Two men sat in silence at the helm. They were pulling nightshift, a rather odd occurrence for them, but understandable given the current situation. Due to a recent incident that had nearly resulted in the destruction of the bridge and the ship itself, there was a shortage of uninjured crewmen not only in both departments, but throughout most of the Enterprise. The two men were tired yet alert as they manned their stations.

One fidgeted in his seat, anxious or concerned or irritated; something was on his mind. Something he was either unwilling or unsure of how to voice.

The other merely waited.

"Remember Emi?" Sulu finally broke the silence, though his voice had that low tone that warned the rest of the bridge personnel that this was a private conversation. Consequently, when Chekov replied, they were able to continue their conversation in relative privacy.

His reply was neutral. "Da, I remember."

Silence resumed between them: the two minded their posts. After several more minutes, Sulu spoke again.

"She's pregnant."

"Oh." Chekov's reply was noncommittal. After a moment he asked, "Are you the father, then?" Somehow he managed to sound as if he were merely asking about the weather.

"Yeah." Came the uneasy reply.

"Are you planning on being involved in the child's life?" Chekov's tone was neutral, giving no indication of his opinion on the matter. He would be cautious until he knew what Sulu's reason for bringing this up was.

"Yeah." Sulu nodded, giving the same monosyllabic answer. "Emi wrote and told me, and asked if I was interested in being a part of it."

"And you do." Chekov commented.


Chekov grinned at his friend. "Congratulations." He said cheerfully. Sulu's expression, however, didn't change, so Chekov again went back to his work. And waited. It was several long minutes before Sulu continued.

"I asked her to marry me." He said, then fell once again into silence.

"Honor?" Chekov inquired gently.

"Partly." Sulu replied. "It is the honorable thing to do, but I also don't want my child to have to grow up without a father." He hesitated. "And I love her." He finally said, speaking of the one who now carried his child. Chekov understood.

"Has she replied yet?" Chekov asked diplomatically.

"She doesn't want the wedding to be a big deal." Sulu replied. He was waiting, now, for some reaction from the other man.

Again, Chekov found a grin spreading across his face. "Am I inwited, at least?" He asked, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

Sulu replied with forced casualness. "Actually, I was hoping you'd be the best man."

"Of course." Chekov replied instantly.

"And…" Again Sulu hesitated. "Would you be the child's godfather?"

"Godfather?" Chekov repeated thoughtfully. "Be there in case something happens, tell the child stories about your wild youth, corrupt him…" Sulu didn't return Chekov's smile.

"This is serious, Pasha." Sulu chided.

"I am serious." Chekov retorted with false indignation.


"It would be an honor, Hikaru." Chekov said solemnly, no longer teasing.

This time Sulu did smile, and Chekov slapped his the back, congratulating him again on both the engagement and the child.

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