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~Week 2 Tuesday ~

Zaizen watched Tezuka glare at Sanada, who was now all better since his mysterious collapse yesterday. Sanada was currently paired up with Ryoma in a doubles game against Yanagi and Sengoku pair on the court besides theirs. He thought Shiraishi was bad at babying Kintarou, but Tezuka was taking it to a whole new level. And if anyone on the Seigaku team was to be a mother hen, he would have thought it'd be Oishi. But nope, Tezuka and Fuji too were taking every chance to hover around Ryoma. The Seigaku Captain and the Seigaku Tensai had taken every opportunities so far this week to not let anyone get close to Ryoma, especially Sanada.

It really was interesting to see really that stoic captain of Seigaku acting like a protective father. If only Tezuka could keep his mind on their game instead of looking over the other way. And if only Tezuka wasn't winning while he wasn't even looking the other way, then he would feel better. But even with the inattention to their game, he was still losing to the Tezuka, who hadn't even moved an inch from where he was standing, using the Tezuka Zone to return all his balls. With another missed return, he lost the match.

"Kuso." Tezuka walked toward him and stopped at the net, holding his hand out for a shake, but his head was still turned toward the other court. "Oi, Tezuka! Keep your eyes on your opponent and not someone else, eh? Why do you keep looking at your kouhai? Ya think he's gonna get raped or some-What!" Zaizen gasped, shocked as Tezuka gripped the front of his shirt, hauling him up to eye level with furious brown eyes.

Jaws dropped and gasps ran through the players there. What had made the normally stoic captain do something so out of character?

"Tezuka, let him go." Shinjou's deep voice said, rushing up to them and taking a hold of Tezuka's arm, the one that was holding Zaizen up.

"What is going on here?" Haneji's voice cut through. "Tezuka, what is going on? Let Zaizen go." Tezuka gritted his teeth and released Zaizen with a flick of his wrist, sending Zaizen stumbling back.

"The hell is wrong with you!" Zaizen yelled, glaring angrily. "You have some serious obsession, you know that!"

"Both of you, come with me," Coach Haneji ordered.

No doubt about it. This training camp was a lot more dramatic than the last one they had. First bitter tension between Atobe and Sanada. Now Tezuka and Zaizen.

Dinner was a quiet affair with mostly everyone giving furtive glances at Tezuka and Zaizen. The two were given cleaning duty as punishment from Haneji. They had to sweep up the courts and picked up all the ball and no one was allowed to help. Now, Tezuka seemed to be back to his usual self of the austere, no non-sense captain, sitting there surrounded by his team with his back ram-rod straight, calmly eating. Seemed like because Ryoma was sitting in the middle of both him and Fuji and if anyone was paying attention this week, they knew that the two were keeping Ryoma as close to them as possible.

Even his own team was wondering. Momoshiro, Kaidoh and Eiji kept casting furtive and curious glances at his their friend, who was sulking, judging by the pout on Ryoma's lips. Inui too itched to take his note book out and start writing, but knew that with Tezuka on edge like that, it might not be a good idea. Oishi was frowning. He will have to get Tezuka or Fuji to tell him what is going on. If this concerns their 'baby' then he deserved to know.

"I'm done eating, can I leave Buchou?" Ryoma asked dryly, but didn't even wait for Tezuka's consent as he stood up and took his tray with him.

Eyes followed Ryoma as he got up, dump his tray and left the mess hall. All wondered what happened between Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji and Zaizen.

Zaizen had his team around him as well and it was clear he was still angry over what happened earlier. And that was what they were all wondering. What happened earlier? Neither would talk. Zaizen only grumbled about Tezuka and Fuji being obsessed.

Yanagi had an idea of what was going on given what he and Niou had seen this past Sunday between Sanada and Ryoma. He guessed that Tezuka wasn't too keen on Sanada and Ryoma being together. And there is Yukimura to consider as well. He looked in Yukimura's direction, noting the pale face. Then he glanced at Sanada, whose brow is crinkled more than usual. As he thought, this is quite troublesome. If only he knew what to say to make things better for his friends, but also knew they needed to work this out on their own.

Fuji too was curious to know why his boyfriend acted like that. He hadn't been able to talk to Tezuka yet so he can't be sure, but it can only involve someone he cares about and right now the only person they are at the fore front of their thoughts is Ryoma. So Fuji concluded that Zaizen must have said something about Ryoma to set Tezuka off. He sent a glare right to Zaizen, who shivered slightly, but lifted up his chin right back at Fuji.

"I'm done eating. Later guys," Zaizen told his teammates.

Zaizen strolled outside, wanting to get away from the stares and glares. He had nothing against Echizen, per se, but that brat really was spoiled by his teammates. Same like Kintarou, he guessed.

"But Kin-chan's innocent and child-like. Echizen's isn't even like that. Hell, even Kirihara is innocent and child-like. Echizen's not like that." That cocky attitude. That unwavering stare. What pissed him off this afternoon more than anything is when Tezuka wasn't even paying attention to their game, but instead at Ryoma. What's so special about him? Hearing the sound of thwacks coming from the court that he just finished cleaning up, he growled.

"Who the hell is messing up – of course, Echizen," he muttered, seeing who it was that is making a mess on the courts he and Tezuka had to clean up all by themselves. For hours! Cupping his hands between his mouth, he hollered.

"Oi, Echizen. Get off the court!"

Ryoma paused and looked over to who had called him.

"Eh? The guy that Tezuka-buchou wanted to punch."

"You! That's not my name. It's Zaizen! How could you forget my name? We're roommates and we played a match against each other twice last week!"

"Ahh, the one you lost." Zaizen twitched. "I won one, if you recall."

"No," Ryoma flatly replied. But of course Ryoma remembered. Last Friday, he was crying and this guy came along and they played. He's even made it to the list of people Ryoma wanted to play. He just likes messing with Zaizen's head.

"Really now?" Forest green eyes assessed Ryoma. "Care for another match? Nah, never mind. The Mother Hen of your's would wallop me a good one if I hurt his ' baby ' ." Zaizen laughed.

"Oishi-senpai's not here."

"Tch. I mean Tezuka." Ryoma face remained serene, but inside he grimaced. He thought Tezuka had agreed to back off, but these last three days, Tezuka was even worse than before, glaring at anyone coming close to him. And Tezuka's got a scary glare. Scarier than Fuji... maybe.

He gave Zaizen a sideway glance. As with Fuji being Seigaku's tensai and Yuushi being Hyotei's tensai, Zaizen was Shitenhouji's, he found out. "Only the weak makes excuses," Ryoma taunted.

"... Did you just insult me, chibi?"

"Mada Mada Dane."

That little brat! "I won't go easy on you," Zaizen vowed.

A crowd of teens gathered around after words spread that Ryoma and Zaizen was playing a match and they quickly left mess hall so that they could come and watch the two play, hoping for some insight on what had happened between them. So far, the score was a tie at 5-5. Both players were sweating, hair matted down, but each had a contented smile on his face. Or smirks – actually.

Keigo watched on, taking in the curve of Ryoma's neck as popped his neck and rotated his shoulders. The beautiful way Ryoma's body moved back and forth across the court. The powerful swing of each return. Though his face remained arrogant, he was smiling inside. He loved watching Ryoma.

Yuushi watched Keigo watching Ryoma with that lovesick expression on his face and he could no longer dismiss the facts before him. Keigo was in love with Ryoma. He wanted to palm his face. Or better yet, smack Keigo and ask his friend what the hell he was thinking falling in love with Seigaku's brat. Everyone there can tell that Fuji and Tezuka have been keeping a very close eyes on Ryoma, barely letting him out of sight. Was it because they knew Keigo has his eyes on Ryoma? He looked at Ryoma and wondered how he felt for Keigo. Did Ryoma feel the same way? Did he know that Keigo was in love with him? And why do he even care about those two? Yuushi pushed up his glasses, watching the game between Zaizen and Ryoma a bit and looked around for Tezuka and Fuji, surprised the neither had stepped in and stopped the game. He spotted Fuji a few feet to his right, watching the game with a small smile. So, it seemed that Fuji was okay with this, so Yuushi went back to watching the match. He'll talk to Keigo later.

Sanada too watched Ryoma, his thoughts on their kiss this past weekend. He wasn't wrong. Ryoma had felt something between them. The sparks were still there. That kiss proved it and he was going to prove it to Ryoma.

The wind blew, rustling leaves, grass and the hairs on the teens' heads, bringing in low dark clouds. In the distance, thunder rolled, but the two players were oblivious to it, reveling in the game between them.

Ryoma huffed out a breath, watching the ball sail to him. His blood hasn't pumped up with this much excitement since …

His lips twisted wryly.

… since that last game he played against Keigo.


He returned the ball, but his hand shook. Zaizen was good. Really good.

Thunder rolled and lightning arced angrily across the sky.


Large raindrops fell, soaking all of them rapidly.

Zaizen went to serve the ball...

"Enough!" A deep voice barked out, halting him.

"Eh, Tezuka.."


Tezuka's face looked stern, even with rivulets of rain running down his face and his glasses were all wet.

"It's is dangerous to play in such weather. Get inside now."

Zaizen gave Ryoma a look and shrugged. "Ah well, looks like you got off easy this time, Chibi."

"Heh? I was winning," Ryoma muttered.

"Tch, that hasn't been decided yet," Zaizen retorted.


Opening the door to his room, Zaizen found Ryoma dressed in a pair of dry sweat pants, and in the process of pulling a white t-shirt on.

"Eh, where's Yukimura and Shiraishi-Buchou?"

He ignored the '-how the hell should I know? I'm not their keeper – look that Ryoma shot him. Man, that Echizen sure has an attitude about him.

He frowned. He was just in the shower and Ryoma wasn't in it. "You should take a shower before you changed."

"Don't feel like it."

"You'll catch a cold if you don't," Zaizen advised Ryoma and wondered why the hell he cared anyways if that brat got a cold. And he got another one of those looks for it too. Ungrateful brat. "If you catch a cold, you wont' be able to participate in the workouts and might not get elected..." Zaizen paused and adopted a thoughtful look. "Then again, that just might be the best thing. It would be one less competitor."

"Only the weak wants no competition," Ryoma smirked, grabbing a set of clothes and a towel.

"Why you little brat!" Zaizen swiped at Ryoma, only to have him slip away and out the room.

Zaizen rubbed a large cotton towel over his head to dry his hair, Zaizen sighed in pleasure. The hot shower had really helped in washing away his anger at Tezuka. He was playing with a Nationally ranked top player and just wanted Tezuka to play seriously with him. But it goes to show that Tezuka's reputation was all true. He barely even payed attention to the game and still won.

And Ryoma, he guessed, wasn't so bad. Lose the cocky attitude and the piss off catchphrase; add in large happy smiles with a perky attitude, then he would be kinda cute and adorable.

"...Never mind, then he'd be just like Kintarou and we only need one Kintarou."

He tossed his towel on his bed and climbed atop. Now where was his MP3? He searched underneath his pillow, where he usually placed it, but it wasn't there. He searched in the drawers that was between the two bunk beds. Not there either. Growling in frustration, he almost gave up, when he spied it. It was on Ryoma's bed. Well, the earbuds were. The small back part of it hanging off and was about to fall between the crack that was against the bunk bed and the wall.

"How'd it get there?" Looking at the place it landed, Zaizen shrugged. It must have fell from his bunk onto Ryoma's somehow. Zaizen placed a knee on the bed and reached out, to grab it, but with the jostling of the bed, the mp3 fell with a soft clack to the floor.

"Arhh, damn," he groaned. Now he have to go back down. Zaizen placed himself flat against the floor and peered beneath the bed. He couldn't see it since Ryoma's bag was in the way, so he pulled it out. He reached out his hand again, but it was too far.

"Guess I'm gonna have to crawl in a bit." Crawling underneath the bottom bunk, he grabbed hold of the strings of his earbuds and pulled it out. "Got it!" He crowed and in his excitement, he forgot that he was underneath the bed and lifted his head, only to have his head met with the top of the bunk.

"Yeow! Damn. Son of..!"

Once the pain subsided and he wasn't seeing stars anymore, Zaizen back crawled out backward and his foot met something and the sounds of stuff being spilled out of that something his foot had bumped into was heard. Ryoma's thing must have been spilled, Zaizen thought. Finally out from underneath the bunk, he rubbed the back of his head. That had hurt! And now there was a good goose egg size bump on the crown of his head.

He looked over to see that indeed Ryoma's things had fallen out of his bag. He stuffed his MP3 in his pocket and grabbed some clothes, a couple of tennis balls, some tennis magazines, black tape and stuffed it back into the bag.

"Does that Chibi not think about anything else besides tennis?" Zaizen wondered, then laughed a bit. "Well, guess we are tennis players." He reached out to grab a hard cover book about two inches thick. "Betcha this is a book all about tennis as well." Zaizen didn't read the cover, he flipped it open to a random page and started reading, expecting to read something about tennis techniques.

The book fell with a thud.

Zaizen trembled. "It can't be true," he whispered. He looked down and picked up a pink slip of paper that had fallen out of the book.


I know you said you are fine and don't want to talk about...what happened, so please, read this. A student therapist at the University says that this can help you.


He placed the pink slip of paper between the pages in the book and closed it with a snap. The title of the book stared up at him and he could feel the blood rushing from his face. He quickly stuffed the book back in Ryoma's bag and hastily pushed it back under the bed, as if not seeing it would make it less real. But he knew that it was far too late.

"Ya think he's gonna get raped.."

"Ya think he's gonna get raped.."

"Ya think he's gonna get raped.."

What he had said earlier echoed repeatedly in his head.

"Kami-sama," he breathed out. He didn't feel so good now. No wonder Tezuka had gotten angry. And why he's so protective of Ryoma. If it was me, I would've punched myself. Ah Gods, that chibi had been, Zaizen covered his mouth with his hand. He was going to be sick.

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