This fic is dedicated to everyone in the Neopets guild 'IZ Thrillers Martian Killers' and everyone I've chatted with over the past 2 days about recent events.  It is especially dedicated to Daz, Penguin-Major Nora, and Invader Ally, who stuck with me through hours of AIM conversations, and put up with all of my senseless ranting.  You guys are wonderful!  Oh, and I don't own anything IZ, Jhonen, or the song 'Those Were the Days'.  The song is the theme song from that old show 'All in the Family'.  Maybe they own it.

K'Rin is sitting at a piano, with the IZ cast and Jhonen gathered around her.

K'Rin:  You guys ready?  Dib, you go first!

She plays the intro to the song "Those Were the Days".

Dib:  (singing)  I was gonna expose Zim.

                        Then experiment on him.

                        Now our future's looking grim.

All:  Those were the days!

Almighty Tallests Red and Purple step forward.

Purple:  (singing)  We were leaders of all Irk.

                            Subjugation was our work.

Red:  (Annoyed because Purple got two verses)  Purple is a stupid jerk!

All:  (singing)  Those were the days!

Purple:  Hey!  I am not a jerk!

Red:  Why'd he get two verses?  No fair.

K'Rin:  Shush!  Gaz, your turn.

Gaz:  If I sing the stupid song, will you GO AWAY?

K'Rin:  Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Now sing!

Gaz:  (singing)  Dib was always bugging me

                        With paranormal idiocy.

                        But now the show is off TV.

All:  (singing)  Those were the days!

Gaz:  (at the same time)  THESE are the days!

Dib:  Very funny.

K'Rin:  All right Zim.  You go now.

Zim:  No.  This is humiliating.  And why don't you have to sing?

K'Rin:  Because.  I'm writing this and I don't want to sing.  And I'm playing the piano.

Zim:  So?  You still can't make me go.

K'Rin:  (grins evilly)  Oh yeah?  Just watch me.  This is my fic.  Don't make me exercise my powers of omnipotence.

Zim:  Pitiful human.  You wouldn—Aaaaaahhh!  Hey!   What are you doing?  I can't control my—(begins to sing) 

I had an amazing plot—Gah!  Stop it!

To conquer this filthy space rock—Crazy author girl!

Humans are a stupid lot—I hate you.

All:  Those were the days!

Zim:  LET ME GO!!

Dib:  You can really control everything he does?

K'Rin:  Of course.

Dib:  Can you make him say that I'm the hero of the show?

K'Rin:  I could…

Zim:  Smelly girl beast!  Unhand me!  You do not understand the powers with which—Hey!  I'm free!

Dib:  What did you let him go for?

K'Rin:  Because I don't wanna get lynched by a mob of disgruntled Zim fans, that's why.

Gir:  My turn!  Me!  Me!

K'Rin:  Okay.  Go ahead Gir.

Gir:  (singing)  Scary Monkey, pig says 'oink'. (looks puzzled for a moment, then brightens up)

                        Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom

                        Doom doom doom—

Almighty Tallests:  We get the point!

All:  Those were the days!

K'Rin turns to Jhonen and bows.

K'Rin:  Your turn to sing a verse, o almighty all-powerful creator of Invader Zim.

Jhonen:  Fine.  But only because I think you're a lunatic and you scare me.

K'Rin:  Whatever works.

Jhonen:  (singing) Brainfreezies and a Gameslave

                           Giant hamsters that Zim made

                           All the writers still got paid!

All:  Those were the daaaaaaays!

There's a pause.

Zim:  I still hate you.

K'Rin:  Oh, shut up.

Wheehee, that was fun to write!  I feel marginally less depressed now.  Hope I made you smile a little too.  Lord knows we need it.  R&R!