Disclaimer: All characters in Naruto belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Title: Obsessive
Summary: "It's a similar jutsu to the one I usually use. You know, the one where my skin changes color and I look totally bad ass? You must've heard about it before. It's like that, except you only feel the pain." Hidan x Sakura twoshot.
Time-Period: Not really sure. I'm not caught up with the manga, and a lot of characters and things have already been killed of... Well, I'm sure it will be easy to figure out. Time-period isn't that big of a deal here, anyways.

For: SpeedDemon315's contest.
Pairing: Hidan x Sakura
Theme: Ardor - intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm; zeal

I had made an entry for Vesper chan's contest, with the pairing AkatSaku, but a couple of reviewers had asked why Hidan wasn't in it. In all honesty, I just forgot about him. To make up for it, I figured he could have his own fic. (;

I hope anybody who actually reads this enjoys the story!

He was presumed dead yet here he was, gracing her with his presence.

Dumbfounded, Sakura analyzed the young man before her. She glanced back down at her worn out, outdated bingo book and matched the description. Everything, from his necklace, to the intimidating three bladed scythe he was carrying, was described in the book. His white hair was slicked back, and once he noticed her gawking, his violet eyes narrowed dangerously at her.

"What the fuck are you staring at, bitch?"

Instantaneously, Sakura was flush against him with her kunai held right up against his jugular, ready to plunge the weapon deep within his neck at any second.

"Go ahead. Do it, I fucking dare you."

At first, Sakura had doubts that this man, who she never personally met, was Hidan. He fit the description in the bingo books perfectly, except there were two problems. The minor issue was that he wasn't wearing the Akatsuki cloak, something she assumed was mandatory for all members, considering she had never seen any Akatsuki without it. The major problem, however, was that this man was supposed to be dead.

Well, buried beneath rubble in the Nara forest.

At the gruesome thought, Sakura grimaced. How had he escaped, let alone survive? He must have been suffocated from being underneath tons of dirt and rocks.

"What are you doing on Fire Nation territory, Akatsuki?" She demanded, attempting to sound as threatening as possible. Inwardly, she was recalling what had occurred the day when Hidan here was supposedly killed. The bingo book she owned was an old copy she had managed to find at the bottom of her pack, and it didn't say much except for his appearance.

"Akatsuki? Fuck that. I haven't been part of that bullshit organization for years, you dumb bitch. Now, piss off before I..." He trailed off, eying Sakura's form. With a lick of his lips, he continued, "Hey, you know what? You'd make a fucking great sacrifice. I haven't been able to find anybody worthy for a while, now."

Sakura's eyes widened as his statement triggered recollection of information Shikamaru and Tsunade had told her. He had been a Jashinist, and even worse- immortal. She promptly jumped back, barely missing the swipe aimed directly for her neck. She couldn't, at all costs, allow him to possess any of her blood. If that were to happen, she would die an agonizingly slow, and not to mention painful death, which was something she definitely wanted to avoid if possible.

"You're a fast one." Hidan grinned in an almost predatory fashion. Sakura considered fleeing, seeing as how he would have a hard time catching up to him with a huge scythe to carry, but even with the large weapon, he was unusually fast. With that out of the question, Sakura readied herself for the next attack he would throw, despite how hopeless her efforts seemed at the moment.

"Shit." Sakura cursed, a bad habit she picked up from having spent too much time with Naruto. Sure, she may have been able to defeat an Akatsuki member once, but she had received help from elder Chiyo, who actually knew how to handle the opponent at the time. She had grown stronger since then, training with various people so that she could become a more well-rounded nin. She couldn't always rely on her massive strength, or medical jutsu, which had been taught to her from Tsunade.

"Whoa, whoa! Such crude language coming from a prissy little thing." Hidan mocked, running towards her with his arm raised. Sakura dodged the next swipes made at her, making hand signs for an earth-based attack. Large walls of rock surrounded Hidan before she used a water jutsu to cause the towers to collapse on him. He would be very pissed off with her, having being buried twice, now.

Sakura sighed, knowing it would take him at least twenty minutes to get out of the rubble. It was just enough time to escape and find the nearest village. She needed to get in contact with Konoha as soon as possible. Urgently, she started running in the direction of the last village she had been to, enhancing her legs with minuscule amounts of chakra in order to speed up.

Her heart raced as she ran through the tree tops- this man was dangerous. He was an S-Class criminal whose abilities made it so he could easily defeat her, considering her strongest fighting techniques were close-range and of healing. Even if she could heal her wounds, she would only be subject to more with that strange jutsu he used. And because she couldn't possibly risk being too close, her chakra-filled punches won't affect him at all if she couldn't get near enough to hit him in the first place.

She may be the head of the hospital, and nearly at an ANBU rank, but even that wasn't enough for someone like Hidan. She frowned, disappointed. Hours of training with her friends, focusing on fighting techniques varying from taijutsu, weaponry, genjutsu, and to elemental ninjutsu- all of it would be wasted if she got herself killed now. She clenched her teeth at the thought, and feelings of determination grew.

Death was not an option.

She would make use of her training if she was forced to oppose against him once again. She had decent skill in all areas, however her main style of fighting had stuck with her since the beginning of her apprenticeship with Tsunade. It was ingrained into her head, a reflex action to an extent. If she had been ambushed, the first thing she would do would be to summon chakra into her fist and smash either the ground or her pursuer.

Suddenly Sakura found herself against a tree, immobilized by a hand wrapped tightly around her throat. She swore at herself mentally, berating herself on how much of an idiot she was for being so distracted. She should have been paying more attention.

"Hello kunoichi. Where are you going in such a hurry?" The man exclaimed, bringing his face closer to inspect Sakura, who merely twitched in irritation. "... What's this? A leaf headband? You know, girlie, one of my comrades were killed by a leaf nin."

When he moved to punch her, Sakura caught his fist, squeezing until she heard his bones crack. The man cried out in agony, and with his uninjured arm, threw another punch at Sakura, who only kicked him off the tree branch they were standing on. He crumbled to the ground, writhing in pain.

"Pathetic." Sakura muttered as she rubbed her sore throat, but before she could leave the area, at least fifteen more men appeared. Judging by the glares she was receiving, they were all associated with the man she had just defeated. She swore once again, this time out of impatience. She needed to reach her destination but these amateur rogue-nin were getting in her way.

"I don't have time for this." She murmured, creating two shadow clones- a technique taught by Naruto- and prepared to attack. The men surrounding her laughed, confident they would win the battle. In an instant, five nin who had started to approach her were lying on the ground, unconscious.

Infuriated, a few men standing along treetops sent various weapons raining down upon Sakura, who dodged each kunai and shuriken thrown at her. During her movements, she managed to knock out a couple more nin. She furrowed her eyebrows in concentration. In all honesty, it was more difficult trying to spare their lives by surging chakra through certain pressure points than to maim or kill them. There was no real need to hurt these men and give them permanent injuries, she just needed to ensure that they would stop following her.

She had thought of the possibilities. Leaving an extra shadow clone would suffice for possibly an hour or so, but they would eventually find her trail once again. Casting a genjutsu would use too much chakra, and running off to set up traps was much too time-consuming.

"Dammit." One of the men cursed. She glanced at her surroundings, noting that there were only about ten men left. Her clone headed for the men on the treetops, while she knocked out the ones on the ground. Inwardly, she was extremely glad she had decided to further her knowledge of chakra points by going to Hinata and Neji, both experts in chakra flow due to their Byakugan. Knocking somebody out with literally just a tap came in handy when she was in a rush.

As she cleaned up the area, she suddenly found herself immobile once again, except with a three bladed scythe quite close against her neck. Once again, she had been inattentive, and now she had to deal with the consequences, as unfortunate as they may have been.

"Guess who's back, bitch?"

Dread washed over her, but she refused to show even a minuscule amount of fear.

"Akatsuki." Sakura hissed, showing her displeasure at having to see him again so soon. How had he dug his way out so fast? The towers she had created were gigantic!

"For a jounin level kunoichi who beat an entire group of jounin level rogue-nin like it was nothing, you're pretty fucking stupid." He jeered. With a roll of his eyes, he decided to repeat his earlier statement, "I told you before, I'm not associated with those fuckers anymore."

"Yeah right." Sakura replied. Despite her complete stillness and confident voice, she wanted nothing more than to just run. Holding her captive at the moment was a man notorious for brutally and unmercifully torturing Asuma-sensei to death. Konoha nin may be known for their strength, and their will of fire, but Sakura wasn't stupid, she knew when it was time to retreat.

"No, seriously. I've devoted myself completely to Jashin. You will, too, you know." Hidan declared. Before Sakura could question him, he continued, "After the tower collapsed on me- that fucking hurt, by the way- Jashin gave me a revelation. He wants you to be a loyal disciple, like me."

Sakura stared up at him with disbelief written across her face.

"So that's what you're here for? To convert me into your religion?" Sakura asked, skeptically. Sneering, she added, "If that's the case, why is it that you have your scythe pressed against my throat?"

"Are you fucking stupid? Now that Jashin has called on me to convert you, I can't kill you unless I want to be damned into an eternity of hell." He answered, as if it was the most obvious thing. "It was the only goddamn way I could get you to stay still and fucking listen to me. All you Konoha fucks are so damn stubborn."

"Prove it." Sakura demanded, still wary of him. With this, Hidan removed the scythe from its imposing position and threw it at her. Despite her fast reflexes, Sakura caught the weapon clumsily, stumbling back a couple feet before fully coming to her senses. She fought the urge to gawk at him and instead muttered, "This doesn't mean anything."

"What more do you want, you greedy bitch?" Hidan demanded, arms crossed in front of his chest.

With Hidan's weapon in her palm, Sakura decided it couldn't hurt to test her luck a little further with a simple request, "I'd like it if you'd leave me alone."

"Fuck you. I know exactly what you're trying to do." He growled, stepping towards Sakura. Swallowing nervously, Sakura stood her ground, refusing the urge to take a step back to further the distance between her and the highly intimidating man. "I'm going to be following you until you convert."

"What?!" Sakura sputtered, incredulously. Then, with a more smug tone, exclaimed, "You won't last a second in Konoha."

"I'm fucking immortal, remember? Jashin!" He exclaimed, exasperatedly. "Do I have to repeat every damn thing I say?"

"If you're trying to persuade me into joining your religion, you're doing a terrible job. Insulting me and calling me crude names aren't going to make me want to join." Sakura stated, her brows furrowed in irritation.

"Okay, Sakura, I am going to follow you until you start fucking worshiping Jashin!" Hidan repeated, sounding determined. Sakura's eyes widened in surprise, this guy wasn't joking around. He was dead serious about converting her to Jashinism.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm going to leave. Now." Sakura said, summoning chakra into her arm. She was going to throw the scythe as far as she could, and while Hidan was busy retrieving his weapon, she would use his distraction as an escape.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk."

In an instant, Hidan was beside her, a kunai that had been hidden in his sleeves now up against her throat. Sakura swallowed nervously- he may not kill her, but apparently there was nothing wrong in harming her. He dragged the weapon down the side of her throat with enough pressure to make Sakura wince with discomfort. A bead of blood dripped out on Hidan's finger, and he grinned mischievously.

Sakura lunged at him, desperately reaching out to wipe the drop of blood on his finger. Before she could reach him, however, he had already swallowed the liquid. He muttered some words and quickly made the hand signs needed for the jutsu he was executing. Once finished, he chuckled.

"Now you're bound to me." He stated, smirking. Sakura blanched. "It's a similar jutsu to the one I usually use. You know, the one where my skin changes color and I look totally bad ass? You must've heard about it before."

Sakura resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his gloating. Now was not the time to brag about his abilities! Impatience and frustration bubbled up inside of her.

"It's like that, except you only feel the pain."

"You- you- you bastard!" Sakura yelled, indignantly. Her eyes clouded with fury as she quickly composed herself from the shock. "How dare you?"

Hidan merely shrugged, smirking at the quaking woman before him. She was so angry that her face had become darker than her own candy colored hair. His lack of a response only enraged her further, and she childishly stomped her foot, leaving a small crater.

Determined to get a reaction out of him, Sakura threatened, "Well, I'm going contact the Hokage whether you like it or not-"

"That's fucking lovely. I don't really care what the hell you do. I'll just have you know that whatever hurts me, hurts you." Hidan replied, smugly. Sakura's clouded eyes started brimming with tears, distressed by the unfortunate circumstances. Not wanting him to see her cry, Sakura briskly walked away.

"Hey, bitch! Where do you think you're going?" Hidan called out, trailing behind her. Sakura refused to acknowledge him, instead choosing to continue walking towards the closest village.

"Why are you being such a pussy about this? I'm not that fucking bad." Hidan stated, swinging an arm over Sakura's shoulders. Reflexively, Sakura elbowed him in the gut, effectively knocking the breath out of both of them. Sakura quickly composed herself, disheartened that he was being truly honest, after all.

"I told you." Hidan coughed. "You're going to feel all the pain I feel."

Tears of frustration were wiped away, but Sakura remained as bitter as ever.

"Fine, fine! If this is how it's going to be, you better answer my questions. All of them." Sakura demanded, a venomous edge to her voice. Hidan didn't seem fazed in the slightest, and found himself smirking at the confident woman before him.

"You shouldn't be the one ordering me around, bitch. I'm the one pulling the strings, here." He replied, lifting her chin up with a finger. Sakura glared defiantly at him, but made no move to remove the offending finger. "But I like your attitude. It's actually kinda fucking hot."

"Don't even think of trying anything!" Sakura warned, swatting his hand away. She turned away and advanced towards the village once again, trying desperately to hide her face, which was now red for an entirely different reason. Allowing him to see her unexpected blush was completely unacceptable.

"Oh, c'mon! I know you can't resist my charms."

Sakura rolled her eyes at the arrogant comment, choosing to disregard it and instead, proceed to interrogate him. "First of all, how did you escape?"

Hidan caught up with her easily, walking alongside her instead of behind. "I had to fucking eat my way to my body. It took me fucking weeks! You don't even know how fucking hard it is to move under all that damn dirt!"

Sakura threw him a skeptical glance, wondering if he was really telling the truth. It would have been near impossible to even move under that much pressure- but then again, this guy was part of the Akatsuki. He had to be an exceptional ninja in order to be accepted into the organization. She sighed- it seemed plausible enough, if he had moved little by little, and if his body was close enough to reach. The tongue was, after all, the strongest muscle in the body.

"Okay, fine. I'll believe you. Now, what are the plans of the Akatsuki?" Sakura inquired. At the time of Hidan's defeat, the Akatsuki were still pursuing Naruto and the other demons they hadn't caught yet. During the six years that Hidan was believed to be immobile, the Akatsuki had managed to capture the rest of the demons other than Kyuubi.

However, they have remained hidden since the last capture, which was about two years ago, and were laying low, which confused Sakura greatly considering it was known fact that there was a time limit to capturing all nine demons.

"You better be fucking joking." Hidan replied, fiercely glaring at her. "This is the last time I'm going to fucking say it. I'm not part of the Akatsuki, you dumb bitch! Shit. Is there anything that gets through your thick fucking skull?"

Sakura rolled her eyes once again, something she seemed to do a lot more often lately. "Whatever. What are your plans after you convert me?"

"I don't know. I'm fucking immortal. I can do whatever the fuck I want." Hidan answered, and Sakura sighed. Talking to this guy was absolutely useless.

As the two continued to walk, Sakura let Hidan explain to her all the positive and negative points of following Jashin. There was lots of pain involved, and Sakura shuddered as he described, in perfect detail, the many times he had made sacrifices and rituals. However, the immortality and regeneration abilities were very appealing, especially to one whose job focused on allowing their patient to continue living for as long as possible.

"... And whatever age you converted, that's what you're going to look like for the rest of your- hey what the fuck is that?" Hidan exclaimed, pointing his scythe towards some bushes. Sakura cautiously neared the area, peeking over the bushes to see what it was. To her surprise, she found a wounded animal. More specifically, a wolf.

"Ah, shit. Look at that. It's fucking dying." Hidan pointed out. "Put it out of its misery and fucking kill it already."

"What? No! I'm going to heal it." Sakura replied, refusing his suggestion. "I'm sure it wants to live."

"Why the fuck would you do that? It's just going to get itself hurt again." Hidan countered. "You're only going to put it through more pain, you know that? I thought Konoha pussies were merciful."

"You don't know that." Sakura argued, as she slowly reached out for the animal. Scared and confused, the wolf snarled at her, snapping its jaws at her hand and giving her a nasty cut. Sakura flinched and pulled her hand back, glaring at the growling wolf. As she healed her hand, Hidan chuckled.

"I bet you're just going to get up and walk away now, you selfish bitch. It was only acting on instinct, you know. No reason to get so fucking mad."

"I know that! And I wasn't planning on leaving in the first place." Sakura snapped back, casting a non-harmful genjutsu to quickly subdue the wolf. Once it was unconscious, Sakura started healing. She couldn't help but be surprised that Hidan was even slightly understanding, and a new sense of respect for him was formed, even if it was only a little.

Once she was finished, she stepped back and released the genjutsu, causing the wolf to come back to its senses. She watched as it slowly got up, analyzing itself for the wounds that were there only a moment before. When the animal found none, it looked up at Sakura and locked eyes for a moment, as if trying to express its gratitude, before running into the forest.

"... Well, that was a big fucking waste of time." Hidan announced.

"No, it wasn't! I just helped-"

"And apparently a big fucking waste of chakra, too. You look exhausted. Way to go, dumbass, we still have a long way to go." Hidan interrupted, watching as Sakura stumbled forward before catching herself. He growled, impatiently. He was getting hungry, dammit, and the village probably was still a few hours away.

"I'm just a little dizzy from using all that chakra healing the wolf. The wound was a lot more complicated than it looked, okay? I'll be fine in a couple of minutes." Sakura countered, leaning her back on a tree.

After a moment of silence, Hidan groaned. "This is fucking stupid. Just get on my back. I'll fucking carry you to the next village as long as we don't have to stay in this shitty forest any longer than we have to."

"No." Sakura refused.

"Too bad you don't have a goddamn choice." Hidan replied, walking toward her. Sakura swung a fist at him, but Hidan easily caught it, tutting at her. "Have you forgotten already?"

Sakura stared at him in confusion, before realization struck. "Oh."

"You really are a dumbass." He muttered, rolling his eyes. The gesture caused her anger to flare up, but before she could snap back at him, Hidan had managed to heave her over his shoulder.

"Put me down. Now." Sakura demanded angrily, pounding his back with closed fists. In a couple of seconds, she started groaning in pain. Hidan merely laughed at her misfortune. With her back killing her, and her tiredness taking over, she decided to stop resisting his efforts.

Shyly, Sakura piped up, "Is the piggyback offer still up? Your shoulder is really uncomfortable."

"Yeah, fine." Hidan grunted, letting her down. He allowed her to climb onto his back. "My shoulder would've started hurting with such a heavy weight, anyways."

"Shut up." Sakura muttered, placing her head on his shoulder and letting her arms droop in front of his chest before allowing her exhaustion to take over.

A minuscule smile found its way on Hidan's once scowling face as she fell soundly asleep. As he started walking, he took a quick glance at her slumbering form, noting how delicate she seemed despite the massive strength he knew that she contained within that surprisingly small frame of hers.

She was unbelievably loyal to Konoha and her friends. It was only a matter of time before he would convince her to transfer that devotion to Jashin, much like himself.

The idea of having another Jashinist- and such a fine-looking one at that- for, well, forever, working at his side, pleased him greatly. Her explosive temper was much more interesting to deal with than traveling around by himself, anyways. Besides, her spaz attacks would never even come close to Kakuzu's. That money-hoarding fucker.

Jashin had definitely chosen well.

Hours later, Sakura awoke with an aching back. Groaning, she sat up on the bed she was currently occupying, wondering exactly how she had even got there. Her mind, still fogged from sleep, kept her from being able to organize her thoughts and memories from the last day.

"Have a nice sleep?"

Sakura jumped slightly, surprised. She immediately turned to the source of the voice, and once laying her eyes on the silver-headed man, the memories quickly came tumbling back into her head.

"Where are we?" She demanded, ignoring his earlier question.

"Relax. You don't need to be so fucking uptight." Hidan stated, earning a hard glare from Sakura. "We're in a village just a day's travel from Konoha. While you were busy with your beauty sleep- and I see it hasn't done much- I was being useful and I asked around."

Sakura, deciding it was best to ignore the jabs at her appearance, got up and headed towards the bathroom. "Whatever. I'm going to take a shower."

"... Can I join?" Hidan asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"What?!" She sputtered. "No!"

And with that, she slammed the door, leaving Hidan to smirk to himself. Working her up was so damn hilarious. With the smirk still plastered on his face, he planned on riling up the kunoichi more often in the future.

As Sakura took her time in the shower, Hidan bit his finger and started preparing for his painful ritual. He drew the circle on the ground, a few well-placed lines, and symbols distributed in equal lengths around the circle. Once finished, he prayed, and utilized a jutsu that caused his pale skin to change into an eerie skeleton design. Laying himself down, he reached over for one of Sakura's kunai.

As he stared at the weapon in his hand, he mentally counted to three before he took a breath and plunged the weapon deep into his stomach. As soon as his nerves reacted and the pain washed over him, a blood curdling scream was heard coming from the bathroom.

"Son of a bitch!" Hidan proclaimed as realization dawned upon him. This time it was he who had forgotten the jutsu placed on Sakura. He took the kunai out, sending another wave of pain through his body. In all honesty, it was more like a dull ache, but he wasn't sure if he had simply become accustomed to so much pain over the years, or if it was lessened from being a Jashinist. Sakura, however, was still prone to the intense, physical suffering, and he heard a strangled cry as soon as the kunai was pulled out of his system.

He quickly got up and headed to the washroom, forcing open the locked door with ease. Her silhouette behind the shower curtain was hunched over, and if the noises she was making were any sign, she was throwing up.

"Shit, Sakura, I completely-"

"What the fuck was that, Hidan?" She croaked, still shaken up from the unexpected and severe pain she had just experienced. Sure, she had gone through worse- shattered bones, ruptured veins- but they had all been expected, all been soothed instantly with healing chakra. But the sudden pain wasn't due to an injury, so chakra had no effect whatsoever.

"I was in the middle of one of my rituals." He answered, standing in front of the shower uncomfortably.

"Can't you release the jutsu first?" Sakura coughed. Hidan stood there and contemplated for a moment. So far, his current way of persuasion was not working well for him, at all. He needed her to come to Jashin willingly, so direct threats were of no use. He had tried giving her a list of pros and cons, and for a few minutes it seemed as if she was actually considering, but unfortunately for him, she refused to relent to the temptation that was eternal life and infinite healing abilities.

"No, not until you finally decide to convert." Direct threats were useless, but it couldn't hurt to shove her in the right direction.

"What?" She asked, incredulous, her voice shaky. Hidan didn't have to see her to know that her frustration and anger were starting to leak out of her eyes. "So while you're doing whatever the hell it is you do in the ritual, I'm going to be feeling every single thing?"

"Yeah." Hidan replied, shrugging. She would have to get used to the pain eventually, right? It was better for her to start early.

There was a moment of silence where Hidan was sure Sakura had lost all hope and was ready to accept her fate, but once again, she managed to surprise him.

"No. I refuse. Before you start a ritual, I'm giving you some anesthetic." She exclaimed, turning off the shower before reaching out to grab a towel that hung close by. She slid the curtain to one side and stepped out, stumbling slightly. "Lots and lots of anesthetics."

"It doesn't work like that, you dumb bitch. If I stab myself with a kunai, it will feel less intense to me but you'll still feel it as if you had stabbed your own damn self." Hidan pointed out, and Sakura looked thoughtful.

"I guess I'll be taking the anesthetics, then. You better warn me before you decide to go off and cut yourself." She warned, causing Hidan to snort. She acted as if she was his mother.

"Whatever, bitch." He said, carelessly, before he stepped out of the bathroom, allowing Sakura some privacy.

Once the door was fully closed, Sakura changed into her clothes, sighing deeply. Her stomach still ached, and she was pretty pissed off at Hidan's carelessness. Once she was fully clothed, she decided to sit down on the floor. She craned her neck back until her head touched the edge of the sink.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

There was a pause where Sakura began to reflect, but tapping was heard on the door that had nearly been ripped off its hinges only moments before.

"Uh, who the fuck are you talking to?... Well, I'm going to start my ritual, soon. You better prepare yourself, princess. Hurry the fuck up in there." Hidan announced as soon as his tapping ceased.

Sakura groaned, embarrassed. Now he thought she was insane! With a grunt, Sakura pulled herself up and started searching for the anesthetics.

Mentally sighing, she prepared herself for the long hours of numbness she was about to endure.

"I call the bed." Sakura demanded, heading into the washroom to clean herself off before she went to bed.

"It's big enough for the both of us, bitch. Didn't your parents teach you how to fucking share?" Hidan sneered, glaring at the closed bathroom door.

"You're a bloody mess, Hidan! Even if I didn't mind sleeping next to you, you'd get the sheets all bloodied up." Sakura called out from inside the washroom.

"Why do you have to be such a goddamn pussy about it? You're a fucking medic for Jashin's sake! Can't you handle a little blood?" Hidan asked, pointedly.

"I didn't say I couldn't handle it," There was a pause, and running water could be heard. "I faid foo would get fa bed dirty!"

"Fuck! Fine, I'll take a damn shower, okay? You nagging wretch." Hidan muttered, yanking the door open and stepping into the bathroom.

"Wha fa hell, Hidan?" Sakura exclaimed with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth. In a last attempt at modesty, Sakura grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around herself, tightly. She spat out the foam in her mouth and turned to glare at Hidan.

"You don't just barge in like that, you idiot!"

Hidan took a moment to compose himself. He had to admit, she was one fine female specimen.

"Why didn't you lock the damn door then, you dumb fuck?" He retorted, glaring right back at her.

"Because you busted the lock earlier!" Sakura stated, and to prove her point she twisted the door knob, which was completely ineffective. It looked as if it would fall off any second.

"Whatever." He grunted, and started stripping down.

"What are you doing?!" Sakura screeched.

"Calm the fuck down! Jashin, what does it fucking look like I'm doing?" He countered, as he proceeded to take the last of his clothes off. Sakura immediately ran out of the room with her faced flushed red. Hidan's angry expression quickly changed into an amused smirk as she slammed the broken door behind her.

Sakura, both infuriated and embarrassed, sat down on the bed with a huff. Hidan was impossible to deal with! She pouted as she glanced down at the blood-covered floor.

She was not going to be cleaning up that mess.

She found herself wandering towards the window, where she could see most of the village from the room. It looked quite familiar, actually, and if she wasn't mistaken, she had probably passed through a few times.

Inwardly groaning, she wondered how to get out of this mess. Hidan was easily recognizable with his white hair and violet eyes, and even if he was believed to be killed... Sakura's frown deepened. She would have to get him to Tsunade-sama as fast as possible, considering she couldn't risk getting Hidan hurt, now that her anesthetic supply had vastly decreased. The amount of pain Ino, Shikamaru, or Chouji would inflict towards him wouldn't even compare to Hidan's self-sacrificing rituals.

Sakura grabbed her pack and looked for some clean clothes to sleep in, put them on, and practically jumped into the soft, fluffy covers. She smiled as she cuddled into the sheets. She definitely deserved this after such a torturous day.

Just as she was drifting off, Hidan came out of the washroom with a towel around his waist. Taking it off and drying his hair, he glanced down at the bed and smirked. His latest conversion project, Sakura Haruno, appeared to be lying asleep peacefully. Throwing the towel aside, he slowly climbed into bed, attempting to prevent Sakura from waking.

Despite her exhaustion, Sakura was still conscious as she felt the bed shift, but she decided to ignore it. She even ignored the fact that he was nearly right up against her, and as soon as she was positive he wouldn't try anything funny, she fell soundly asleep. After all, if he wanted her dead, or anything else from her, he would have taken it from her a long time ago.

The next morning, she found herself in a tangled mess of limbs, which she had somewhat expected. She knew she moved around in her sleep, but she trusted Hidan to keep his hands to himself. Despite his perverted jokes, he really didn't seem like the type of guy who'd actually take advantage of her.

As she untangled herself from him, she accidentally brushed her bare leg against-

Hesitantly, she peered underneath the sheets and once seeing his naked body from head to toe, promptly jumped out of the bed.

"What the hell, Hidan?!" She screeched, instantly waking him up.

"What the fuck are you screaming for so early in the goddamn morning, bitch?" He yelled back, albeit somewhat groggily.

"You're- You're-" She sputtered, indignantly. "You're naked!"

He gave her a look that seemed to question her sanity.

"So? I always sleep naked."

"Y-you- You-"

Hidan rolled his eyes at her, annoyed. She was freaking out over absolutely nothing! He gave her an impatient glare, waiting for the insult that was bound to come rolling out of that cute mouth of hers.

"You- you man whore!"

He stared at her blankly for a moment, and promptly started laughing.

"Man whore?" He repeated, with an incredulous tone. "Fuck, Sakura, that's the best you could come up with? Jashin, you are one hopeless motherfucker."

"Shut up." Sakura retorted, her blush darkening as a whole new wave of embarrassment washed over her. Hidan simply continued chuckling and headed to the bathroom to put on some clothes.

When he returned, he found Sakura already dressed and ready to go.

"I want to start heading for Konoha, now." She stated, stubbornly. A small hint of pink was visible on her cheeks, most likely from their previous 'conversation'. Hidan shrugged- it didn't really matter where the hell she wanted to go, as long as she eventually converted. Once they checked out of the hotel, the two were on their way to Sakura's home village.

"You know, they're going to eventually get you to release your jutsu on me, and then they'll torture you for information." Sakura started, glaring up at Hidan with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Since when did you fucking care?" Hidan teased, thoroughly enjoying the incredulous expression her face.

"I don't! I'm just saying it would do us all a favor if you'd just release your-"

"I fucking told you," He stopped walking and grabbed her shoulders, turning to her to face him. "I'm not going to release the damn jutsu until you've converted to Jashinism."

In most circumstances, anybody who treated her as roughly as he had done would have received a beating immediately. However, Hidan's seriousness as he declared his intentions stunned her into speechlessness.

He was always teasing and swearing and was just so damn annoying whenever she interacted with him, but it was evident, through the way he had become so serious, that he was extremely passionate about his religion.

In a way, it was devastatingly similar to her one-sided feelings towards Sasuke. She practically worshiped the very ground he walked on, despite his cruelty towards her. Her loyalty to him, even at present, was rivaled only by Naruto.

She did not convince herself that she still loved Sasuke, but she refused to let him- her teammate, her friend- completely walk out of her life for good. At least, not without a fight.

Composing herself quickly, Sakura pulled herself out of his grip and narrowed her eyes at him defiantly.

"Well, I guess you're going to be stuck with me for a while, since I'm never going to-"

A piercing pain shot through her as a kunai embedded itself into Hidan's shoulder.

"Fuck!" Hidan cursed, ripping out the kunai and hurtling it back towards the source. Sakura bit her lips, preventing her from crying out from the excruciating pain. How anybody ever get used to this?

"We caught up to you pretty fast." A shinobi appeared in a tree about twenty feet away, and Sakura's eyebrows furrowed as she recognized the man to be one of the man she had left in the forest unconscious only a day before. Silently, she inwardly scolded herself at being careless in covering up her tracks.

"I see you have a friend with you- unfortunately, pinky, that won't matter." He exclaimed, smirking down at her with the same overconfidence that led to his previous defeat.

"Fucking hell!" Hidan exclaimed, exasperatedly. Threateningly, he pointed his scythe to the man. "What the fuck do want?"

"The girl. Hand over the girl." He demanded, watching as Sakura stood up with a grimace.

"Fuck no." Hidan refused, lunging towards him. As he slashed at the man, the decapitated shinobi disappeared, leaving a log in his place.

"Dammit, the fucker got away." Hidan swore, but as he turned around to walk back to Sakura, a barrage of weapons came shooting at him in all directions. Sakura, who was out of range, could only watch in horror as Hidan tried dodging the weapons, even using his scythe to deflect a few.

Despite his speed, Hidan was not fast enough to counter each individual weapon. Shuriken, kunai, and other weapons thrown at such a close range started lodging themselves deep within his legs, his shoulders, his back-

Sakura couldn't keep it in, anymore. An agonized scream erupted from her throat as Hidan's jutsu transferred the pain into her.

"Shit!" Hidan yelled, watching as Sakura collapsed on her knees, hugging herself. A few men started closing in on her, and he knew he really shouldn't have cared, but the only thing that ran through his mind was that Sakura could actually die.

His eyes widened as this realization finally hit him. He was worried about her. Unwilling to accept this, Hidan tried justifying himself.

Jashin had requested her joining their religion- so it was only to be expected that he would worry about her! She was important, and would be so very useful to Jashin-sama when she became immortal, just like him.

Knowing he couldn't reach her in time, he placed his hands together in a seal and muttered a few words, effectively cutting off the jutsu he had afflicted on her.

Sakura felt the pain dissipate immediately, but before she could react, a swift kick at the back of her head sent her into unconsciousness. Enraged, Hidan ran forward, but in his distracted state, he unknowingly allowed a kunai to embed itself at the back of his skull.

He was immortal, but not undefeatable- and with his last conscious moments, he pulled the kunai out.

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