Secrets Sworn by Blood - Christmas Special!!!

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Karin reached up and fell forward.

"Itai!," Karin cursed, "damn long arse tree, can't even put the damn star on top of it..." Karin grumbled. Kairi sighed and looked up from her book, er manga, er...doujinshi manga...yea. "What's wrong onee-chan?" Kairi said, putting down her main joy in life, yaoi. Karin stood and rubbed her sore nose.

"I can't get this damn star on top of the 500 foot tree!! That's what's wrong!" Karin yelled, waving her fist at the tree. Kairi just rolled her eyes.

"That tree isn't 500 feet," Kairi said, walking up to her sister and looking at the tree than to the ladder, then back at the tree, "more like 50..." she added, whispering then groaning.

Karin huffed, "I heard that! anyways, you have to help me with this, I want to surprise Auntie, Uncle, and Ryou since they have put up with you, I mean, us...ehehehheh...hi!" Karin said, grinning.

Kairi glared.

"It's not like i'm the only one who causes trouble around here, onee-chan, remember two days ago...?" Kairi said, smirking slightly. Karin shot up and turned towards Kairi, forgetting all about pulling the little fake pine tree twigs out of her hair. Karin's eyes narrowed.

"You wouldn't dare say that incedent aloud..." Karin said through clenched teeth.

Kairi smrik grew.

"Oh, I would..." Kairi now looked like the Devil, just in a cute little girls innocent body. Karin glared harded. Then Karin smiled. Kairi wasn't expecting this, so her smirk..thing..faultered.

"What are you smiling for?" Kairi asked, looking her sister closely.

"Oh, nothing..nothing at all. Just that I can accadently let it slip that you did this on someone's birthday...*cough* Fuji's...*cough, cough* Excuse me, I must be coming down with a cold..." Karin said, smiling.

Kairi's eyes widened.

"You wouldn't..." she declared slowly. Karin looked at her innocently, "Huh, deja vu, much?" Karin asked, thinking about the very situation Kairi had her in earlyer, not even 5 minutes ago.

"Gah! Whatever! Just who the hell cares what happened before? it's in the past! I just want to do something nice for the people who took us in, damnit! You going to help me or not?" Karin yelled, sounding tired of fighting.

"Sure. That was getting kind of boring anyways.." Kairi agreed, walking over to Karin, and they resumed their position, looking up at the big-a$$ tree.

" are we going to do this?" Kairi pondered.


Shan: Jayme, who the HELL uses pondered??? That's soooooooo old!!

Jay: Wha? Well..I just thought that..I...uhhh...I...yeah.......shut up!!...

Shan: *snorts* Well, fine, whatever floats your boat.

Jay: heh heh heh, BOAT!!! XDD Resuming special!)

"Uhm, I'm not about won't work..well, it would..but then, they might come"

"Just spit it out!" Kairi yelled, getting impatient. Karin quickly spit out her gum into the palm of Kairi's hand. Kairi twitched.

"Not you gum...your thought..." Kairi said through clenched teeth, throwing the chewed gum out the open window.

"Oh!...uhm, well, I had this idea where I give you a boost and you put the star on top of the tree...but then I started worring about the Shishdo's walking in and finding us doing this...I just don't want to get in trouble..." Karin said, walking up to the window and taking a look, making sure the people their staying with isn't in radius.

"Okay! Great idea! Now, give me a boost!" Kairi said, walking Karin towards the tree, and away from the window, grabbing the star on the way.

"Ah..ah, uhh, okie dokie then...!" Karin said, she then climbed upon the ladder to the top and Kairi following behind her, holding the star. Kairi climbed on her sisters back and then on top of Karin's shoulders.

"Careful, lucky charms!" Karin said, looking at her sister, who was standing on her shoulders, Kairi looked down at her sister, "Can you pass me the star, onee-chan?" Kairi asked, her hand reaching down, but paying attention to the top of the tree.

"Kay!" Karin said, passing the star to Kairi. Kairi reached for the star and grabbed it, she then reached up to put it on the top, when...

Ryou and the rest of Hyoutei came walking in.

"AHHHH!!!!" Karin and Kairi yelled.

"AHHHHHHH!" Ryou yelled.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Gakuto screamed.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Choutarou screamed.

"AHH!!!" Atobe yelled.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Oshitari yelled.


"Usu!" Kabaji usu'd

."AHHHHH!!" Kairi screamed again.

"WHY ARE WE SCREAMING AND YELLING???!!" Karin yelled, looking at everyone, then she looked at Jirou, who was (amazingly) still fast asleep.

"Yay! Jir-WHOA!!!! Karin yelled, miss stepping on the ladder and falling down the 50 foot ladder, Kairi falling right behind her clumsy sister.

"!~~" The two screamed.


Kairi and Karin landed on the floor in a heap. Karin blocked Kairi's fall with her body...

"Pain..." Karin mumbled, pushing Kairi off her. "I think I broke every bone in my body, thanks to Kairi..." she added. Kairi twitched one of her fingers as an apology, to which Karin replied with a weird twitch of her head.

"Oww...." both of them said.

-4 hours later-

"It's pretty sad that you two have to spend Christmas in a non-cheery hospital..." Ryou said, scratching the back of his head, since hats are not aloud in patients rooms.

"Shut up.." Kairi started, "Ryou..." Karin finished.

And so the two run away sisters, Karin and Kairi, were to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks, due to injuries sustained by falling off a 50 foot ladder...

Everyone of their friends and family came to visit them everyday.

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