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Written by: Cutix_101 (Shan) and -mex.X (Jay)

A/N: Yay! Our first story together! and on fanfic.!

OC #1: Cutix_101 (Shan)

Name: Kairi Mistuki (Younger Sister)

Age: 13

Hair: Silver-white

Eyes: Crystal-Blue

OC #2: -mex.X (Jay) [I'm Jay cuz i uploaded it to my acc....okie?]

Name: Karin Mitsuki (Older Sister)

Age: 15

Hair: Pinkish-orange

Eyes: Copper

A 13 year old Kairi and a 15 Karin in front of there father, Rokusuke Mitsuki.

"Karin, since you reached the age of 15, I have made an arranged marriage for you. I-" Rokusuke started, but got interrupted by Karin.

"Father, I don't want an arranged marriage!" an anger Karin shouted, while Kairi just stood with wide crystal-blue eyes.

"Be quiet, child!," Karin and Kairi flinched "you will not interrupt me, understood?" Rokusuke yelled harshly, then Karin nodded quickly.

"I'm sorry father, I understand." Karin mumbled quietly, looking at her feet. Kairi just stood there, with wide eyes, looking between her father and her sister.

"You are going to be marrying a 14 year old boy, named Atobe Keigo. You will leave America in a week and meet up with Atobe-san in Japan, do you understand me?" Karin looked up with big watery eyes and silently shook here head up and down. Rokusuke nodded once and said that those two were dismissed.

-6 hours later after the flashback-

Kairi was sitting in Karin's room, both were silent, not knowing what to say. Then finally, Kairi decided that that was enough.

"Wow, Japan, huh? It's been awhile since we moved from there to America..." Kairi's voice shook slightly. Karin looked up from playing with the hem of her skirt.

"Yeah, I know..." she replied sounding tired.

'well...she would be, dad trained her personally after the talk...' Kairi thought 'gosh, I can't wait till I get to train with dad by myself' she thought sarcastically.

"You shouldn't have to get married! I mean, your only a child," Kairi suddenly burst out. "It's not fair!" Kairi looked at their sister, tears slowly building up. "You shouldn't have to do-" Kairi couldn't continue, because Karin interrupted her.

"Were going to run away...father already has the tickets to Japan, all we have to do is take them and boom! were in Japan. I was thinking about it, we'll go to Japan and go see Ryou! we'll stay with him, you'll go to school, and i'll work so we could get enough money so we can find our own place to stay!" Karin explained, looking at her sister's face. Kairi's eyes were wide with fear, excitement, and nervousness.

"Are-are you sure? It sounds great, but if dad finds out, we'll be in big trouble!" Kairi said, biting at her fingernails.

"It'll be fine!" Karin said while pulling a suitcase out from under her bed, smirking. "All you need to do is pack, and while your doing that, i'll go and grab the tickets, okay?," Karin said, walking towards the door, "father is out right now, but he'll be back in a few hours, so get started!" Karin's voice could be heard, fading down the hall.

Kairi just sat there and blinked, then cocked her head.

"What?" she said, looking around, finding a note on her lap. She picked it up and read it aloud:

I knew you would do that, so I wrote this

to summarize what you just missed:

Go to your room, and pack, then

meet me in front of the house, were

running away!

-Karin 3

Kairi put down the note, blushed and pouted. Kairi then got up and ran to her room, packed and met up with Karin, who in turn gave her a ticket.

"You sure about this? Does Ryou know were coming? Will his parents get mad? Will they even let us stay with them!?" Kairi gasped, "What if they don't? Where will we stay? Are we going to be homeless? What about-"

"Calm down Kairi!" Karin yelled, shaking her sister, "to answer your questions...yes, no, not sure, dunno, no idea, and uhhh..no idea..." Karin said, sounding slightly confused. Then she shook her head, "Anyways! let's get going!" Karin shouted, dragging Kairi off into the distance...

-4-6 hours later-

"-and that's why you should never, ever, ever, ever, ride a plain!" some guy named 'idiot' said, giving a full lecture too the two sisters that got off the plain with him.

"GAH!! For the last time, you baka, we don't care about why you shouldn't ride a plain!! It's the buses you should be worrying about!" Karin said, while Kairi laughed, remembering the times her and her sister spent on a bus.

"Good times!" Kairi yelled, making Karin laugh also.

-After an hour of walking around...-

Kairi sighed.

"Butter-chan(Karin's nickname), why don't we go buy a map or something?..." Kairi whined, shouldering her bag full of clothes and other crap.

"Because, lucky charms(Kairi's nickname), were too good for maps!," Karin said, smirking. Karin stopped walking and stretched, she went to yawn, but stopped halfway, "hey! I think I know this place!," Karin said, blinking, she squinted, "it's so hard too remember, we mover when I was, like, four years old..." Karin gasped.

"I knew it! Lucky charms! Were near Ryou's School!" Karin said, dancing around, getting looks from passerby-ers...Kairi perked up, "Really? YAY!!!" She yelled, dancing along with her sister, not a care in the world about the looks they were getting.

"This way!" Karin yelled, pointing off in the north. Kairi and Karin started running. They were running for three minutes until a giant school came into view.

"Is this it?" Kairi said, looking at her big sister. Karin looked down at Kairi and nodded, then her eyes narrowed looking back at the big expensive looking school.

"Damn rich people..." She muttered, Kairi smacked her upside the head. "Itai!" Karin yelled, rubbing her sore head.

"We have to find the courts, Shi-chan(Ryou Shishido = Shi-chan) will be there." Kairi said. Karin nodded, grabbing the nearest person that was walking by her in the big court yard in front of the big school.

"Oi! Where is the boys tennis club?" Karin demanded, eyes serious. "It-it's over there!" the guy stuttered, pointing behind the school. Karin let him go and she watched him run off, "Good man." she mumbled more to herself than him, since he couldn't hear her. Karin started walking to the back of the school with Kairi following along beside her. Soon enough, the two runaway sisters found themselves nearing the tennis courts as promised by the random boy giving directions.

Kairi pouted, "I haven't seen Ryou in such a long time, I forgot what he looks like..." she said, crossing her arms. Karin's eyes widened, "Really? wow..." Karin said. Karin looking at the mob of sweaty tennis playing boys, "Target spotted, captain, awaiting orders to capture..." Karin said, pretending as though she was in a war. Kairi giggled, "Capture target." Kairi said, trying to stifle her giggling.

"Yes, Sir! -er, Ma'am!" Karin said, shooting her 'captain' a quick grin. She jumped over the fence, and ran down the bleachers. Some boys took notice of this and shouted things like, "Is she crazy?" or "Who is that?" or "What the hell is happening???". Kairi laughed at her sister and started running to the real entrance just in time to see her sister jump on some boy, who had short messy-cut hair and was wearing a cap.
"Target Captured, Ma'am!" Karin yelled, arm around the 'Target'. Kairi walked up to her and patted Karin on the shoulder, "Good job, rookie!" She said, giving a small smile.

"Ma'am yes ma'am!" Karin shouted, saluting. Shishido Ryou's eyes widened.

"Karin! Kairi! What are you two doing here?-" Shishido was stopped because he saw Karin staring at something...or someone..

"Hiyoshi!!!! DIE!!!!!" Karin suddenly shouted, charging at that dirty blond haired boy, throwing various punches and kicks. Hiyoshi dodged and threw some punches of his own, kicking each other and making the other bleed.

Suddenly, while Karin and Hiyoshi were fighting, a loud snap rang through the air, causing Karin to trip on her shoelace and do a face plant on the ground, might I add in such and un-cool way.

"Itai! My nose!!!" She said, her voice sounding muffled cause of her hands holding her nose.

Hiyoshi looked at her and smirked, causing Karin to blush and look away.

"Atobe-buchou! We're sorry!" some random freshman boy yelled, bowing. Karin and Kairi froze.

Kairi looked over at her sister on the ground,who looked back at her. Karin then got up and Kairi came to stand beside her.

"Are you Atobe Keigo?" Kairi questioned. Karin looked between the two.

"Ore-sama is ore-sama." Atobe smirked, whipping his silvery purple hair out of his face.

Kairi's eye twitched.

"Who is this pathetic girl anyways?" Atobe questioned, pointing at Kairi.

Karin's eye twitched.

"SHE'S NOT A PATHETIC GIRL!!!!" Karin shouted then she turned towards the rest of the crowd, "AND ANYONE WHO EVEN THINKS OF MY SISTER WILL FEEL MY WRATH!!!!" Karin yelled, sending shivers through everyone's body, 'cept Shishido and Kairi, who just sweat dropped. Shishido sighed and grabbed Karin's arm and pulled here closer to him and Kairi, forming a triangle.

"In other news," he started sarcastically, "Mom said you'd be here sometime next week, though she never gave me a reason...and she bought me a suit...dunno what for though...is someone getting married or something??" He said all to quickly. Karin and Kairi's eyes widened, then Kairi smirked.

"Yeah, Karin over here is getting married to that thing over there!" Kairi said, pointing at Karin, then at Atobe. Atobe's eyes widened.

"What!? This isn't possible! I would have known if I was getting married! and my-" Atobe was interrupted, "-and your father would have told you?," Karin finished for Atobe, "well, my father told me, hence my sister's and I being here," She turned to Ryou and whispered, "-cuz we ran away-" then faced Atobe again and spoke her normal voice, "and your father never told you because he said to my father that you would react this way, and my father told us this, so now you know..." Karin finished, she scratched her head, "well, at least I think you know...or...no...wait, your dad said to our dad that you- no no no. We told him, err...no..wait...I-uhhh...I......yeah...?" Karin looked really confused now. Kairi face palmed and cleared her throat,

"So, to sum it up, basically, onee-chan was to marry you, Atobe Keigo, in one week from today, but she doesn't want to, so now we're here, in Japan."

Everyone in the court was staring at the two sisters, Shishido, and Atobe. Atobe scoffed, "I don't need to marry anyone! and my father would have told me even if I was to marry someone." he said, ever though he sounded unsure of himself.

"You sure?" Karin said, sounding serious, but then the tension went away as she smiled and turned to Shishido.

"Poptart!(another nickname for Shishido!) It's been forever!! Kairi and I missed you! Did ya miss us!?" Karin said, hugging 'poptart', Kairi following suit. Shishido blinked.


"Mou, your so mean Ryou!" Kairi shouted, smacking Ryou upside the head. Ryou grunted and rubbed his sore spot.

"WELL? Did you miss us or not?!" Kairi and Karin shouted at the same time.

"...Yes, I missed you guys..." Shishido grumbled, blushing slightly because of all his teammates were watching. Kairi leaned in slightly,

"Shouldn't we introduce ourselves already??" she said, looking at Karin. Karin nodded and looked at Shishido, "Ne~ Shi-chan?" Karin said, grinning. Shishido frowned and blushed some more, "Don't call me that!" he shouted, pulling his cap down. Kairi smirked at him, "we'll call you what ever we want!" She said laughing at his expense. Karin then turned to everyone else,

"Hello! I am Karin Mitsuki, and this is my sister, Kairi Mitsuki-," when Kairi heard her name called, she smiled and waved, "-and we originally hale from here, Japan, but mover to America when we were both very young. Poptart here-," points at Shishido, "-is our cousin and-," Karin choose to ignore the 'Don't call me that' in the background, "-we came to live with him and his parents!" Karin finished, looking at everyone.

"Ryou, we don't know your friends names yet!" Kairi said, elbowing Shishido in the ribs. Shishido sighed and began speaking, "This is Ootari Choutarou," Shishido said, pointing at a silvery haired boy, who was taller then Shishido, "Gakuto Mukahi and Oshitari Yuushi," he said, pointing at a small red head and a medium height midnight blue haired boy wearing glasses, "and Taki," he pointed to a hunny brown haired boy, who scowled at Shishido, "and you already know Atobe and strangely Hiyoshi..." Shishido looked around and he frowned, "where's Kabaji and Jirou?" he asked Gakuto.

"I think I saw Kabaji leave to go find Jirou...i'm not sure though..." the red haired boy replied.

"So, how old are you guys?"

"I'm 14" Oshitari said, pushing up his glasses.

"I am 13" the silver haired boy known as Ootari said.

"I'm 14!" Gakuto said, grinning.

"....,13" Hiyoshi mumbled, "But you should already know that..." he choose to ignore the 'and you should know my age as well from Karin.'.

"13" Taki said, smiling slightly.

"Of coarse you know how old I am.." Shishido said.

"And Ore-sama is 14." Atobe said, smirking and putting a hand on his hip. Kairi looked at him, "Seriously!?" she said, eyes wide with humor.

"Of coarse!" Atobe said, flipping his hair back. Kairi laughed and turned to her sister, "Ne, Karin! you would have married a 14 year old!?!!" Kairi shouted, laughing some more. Karin pouted.

Everyone there blinked, except Shishido, Karin and Kairi, and Hiyoshi.

"Th-then how old are you?" Atobe said, getting a better look at Karin, she looked either his age, or younger...

"I'm 15." Karin said, crossing her arms, smirking.

"Ehhh?" Gakuto said, seemingly surprised. Karin just smiled and nodded, confirming it.

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