The Scars Of Human Nature

When he opened his eyes his first thought was that Hell looked a lot like his bedroom, the second was that everything hurt, which he found really odd because he was suppose to be you know dead. The third was that the Devil looked a lot like Severus.

"It's good to see you've finally awaken"

Voldemort blinked at him bewildered, the Severus looking Devil frowned.

"Are you alright my lord?" asked the Severus-Devil

"I'm fine" Voldemort said, scowling when a bright light flashed in his left eye.

"Right, then please do explain your bewildered expression"

"I'm just a little put off"

The light switched to his right eye

"By what?"

"Isn't Hell suppose to be full of fire and brimstone?"

The light disappeared and Severus-Devil raised a partly amused and partly confused brow.


Voldemort nodded, "And you're the Devil right?"

The Severus-Devil chuckled before excusing himself from the room, closing the door softly behind him.

He heard voices from the other side of the door, then suddenly the door opened again and this time a Lucius looking demon came in with the Severus-Devil.

"Good Evening M'lord" the Lucius-Devil said, "are you well?"

"Well as I could be, being dead and all"

"Yes, about that, you're not dead and you're certainly not in Hell, although some would say differently"

Voldemort blinked, "I'm not dead"

"Afraid not" Severus-Devil said

"Then—where the fuck am I?"

"He's a bit slow when medicated" Severus said looking very amused.

Lucius sniggered, "Then perhaps its best if we wait until when let Harry see him"

"Harry?" Voldemort thought, "shit Harry!"

"Where is he?" Voldemort suddenly sat up startling his two right hand men, "Is he hurt? What happen to Albus? And Peter, that damn rat! When I get my hands on him I gonna—"

"Please calm down My Lord, you're body still hasn't healed completely, nor has your magic." Lucius said while Severus sternly pushed the Dark Lord back down onto the bed.

Voldemort tried to remember what happen after his battle with Albus almost desperately, but all he came up was a blank.

"What happen?"

Severus and Lucius shared a look

"We're not exactly sure but—"

He wasn't moving.

Voldemort wasn't moving


"I was expecting a better fight, oh well. Back to business" Albus said turning back to Peter and Harry.

"Excellent job Peter, keep a good hold on him" Albus raised his wand.

Harry paid neither attention his wide disbelieving eyes on the still figure on the floor.

"G-Get up" he whimpered, causing Albus to pause and look curiously at the boy

"What are you muttering about brat?" Peter sneered,

"Get up" Harry whimpered again

The body didn't move, it didn't move.


Wind suddenly roared, knocking Peter and Albus off their feet, Harry paid no mind as he scrambled over to his fallen guardian.

"Voldemort get up!"

The mysterious wind roared louder, magic crackled and whipped the air and Harry. Harry shook the slowly turning cold body begging for the man to get up. Behind him Albus stood and fired off the Killing Curse, his eyes widen when it merely bounced off the boy's back, he fired again but the results was the same.

"Damn it, why won't you just die!" Albus exclaimed over the loud roaring wind.

"Y-Y-You hurt him"

Albus was a bit surprised that he heard the child's voice over the loud wind.


Harry stood and turned to the elder wizard, green eyes were falling with tears, but what made Albus gasp was that the lightning bolt scar was glowing.

"YOU HURT HIM!" Harry screamed.

The magic suddenly crackled and whipped sharply, windows in the hall shattered, Albus felt himself shiver in fear when the magic whipped at him, and cut his cheek.

"N-Now Harry"


Before the elderly wizard could act, wind and magic shaped like a lightning bolt shot through his chest, the last thing he saw as he flew through the air and down to the ground were Harry's green eyes.

"Dear Merlin"

Severus and Lucius stared in disbelief at the sight before them, rubble and glass everywhere, Peter unconscious slumped against the wall, Albus on the floor dead, wind and magic crackled and whipped the air and around, Harry was now kneeling beside a dead Voldemort, shaking his body.

"No, M'lord" Lucius whispered, taking a step forward, he gave a slight yelp when magic cut at him.

"Be careful, it seems Harry's magic has awaken" Severus said

"What gave it away?" Lucius snapped holding his injured shoulder where the magic had hit him.


"Arthur I wouldn't—"

The red headed wizard was thrown back by the magic.

"I tried to warn you"

"Lucius stop playing around, we need to calm Harry before his magic levels the place and buries us alive"

"Any ideas?"

"Still working on it sadly"

"Right, take your time on that then"

"I have one, Stupefy!"

"No, you idiot!"

Harry looked over his shoulder just as the spell came hurdling towards him, his teary eyes widen and his scar glowed brightly, the spell bounced off of him and right back at the Auror who casted the spell.

Harry turned back to his fallen guardian, he sniffed before laying down to cuddle with Voldemort, laying his head on the wizard's chest.

"I'll make you better okay? So you gotta wake up" he said to him, as his scar glowed once more and the wind and magic curling tightly around him and Voldemort.





Harry smiled, and closed his eyes.

"After that the intruders just disappeared, we learned that they all had been teleported into the Great Hall at Hogwarts, and the Mansion was all repaired" Lucius said, "we think it was Harry's doing"

"And Harry?"

"He was unconscious for five days, the Healer says it because he used up so much of his magic and needed to recharge, and the worst of his injures was a twisted ankle" Lucius explained.

"Unfortunately he hasn't stopped moving since he's awoken" Severus sighed, "he's been driving every one bloody insane with running about and asking about you, Fenrir this close to a nervous breakdown"

Voldemort smirked at the thought of the grumpy Werewolf chasing his Harry around, cursing throughout it all.

"And everything else?" he then asked.

"The Rat is lock up; Draco, the Twins and Ms. Granger were a little banged up but will live. Surprisingly only twenty DeathEaters were killed, the rest were merely injured"

Suddenly the room door flung open and Voldemort grunted in discomfort as he was pounced on, and green eyes filled his vision.


"You're awake!"

"And you're killing my kidneys"

"What's a kidney?"

"The thing that you're killing"

"Harry get off of him, the Lord is still not well"

Harry pouted but moved until he was cuddled next to his guardian side, giggling when a hand ran through his hair.

"I missed you" the child said softly

"And I missed you, I've also heard that you've been turning everyone insane"

"Nuh uh"

"That's what Severus told me"

"That's only because Papa hasn't been taking any naps, and he gets real grumpy when he doesn't have his naps"

"Wait, what did you say?"

"That Papa gets grumpy when he doesn't take his naps"

"You just called Severus 'Papa'"

"That's because he's Papa"

Voldemort turned a curious and slightly jealous gaze to the Potion Master, who gave an almost devilish grin along with Lucius

"It seems that Harry has given us new names" Severus said, "tell him Harry"

"Kay, Se'vus is Papa, Lu'cus is Daddy and you're Mommy!" Harry finished with an almost proud grin.

Voldemort stared at Harry, and Lucius was sure it was because the Dark Lord was medicated that it took a while to process, unfortunately it did though and well…..


And they all lived happily ever after.


"Now, now, my lord there no need for yelling you're scaring Harry, and besides you'd make a great Mommy"


"I'm not sure if I should be flattered or insulted"

"You don't want to be my Mommy?"

"W-Wait a minute Harry"

"Y-You don't want me anyone!"

"Shit, don't cry!"


"Now look what you've done"

"Me! Harry its okay, I do want you"

"N-N-No you don't, c-c-cause then y-y-y-you'd want to be m-m-m-my Mommy!"

"But Harry I can't-you-we- this-Alright fine! I'll be your Mommy, so stop crying dammit!"

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