Sulu had to laugh.

He had been expecting Pavel, and the man was never late unless held up by superhuman forces (near-life-threatening injuries, Klingons, and Mister Spock were a few of the things that came to mind). He would never have sent his three year old daughter to answer the door had he not be absolutely certain that Pavel Chekov was waiting on the other side of it.

He had been only moderately surprised that Demora had succeeded in dragging him off to her room; he may have been one of the more stubborn people Sulu had ever met but he was a pushover when it came to children.

He had not been all that surprised that his daughter seemed to have taken to Pavel so well, either. Sulu had started preparing her for his friend's visit since Pavel had said he would stop by and Demora had responded enthusiastically (at least, as enthusiastically as she could manage while still trying to act as if she were thirty instead of three).

All the same, Sulu had to laugh when he became suspicious of the quiet that seemed to have taken over the girl's room and opened the door just as Demora asked "Uncle Pavel" if he would care for another cup of tea and Pavel, for his part, nodded as solemnly as if it were Spock himself holding up the teapot.

Pavel looked up at Sulu innocently from his seat on the floor, but Demora fixed him with a scowl. "You're supposed to knock first, you know." She sniffed as Pavel climbed to his feet to greet his friend.