Okay so I still have to update my RE fic and my Blood + one, but ever since left 4 dead 2 came out I have been itching to write! Especially about Nick and Ellis who I love! So I hope you enjoy, NO FLAMES please!

Nick sat on his black leather couch, his arms lying across the top and his legs folded on top of his 6,000 dollar coffee table. His eyebrows were furrowed as he listened to his wife scream at him. Nick scratched the back of his head "You done yet?" he grumbled.

His wife let out a loud noise that sounded like a mix of a scream and a sigh. Her perfectly manicured fingers fug into her blonde hair "You drive me crazy!"

"Like I haven't heard that before." Nick rolled his green eyes.

"I'm serious, nick! I can't take much more of this!" her voice cracked.

"You act like we're living a shitty life, look around Alex; you're living the high life!" Nick shouted.

"But for how long?" Alex asked. "You're lucks going to run out. What's going to happen to us when that happens?"

"That's not going to happen." Nick said.

Alex shook her head "I'm leaving, Nick, and I'm taking Katie with me."


Nick's body shot up as he looked around the safe room. Rochelle and Coach laid to his right, asleep. Ellis was still on watch. Nick ran his dirty fingers through his hair. He hadn't dreamt about his ex-wife or Katie since the virus started to spread. He quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. Nick quietly stood up and walked to the front of the safe room where Ellis sat. He had his shotgun laying beside him on the staircase and his chin in his hands, he was nodding off.

"Glad to see our guard dog so awake on duty." Nick smirked as he leaned up against the banister.

Ellis nearly jumped out of his skin "You scared da shit outta me nick!" Ellis said a smile appearing on his lips.

Nick grunted in response "You're lucky one of those zombie fuckers didn't come along."

Ellis chuckled "I woulda gotten 'em." Ellis said picking his shotgun up and aiming at the door.

"yeah, yeah." Nick rolled his eyes "why don't you go to sleep in the back with the others. I can take it from here."

Ellis blinked "ya ain't on shift for a couple more hours."

"I'm aware of that Ellis." Nick said and sat down on the bottom step, his back facing Ellis's who was sitting four steps higher. Nick leaned back and stared out the safe room door. In the distance he heard the groans of the infected. Those he wasn't worried about even if they did come to the door they wouldn't be able to get in. The charger on the other hand, it would take the safe room door down no problem at all.

"Nick?" Ellis asked.

"What is it overalls?" Nick mumbled.

"Did ya have a nightmare?"

Nick's head whipped around to look at the mechanics; he forced a smirk "Are you stupid? Actually, don't answer that." He chuckled and turned away from him again "I'm a grown man, I don't have nightmares."

"Ya can still be a grown man an' have nightmares, nick." Ellis frowned "I don' wanna be no downer, but I still get em."

Nick grunted in response.

"Ya may be fooling Ro and Coach, but ya aint foolin' me. No sir." Ellis said and nodded his head.

Nick turned to Ellis again "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Ya talk about havin' no attachments an' such." Ellis said "an' how you don't need help from us, but I know that aint true."

Nick raised an eyebrow urging him to continue.

"ya care about us." Ellis grinned ear to ear "Ya always look out for us. Hell, you gave me yer pills the other day when ya shoulda used them on yourself!"

Nick let out a chuckle "Your really something overalls." He said shaking his head.

Ellis beamed.

"But you don't get me at all."

Ellis's smile faltered.

"I stick with you guys because my chances of living are higher." Nick smirked "Lifes one big game and I plan on winning it, even if that means I have to use a couple of retards to help me stay alive, you get me? I've been doing this my whole life, I'm a pro."

Ellis shook his head slowly again "I think yer trying to fool yourself." He flashed Nick another smile before standing up and placing his shotgun up against his shoulder before walking down the steps "I think yer just running away from somethin'." He said looking down at Nick.

Nicks dark green eyes narrowed "You know nothing about me so don't pretend you do."

Ellis nodded "Yer right, I don't. But that doesn't mean I can't read ya. Keith always tried to hide his feelin's, but I was able to tell what he was feelin'."

Nick rolled his eyes, Keith again. "Goodnight."

Ella shrugged his shoulders "Night, Nick." He said walking towards the back to get some sleep.

Nick ran his hands across his face, how he hated Ellis. He never tried to get to know the kid, but that never stopped Ellis from sharing his whole life story within minutes of meeting one another. He never told him or anyone else about his private life and he liked it that way. 'Only care for number one' was his main rule. He broke that rule twice, and he never wanted to break that rule again. He refused to let anyone get to close to him. So the fact that Ellis can pin point everything Nick was thinking or feeling pissed the gambler off beyond belief. His whole life, his whole career, was spent of tricking people so he could win, but this kid… Nick shook his head and grunted "Stupid redneck…."


The next morning Rochelle woke the boys up since she was the last one on look out "Come on boys. Up and at em." She smiled.

Ellis sat up and stretched "Y'all won't believe what I had a dream 'bout!"

Coach walked over and pulled out a pack of dried cereal "Not now Ellis, it's too damn early." The older man said.

Ellis shrugged "okay."

Nick rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head as he walked over to coach and pulled the cereal from his hands. His nose crinkled before handing it back to the older "man that's all yours."

"I wasn't planning on sharing anyway." Coach said.

Nick shrugged before taking a long swig of an open water bottle "I can't wait till we get some real food."

"Ya know, Nick, if you didn' shoot our last pilot…" Ellis smirked "We all coulda been eaten' some real food."

"Shut the hell up Ellis, he turned into a fucking zombie." Nick glared at him "Next time I won't save your goddamn ass."

Ellis frowned "I was only jokin'…"

"It's alright sweetie, Nick knows you we're kidding." Rochelle said before shooting Nick a warning glance. Rochelle had turned into the 'mother' of the group. The boys, especially Nick and Ellis, tended to act like children at times so someone had to take control during those times and Rochelle was just the person.

Nick rolled his eyes before walking over to the safe room door to look outside. The sun was shining and it was quite outside. "We good to go?" he asked turning back to his teammates.

Coach nodded as he grabbed his baseball bat, his gun was on his back so if he needed it he could easily grab it. Rochelle, who was holding her machine gun smiled. Ellis was the last to come to the door. He held his shotgun, ready for action while a guitar was strapped to his back. Nick's eyes meet Ellis's dark ones, quickly Nick looked away.

"Lets do this then." He said kicking the safe room door open.

After fighting off several hordes the four of them were getting tired. They had made their way through half the park and stopped in front of a horse statue. Rochelle sat down and wiped the sweat from her brow "Anyone have anything to drink?"

"Here ya go sweetheart." Coach said handing her his water bottle.

"Thanks." Rochelle smiled up at him.

Ellis stared up at the horse statue, a stupid grin on his face. Nick watched him wondering what the hell that boy could be thinking. "I remember this one time, Keith and I decided we'd steal a horse from this farm down the road from his place. I love horses and Keith knew that. That's why he agreed to help me."

"No one cares, Overalls." Nick said harshly.

Ellis shrugged it off and continued to stare at the giant horse statue. Nick couldn't help but shake his head as he sat down 'if I could only figure out what goes on in that mind of his…."

Rochelle quickly jumped to her feet "Do you hear that?" she whispered.

Ellis turned his attention to her "hear what?"

Rochelle put her finger to her lips and soon they all heard it; the mournful cries of a witch.

Nick groaned "reminds me of my ex-wife…"

Ellis looked at him surprised "Ya were married?!"

"SH!" Nick growled "You wanna startle her?"

Ellis bit his lip and shook his head "No I don' wanna."

"Then shut up." Nick said "Coach, where do you think she is?"

Sounds like she right up ahead. The way we have to go. Of all the fucking luck." Coach sighed.

"We just have to be quite and keep our distance." Rochelle said.

Nick nodded "Yeah lets go."

Coach took the first couple of steps "Y'all better stay close."

As the four quietly but quickly walked down the path the witches cries got louder and louder and soon she was in sight. She paced back and forth her face buried deep into her long clawed hands. Ellis stared at the witch and wasn't paying attention to where he was stepping when he fell forward "Ah!" he shouted as he landed on his face "Aw shit!" he screamed

The witches head snapped up as she began to scream and ran straight at Ellis. Her arms extended her talons ready to rip Ellis to pieces. Rochelle let out a startled gasp as she turned back. Nick darted past her already shooting at the witch who was quickly making her way towards Ellis.

"God damn it Ellis, get up!" Nick shouted.

Ellis looked over at the conman and tried to get up, but it was too late the witch had pounced on him. She swiped a couple of times not really getting a good hit on Ellis. Nick ran over and rammed straight into her knocking her off of Ellis, he lost his footing and tumbled. The Witches attention was no longer on Ellis, she was focused on Nick. "Nick!" Ellis screamed as the witch ripped straight through his 3,000 dollar suite and soon his skin.

Nick let out a piercing scream and shouted "get her off, get her off!" he felt her claws tear up the skin on his back , his vision began to blur, and only one voice stood out from the jumbled screams of the witch and his teammates, Ellis's. Ellis screamed Nick's name over and over before he heard him scream.

"Don't die on me Nick!"

Then everything went black…..

'Why can't you come with us Daddy?" A small girl pulled on Nicks pant leg. She was between the ages of 5 and 7.

Nick picked the girl up and looked into her green eyes that were identical to Nicks "that's something you have to ask your mom." He said softly and brushed her blonde hair out of her face.

The girl frowned "I want you to come."

Nick nodded "I know Katie."

"Katie?" Alex said walking into the living room "Go get your stuff."

Katie looked at her father who nodded and placed her on the ground. Alex and Nick stood in an awkward silence for a moment before she handed him a manila envelope "Hers the papers, just sign where it's highlighted and mail them in."

Nick took the envelope "Alright."

Alex nodded "You can call her whenever you want, but we won't be coming back to New York to visit."

"I figured as much." Nick said.

Alex was about to say something when Katie came running back in with her backpack on. Nick placed the envelope on the floor and picked her up again "See you soon Kiddo." Nick lied.

"Promise?" Katie asked.

"Promise." He said and kissed her forehead and placed her back on the ground. Alex grabbed her hand and walked towards the door. Katie looked over her shoulder and waved.

Nick opened his eyes and saw Elli's staring down at him. He couldn't remember when they had killed the witch and he definitely didn't remember being moved to the safe room. He must have blacked out "overalls?" he asked hoarsely.

"Nick! Yer awake!" Ellis smiled.

Rochelle and Coach came into view "Thank goodness!" Rochelle cried "We were so worried!"

Nick blinked a couple of times trying to register everything in his head. He looked back at Ellis "You owe me big time you little fuck."

Ellis couldn't help but laugh and rubbed his eyes that had been tearing up "I sure do, man, I sure do!"

I'm debating on leaving it like this or continuing it….. and I know nothing about Nick having a daughter was mentioned in the game, but I just like the idea of Nick being a daddy and such so yeah… I may continue this.