Hikaru Sulu stared at his roommate in exasperation. "Look at this place!" He nearly shouted, gesturing around the room."What did you do?" He demanded, glaring at his fellow cadet with barely concealed irritation.

Pavel Chekov regarded him innocently, his brown eyes wide with confusion. "Vhat do you mean, vhat did I do?" He retorted indignantly, as if he had done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever.

"I mean, what did you do?" Sulu replied shortly, further annoyed by Chekov's attempt at feigning ignorance over the matter.

Chekov shot him an incredulous look as he figured out what Sulu was referring to. "I cleaned." He explained tolerantly. "The place vas a mess. It vas disgusting."

"But where's all my stuff?" Sulu insisted, running a hand through his hair in his frustration. He looked around the room desperately, but there was nothing there to indicate that either cadet lived there. The place was spotless, empty. It looked abandoned.

Chekov sighed dramatically, then took him gently by the arm and led him over to the closet. "See?" He said, opening the door to reveal clothing and other items of import. He continued the tour by introducing Sulu to a dresser and a shelf, which also now held stuff. "Now you can find everything." Chekov informed him.

Sulu wasn't convinced. "I could find everything before." He grumbled. "How am I supposed to know where anything is if you're the one that put it there?"

Chekov shrugged, unbothered by the notion. "You can ask." He suggested. "If you don't know vhere something is."

Sulu rolled his eyes. "I can't believe it. You're a neat freak!" He accused.

Chekov drew himself up stiffly and made as if to retort. Then he hesitated. "Neat freak?" He finally asked, confused.

"Someone who has to keep things neat and clean and can't stand having messy people around." Sulu explained. "You're a neat freak, and I'm a slob, a messy person. We're doomed, you know. Neat freaks and slobs don't mix!"

Chekov watched his roommate with an air of polite bemusement. "Vhy?" He asked when Sulu had finished his speech. "I don't mind cleaning up. You aren't that messy. You'll get used to vhere everything is, and then it von't bother you anymore. Ve don't have to fight."

Sulu frowned at his roommate. "It's not going to work." He insisted. "It's no use. We're going to drive each other crazy."

Chekov was quiet for a moment, solemn and thoughtful. Finally he spoke, reminding his roommate of one simple fact. "Ve already make each other crazy." Sulu stared at him for a moment before his words sank in.

Sulu's worried expression cleared as he realized his roommate was right. "Oh, yeah." He said. "Right. No big deal, then." He grinned at Chekov, who returned his smile with good humor.

"Vant to get some dinner?" Chekov asked after a minute.

"Yeah, sure." Sulu replied. As they headed out into the hall, Sulu leaned back in to take one last look around the room. He shuddered. "I don't know about this…" He muttered to himself.

"Coming?" Chekov called, noticing that his roommate had fallen behind.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Sulu said, turning his back on the pristine room. He would get used to it, he decided. It couldn't be that bad.

Besides, who else was going to put up with Cadet Pavel Andreivich Chekov?

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