For the "Bill Weasley" Challenge at the HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum. Because when could I ever resist anything with Bill in the title?


Charlie grinned as he looked at the two badges in his hand. Prefect and Quidditch Captain. Finally, finally he was one up on his older brother. (Not that he had anything against Bill. It was just hard to have to live up to his achievements all the bloody time.)

But "Prefect" put them level, and "Quidditch Captain" meant that Bill would have to do what Charlie said if he wanted to keep his place on the Gryffindor team. It was a good feeling to be the one on top for a change.

Bill came in, also clutching a Hogwarts envelope and smiling. Charlie held his hand out to him showing him the two badges he held.

"Look!" he said triumphantly. "One up on you at last. It's up to me whether you stay on the team now, and 'Prefect' puts us level. You can't tell me what to do any more."

Bill grinned, and held out his own hand, the fingers closed around something.

"That," he said. "Is what you think, little brother." And he opened his hand to show the badge in his palm, the letters "H.B." bright against the scarlet and gold background.

Charlie's face fell.