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Ryoma is 14. Momo and Kaidoh are 16. The rest are 17. They are in High school. Ryoma, Momo and Kaidoh are 2nd years and the rest are third years. Ryoma skipped over a few grades. He should be in third year middle, but He's just that smart! LOLs.

Ryoma huddled in his bed, sobbing, crying his eyes out. Why? Why? Why? Why did he do this to me? I loved him! He said he loved me! Only me. So why is it him now? What does he have that I don't? Karupin watched him sadly, then curled up next to Ryoma's body. He hugged her to his chest, crying until he drifted off to sleep, his pillow damp with tears.

"Yo! Seishounen!" Nanjiroh called out a greeting to his son, who walked past with a dull " Ohayo."

" OI, your Kaa-san made you breakfast. Your favorite, Japanese style."

"Not hungry." And Ryoma walked out.

Nanjiroh's cheerful demeanor vanished, his eyes, the same amber color as his son, shone with worry. "Oh, Ryoma-san didn't eat his breakfast, Oji-san?"

" No, Nanako. Said he wasn't hungry." Nanako chewed her lips in worry. Ryoma has barely eaten anything for the past three weeks. She hopes everything will be alright.

Ryoma went through the daily motions during classes, propping his elbow on the desk, cupping his chin and staring blankly ahead. During tennis practice, he ran and played like he was supposed to, but anyone that knew him could see that there was something wrong.

"Pss. Oishi, what do you think is wrong with Ochibi?" A red head with an ever present bandage on his cheek asked his best friend.

"I don't know, Eiji." Oishi watched Ryoma play against Momoshiro. He used the twist serve, his Drive B and C, but they could see he was not giving his all. His radiant amber colored eyes were now dull , his reflexes wasn't as sharp and he was lacking in his speed. This has been happening for the past few weeks now and they were getting more and more concerned with each passing day.

Another pair of eyes also watched Ryoma with worry. " Saa, Tezuka, perhaps you could speak with Echizen."

Tezuka nodded. Everyone was worried for the baby of their team. Ryoma had become very important to them in the last two years and never had they seen him this way. As if the life had been sucked out of him and now only an empty that is Ryoma is walking around, pretending to be him.

Ryoma changed, ignoring the curious and worried looks his senpai-tachi were giving him. Even Momoshiro did not complain about his lack of enthusiasm during their game. Kaidoh was not hissing and Kikumaru wasn't even bouncing around. They were tip toeing around him and he wished they would stop it already. One by one they filed out, and as he was about to leave, he was stopped.

"Echizen, stay behind for a bit."

Ryoma turned around to look at Tezuka, Fuji besides him. He envied them. They have been a couple for 1 ½ years now, while he and himhad only together for about five months. " Hai, buchou."

Fuji and Ryoma sat on the bench, while Tezuka remain standing. " Echizen.." Tezuka blinked, then cleared his throat. " ahem..ahh." Ryoma knew they Tezuka was trying to ask him what was going on, and he would have found a flustered Tezuka funny if his heart didn't ache so much.

Mentally rolling his eyes at Tezuka, Fuji decided he better be the one to talk. Tezuka really was no good at this. "Echizen. If there is anything wrong, you know you can always come to us."

Ryoma slowly nodded. Yes , but he didn't want to tell them what was going on. How humiliating it would be for them to hear that the person he loves left him for another because he wasn't good enough for him? Was that why he didn't want anyone to know about them? Because he knew he would leave Ryoma for that person?

Fuji took hold of Ryoma's hands in his own. " Echizen, did someone hurt you?" he asked softly.

Ryoma swallowed. Great, he just had to go thinking about him and now his heart was hurting again, and he could feel himself about to break down and cry. Yanking his hands away, he hurriedly stood up, his head bow, so that his hair covered his eyes that were glistening with unshed tears.

" No, senpai." And Ryoma ran out.

Fuji stood up, fists clenched. "Tezuka, someone had hurt out baby's heart. And I'm going to find out whom." Tezuka just nodded. Fuji had that look in his eyes that if anyone stood in his way, that person will be run down, then skinned and slowly roasted over a fire pit. Tezuka shivered. He should really pity the person that had hurt Ryoma, because when Fuji finds him, that person will probably not get out unscathed, and he was going to help Fuji. No one hurts the boy he had come to see as a brother.

Ryoma ran, not really caring who he pushed out of the way or where he was going. He ran, trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall with each step he took. When he couldn't run any longer, he fell to his knees, his fists pounding the dirt and grass beneath him. Twin rivers of tears ran down his cheek soaking the earth beneath him, harsh sobs that he failed to choke back escaped him in an agonized keen.

Why? Why? Why did he say he loved me when he really didn't? Why did he say he wanted to be with me forever? He said I was his only love, then .. then he left me for him? Was I not good enough?!

With each thought, he pounded his fist harder and harder into the ground, not caring that it was now bleeding and starting to swell. He didn't care that his hand was in pain, as long as it took away the pain from his heart. He raised his hand again to bring it down, but couldn't. He gasped, and jerked his head up to meet the eyes of probably the last person he wanted to see him like this.

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