We came here for a few weapons and medicines. But the most important, little Naruto-kun over there needs some new clothes."

One of the ninja cats nodded. "Did you bring us any goodies?" Itachi then picked a bottle from his pocket and showed it to the cat. The other cat nodded and said. "C'mon, follow me."

They followed the cats till the entered a large room, where there was an old woman seated on the center of the room, surround by cats. The woman looked over to her customers and said. "Hello, Itachi, Shishui. Well, young Sasuke, it seems you grew quite a bit." Sasuke blushed under the woman gaze. The woman let out a little laugh and continued. "And who is that young boy over there?" Itachi put his hand over Naruto's shoulder and spoke. "This is Naruto, my apprentice, Nekobaa-sama."

The old woman stared a bit at Naruto, which frightened the boy a little bit and then said. "Well, don't be shy, go look over to find what you want."

While Shishui and Sasuke went to the weapons section, Itachi and Naruto were looking for clothes to the blond haired boy. Itachi was getting pretty annoyed because the boy only wanted clothes with orange on it.

The Uchiha sighed for the tenth time since he came to the store. "Naruto-kun, you have to understand that orange is a bad color for stealth because it stands out too much." But Naruto had none of that.

The boy made a childish pout and said. "No. Orange is the color of awesome! "Seeing that he couldn't convince his student, Itachi decided to take a different approach. He turned to the other side of the store and said. "Shishui, can you come over here for a second?"

Naruto watched as the two teenagers discussed for a bit before Shishui crouched to meet his eye level. The older Uchiha said. "Naruto-kun, I need you to look into my eyes for a little bit." The young Jinchuuriki nodded and did as he was told; noticing that no longer Shishui had his black, dull-colored eyes but instead the living red eyes of the Sharingan.

And in that moment a thought crossed in his head that started to make sense to him.

Orange is awesome but makes me stand out too much, maybe I should get some black clothes for my ninja training and use orange only when I'm not in need to fight or train.

"So, did you enjoy the trip, Naruto-kun?" Naruto turned to look at his sensei and let out a big smile. "Very much, Itachi-sensei! When can we go back?" Shishui smirked and said. "And why do you want return so soon? Is it because of the Nekobaa young granddaughter, Tamaki? I saw you looking at her. She is quite pretty, Naruto-kun. I approve your choice."Naruto lowered his head to try and hide the blush covering his cheek. "Shut up, Shishui-senpai."

Shishui started to laugh while Itachi only let out a smile. Seeing that Sasuke was also giggling, Naruto retorted."Why are you laughing, teme? I saw that you were blushing around her too!"Sasuke blushed a bit and with an angry tone replied. "I was not! You were the one looking like a blabbering fool!" Naruto shook his fists. "I dare you to repeat that, bastard!"

As the two boys started their discussion again, Shishui sighed. "Well, they're at it again. How can they be such brats? " Itachi smirked. "I can only think they learned from you." Shishui stopped and glared at his best friend. "What? Come here and I will make you unsay these words!"


Jyuuken Ryuu – Gentle Fist Style

Hakkeshou Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin

Hakke Rokujuuyonshou - Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand

Suiton: Gama Mizumi no Jutsu – Water Release: Toad's Water Lake Technique

Suiton: Suishouha – Water Release: Water Collision Destruction

Suiton: Mizugakure no Jutsu – Water Release: Hidden Among Water Technique