Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, or 'A Christmas Carol'.

AN: This takes place at some point in the future after the end of Season 7. The Scoobies are spending Christmas at the new Slayer School/Watcher's council that Giles has set up. Buffy and Faith are a couple, and Tara and Anya never died so it's slightly AU.

It was Christmas Eve, and the Dark Slayer Faith Lehane wandered through the halls of the Slayer School seeing the in-training slayers and watchers engaging in yuletide festivities, yet felt unable to join in the celebrations herself. She couldn't see why all of them thought Christmas was such a big deal. It wasn't to her, and never really had been. The Dark Slayer cringed when she noticed Buffy making her way towards her carrying a Santa hat with a flashing bauble on the end which matched the one that she herself was wearing. She placed the hat on her girlfriend's head, but Faith quickly whipped it off.

"Oh no, no way in hell B" she said, backing away before her sister slayer attempted to replace the hat.

"Come on Faith, please?" said Buffy.

"Not for all the grog in Giles' secret stash."

"But we'll match" said Buffy, pointing to her own hat. "All the other couples are matching." Thinking about this for a moment, Faith had to admit that her girlfriend was telling the truth. She'd seen Xander and Anya in matching Santa jumpers, and she was pretty sure Willow and Tara were walking around wearing reindeer antlers. For a second, the Dark Slayer almost relented. Almost.

"I said no B." Faith pushed the hat back into Buffy's hand, then turned to walk away. "Christmas is just another excuse for all the big companies to make regular people spend more money. I'm not buyin' in to all that shit."

"Christmas isn't just about that Faith. It's about love and giving, and spending time with the people you love" said Buffy, grabbing her girlfriend's arm as she tried to get her point across.

"That's what they want ya think" said Faith, pulling her arm away. "But it's not, and it hasn't been for a long time." She sighed and headed off down the hall. "I'm goin' to bed B, call me when Christmas is over."


Faith reached her bedroom and opened the door, but was startled when a strangely familiar young woman suddenly appeared.

"Who the hell are you, and what do ya think you're doin' in my room?"

"I am Kendra, the slayer dat came before you. I'm here to bring you to your senses!" said the woman.

"Right, well don't meen to offend you or anythin' Kendra" said Faith, "but aren't you supposed to be dead?"

"I am dead, but dat's not important right now" said Kendra. "What's important is dat you've got the chance to spend Christmas with people who love you. Don't you know how many people wish dat dey could have dat? Don't you know how much I wish I could have had dat?"

"Look, I'm sorry you died young and all, but how I choose to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas is none of your freakin' business."

"You're right, it's not" Kendra smirked. "I'm just a messenger, here to tell you dat three ghosts are going to visit you tonight. Hopefully dey can knock some sense into you." And with that, she disappeared. Faith stared at the spot where she had been, mouth agape.

"Maybe breakin' into Giles' liquor cabinet wasn't such a good idea.."