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The Scars of Human Nature

His name is It.

It lived in the dark, the silent dark. It was never hungry, never thirsty, and never sleepy.

It never thought, never moved, just stared at the dark.

It knew nothing of the world; It didn't know there was one.

This was It's life, and It didn't know.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number twelve, Rose Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much; they were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense.

Mr. Dursley was director of a top selling company, that made drills, He was a big beefy man with no neck through he did have a large moustache. Mrs. Petunia Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck, which came in very handy when she spied on the neighbours.

The Dursleys had a thirteen year son called Dudley and in their opinion there was no finer boy anywhere.

The three lived in a two story home, had everything they wanted and couldn't be happier, but they also had a secret, and their greatest fear was that someday it would be discovered, unfortunately it would.

Sooner than they thought.

Shadows were funny little things, they could become any shape or size they wanted, fade in and out like the wind. They could even make you think you see things that aren't really there, aren't they funny these Shadows?

"Dudley darling, come away from the window. It's time for bed"

"But Mum, there's a man outside staring at the house"

Petunia came to the window, her eyes narrowed with suspicion, blinking when she saw nothing but the shadows and moonlight.

"Oh darling, that's just your eyes playing tricks on you. Now come, it's time for bed"

Dudley gave one last look outside, before pulling the curtains back and following his mother upstairs to get ready for bed. Outside the wind blew, ruffling a black robe hidden in the shadows.

"That was not Potter, in fact we haven't seen a glimpse of the brat all day" came a smooth, velvet voice from the shadows

"He is here, my sources are never wrong, besides I have no intention of failing our lord" came another voice, this one as smooth as water

"Point taken, when do we move?"

"When those muggles fall asleep"

"Remember, no killing. We just get the brat and go"

All he got was a chuckle from the dark.

Midnight came, the neighbourhood and its occupants were tucked in for the night, it was time for them to move. The lock made a soft 'click' as it unlocked, the door made not a sound as it glided open, two figures entered the home. They took in everything with a look that can only be described as disgust.

"Let's get this over with; I don't want to be in here any longer than necessary" Lucius said, Severus nodded and they separated, Severus down the hall and Lucius up stairs, wands lit to light their way.

The walls were decorated with pictures, showing a happy family but no Potter, Severus's eyes narrowed, his senses going off, something was not right. The dark-haired man reached the end of the hall which opened up to the kitchen. He noticed a cupboard to his right, but paid it no mind. He looked around, everything was clean and showed no signs of any more than three people living here.


Severus turned and looked at the blonde, "I sense something is wrong" Lucius said.

"I sense it too, did you find the boy?"

"No, just three rooms. All occupied by the Muggles."

"This makes no sense" Lucius then said, "my sources assured me that the boy was here."

"And these are his relatives, Petunia still looks like a horse" Severus added.


"Our lord will not be happy about this."

"Unfortunately, I believe it's time for a talk with Petunia."

Severus was not at all impressed, the past years had done nothing for Petunia, the woman was still close-minded and disgustingly rude, just like when they were children.

"Get out of my house you freaks!"

"What a fine husband you've picked Pet" Severus drawled sarcastically, Petunia wisely didn't comment, making Severus think that maybe the woman did actually learn something.

Instead she asked "W-want do you want?" before either men could speak, Vernon marched towards them, red-faced.

How dare those freaks talk to his wife that way, he was going to throw them out of here!

That idea was thrown from the man's head when Lucius raised his wand and aimed it at the whale sized man. The blonde wizard smirked, as the other male turned ghost white.

"Your nephew, where is he?"

Petunia noticeable tensed and Vernon mumbled something that sounded like "disgusting freak", both wizards raised a brow at the obviously suspicious behaviour.

"N-No idea" Petunia said, stuttering a bit. "The ungrateful thing ran away years ago"

"You were never good at lying Pet, now I'll ask once more. Where is Harry Potter?"

The thin women shuffled a cry of fear, when Severus's wand was pointed at her. It was at this time that Vernon remembered he had balls and spoke up.

"Don't you point that thing at her!" he said, then sneered "besides we did the world a favour"

Lucius and Severus felt their senses go haywire again at those words, and for a brief moment, Severus remembered the cupboard in the kitchen.

"It couldn't be."

"What exactly did you do, Mr. Dursley?"

Vernon didn't answer making a sound that closely resembled a mouse's squeak when the wand pressed deep against his nearly non-existent neck.

"I won't ask again."

The cold threatening tone had Vernon muttering out two words, "C-C-Cupboard, K-itchen"

Eye, green as the forest, glowed brighter than any star, it was these eyes that never seen anything but darkness, these same eyes that looked up at the two men before them.

Words could not even begin to describe what was before them, this was not Harry Potter. This cannot be the saviour of the Wizarding world; this child couldn't be what their lord feared.

He was.

The scar proved it.

Riddle Manor was rumoured to be haunted; the sound of screams and pained moans went on through the nights. To many it was frightening and soul shaking, to one Lord of the manor, it was what came with the job.

"Where are they? They should have been back by now!"

"M'lord, please calm yourself"

"I am calm!"

"Of course you are, now please sit. Lucius and Severus will be back any moment now"


"Ah, see"

Lucius and Severus both bowed their heads when angry wine red eyes turned towards them

"What took you so long...and what is that?" Lucius lifted his head as he placed his foot on Vernon's large belly, the stunned man could do nothing.

"This, my lord believe it or not is Potter's muggle uncle"

"I see, why bring him? And where is Potter?"

It was then that red eyes noticed the bundle of robes in Severus's arms.

"My lord, there may be a slight change in plans"

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