The Doctor looked out of his scanners at the Medusa Cascade. The frown on his lips faded into a sad sigh as he picked up the silver canister. He traced his fingers over the Seal of Rassilon embossed on the cover.

"'Had we but world enough and time,'" he whispered. He set the canister on the launch pad, and watched as it disappeared in front of him, only to rematerialize out into space. He watched as it floated far out, joining the vast emptiness.

He remained, staring out well past the point where he could still discern the object. Finally, he closed the scanners, and strolled around the console, aimlessly pushing at levers. The TARDIS seemed to parallel his mood, seemed to empathize with him. He sighed once more before dematerializing. But he didn't know where he wanted to go; nothing seemed to entice him. Except his bed. So he walked over to his room, and shut the door behind him. He quickly fell asleep, his eyes tired by his tears.

He had no dream. He had nothing except the darkness.

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