Full Summary:
Sunset Grace Endelman has been on the run from her abusive boyfriend, who just so happens to be a cop. Finally finding a safe place in a run-down motel in L.A. she believes that he won't be able to track her down. Big mistake; he finds her and she's running again. But he finds her with the help of the FBI, and both Charlie & Don feel responsible for helping him find her. What happens when Mr. Epps takes Sunset in and keeps her safe while Don, Charlie and the team look for the man that's trying to kill her? Will she put a new twist onto their lives? And how do they come across what she used to do in their investigation? Was she trying to do the right thing by her daughter, who b the way, is still in Carson City, Nevada where the cop works? How do they reunite Sunset and her daughter with the cop still on the loose? And does the Carson City police station help in apprehending one of their own cops? Will Sunset and her daughter stay in L.A. with the help of Don, Charlie, the rest of the team and Mr. Epps?

The Raid:

Journal Entry:
(AN-This part will be in
italics due to the fact that she is typing on her computer, in a document labeled: Journal.)

Hi, my name is Sunset Grace Endelman and I am 28-years-old. I have been on the run from him for about three months. My daughter, Tegan Sara Endelman is staying with a friend of mine who knows enough not to let him get to her. Tegan knows nothing of my whereabouts but I do send a letter to my friend and she hands it over to Tegan. Tegan is 14-years-old and she knows enough that she knew I had to leave before he was able to kill me.

I promised Tegan that I would be back but that I had to leave for a short while. I told her that she would be safe with my best friend and that she would have to do whatever was asked of her to keep me safe. She promised me that she would do anything to keep my secret safe, including going into the foothills of Nevada to stay away from him. She is a smart girl and had to give up cheerleading in her community squad to help keep me safe. My little girl knows what it feels like to run and I was so hoping to keep her out of this whole mess, but I failed.

Josephine Montgomery has a cabin in the foothills of Nevada and has taken Tegan up there to keep her safe. At the bottom of the mountain they are staying on, Josephine works in a bar. He knows nothing of Josephine because she was a friend that I met while attending college, a college he didn't approve of. Josephine has been in constant contact with me via the bar phone, with permission of her boss of course. Her boss, James Jackson, knew of my relationship with a cop, but didn't know the extent until Josephine came to him with Tegan and said that she would need a little help home-schooling Tegan. James' wife is a teacher and has also kept my secret safe, knowing that if he found me, Tegan would most likely be an orphan as her father has never been around.

Tegan's father, well there really isnt much to say about him. He was in the Army Reserves and was called away to duty shortly before she was born. He never made it back home to us. Thus I buried him and take Tegan to her father's grave every year on his birthday and the anniversary, she doesn't mind, it's her time with the father she knew she would have loved. Unfortunately, the yearly trips to his grave were pushed aside when I started dating him.

Who am I talking about? Well that remains to be the question. I thought I knew him when we first met, but I guess I was wrong. He got violent after only a month. As much as I wanted to leave him, he had threatened to take Tegan from me, that he would file a neglect report and say that he was capable of taking care of her. I couldn't let him take Tegan from me, she was everything to me and I would die for her if I could, but that was not an option. He, well, he is a cop with the Carson City Police Department and his name is Christian 'Chris' Evanson. He is and always will be looking for me.

I hope that if this laptop is found, then you read this, because everything is in here. All the abuse is here. I have kept a daily log and at what times. He has never known since I kept the laptop at Josephine's house and she would let me come and use it. When he asked where I was on my lunch hour, I'd tell him that I was out with friends who lived in a different county. Because he was a cop, I knew better then to tell him which county I was visiting friends in, so he never could verify with any of my friends. The list started out on paper, but he would find a way to get into my papers from work and I had to revert it to a computer.

My faith and hope that I will be found and helped, has entered the dim part of my running. I know that he is coming after me, I just don't know when, where, how or with whom. I wish that……

Coming In:
I had just finished typing the last entry to my journal when I heard a bunch of cars pull up at the same time. I closed the word document and put the laptop on the desk next to the bed. I grabbed the rifle from next to the bed where I kept it and prepared myself, just in case Chris came through the door. I wasn't expecting the FBI to come through the door, nor was I expecting them to come in so heavily armed. How had I known that they were here to "rescue" me on a word from Chris that I had disappeared? Was I really going back to him without a fight? Hell fucking no!

They stormed the room within seconds of getting out of their cars and I got one shot off before getting shot in the shoulder myself. I was tackled to the ground and handcuffed, then led out to the waiting car. Chris was waiting for me and I knew what was coming next. He wouldn't hit me in from of everyone else. No, he would wait until we were alone, until he had complete control of the situation.

I was taken to the hospital and then released into the custody of Chris, my 'guardian angel' who was the one who'd alerted the FBI to my disappearance. Yeah, he was some hero alright; not. Once back at the hostel he'd been staying in, things got physical. My life was once again in the hands of Chris.

We Were Wrong:
The FBI team that had raided my motel room had also collected evidence, including the laptop, and the minimized document on it. They would soon learn that 'Chris' was not the loving boyfriend he made them believe, but more like the monster I was hiding from in the first place. Not knowing this, they took the laptop back to the office and let Chris take me back to his hotel, saying that they would be in touch if they found anything useful. Oh would they find something useful. But would it be too late?

Chris and I were talking and he wanted to know why I had run after he had threatened to take Tegan away from me. And I told him, flat out.

"Chris, you scare me when you get angry. I can't be around you if I want to stay alive, I mean it. It's just too much. And Tegan's grades are slipping because of you. You need to go back to Carson City and leave us alone. I'm done with you. And you will never find Tegan. I have her in a safe place that you will never find."
"That's wrong girl. You think you can continue to run from me. My bosses think you're the worst mother in the world, they believe me not you. I will get custody of Tegan and you will go to jail bitch. You DO NOT RUN FROM ME. I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND AND YOU WILL OBEY WHAT I SAY." He said, grabbing my arm tightly. On reflex, a scream escaped my mouth and I knew that at least someone had heard it. I heard shuffling in the next room.
"Please, Chris, don't do this, not now."

I felt the first strike hit my cheek. As weak as I was from the bullet, I was about to get even weaker. My screams turned into whimpers as he continued to beat me. When it was over, I felt my life draining from me as he left the hotel with all of his stuff and told the receptionist that he would be back later after I had time to rest. He never came back.

Meanwhile, Megan and Colby had going through my computer, trying to find something useful as to why I had been in that motel room, by myself and not with the man that supposedly loved me. When Megan clicked on the minimized document at the bottom of the screen, both she and Colby yelled for Don at the same time. Larry, Charlie and Amita had just walked in at the same time of the discovery.

"DON!" Megan & Colby yelled together.
"What's going on?" Charlie asked.
"We may have just found some evidence as to why Ms. Endelman was in that room by herself."
"You mean the woman you were trying to find for that cop? You found her, when?" Amita asked.
"This morning, she was released from the hospital and her boyfriend took her to his hotel."
"Well at least you found her alive." Larry said.
"Yeah, with a rifle pointed straight at us when we entered, like she was expecting someone else, which is why she wasn't charged with anything yet." Don said coming up with David.
"Yeah, well we may have given her back to him prematurely. We just found this. Looks like she was typing it when we pulled up. And she may have had a reason to have run from Mr. Evanson in the first place."
"Oh, yeah, what was it?" Don asked.
"Listen to this: I thought I knew him when we first met, but I guess I was wrong. He got violent after only a month. It sounds like she was running from Mr. Evanson."
"How can you tell?" Amita asked.
"She says that he threatened to take her daughter from her if she pressed charges and that she has her daughter hidden with a friend that he does not know about. Sounds like she was planning on getting settled first and then heading back for her daughter. I think we need to go visit Mr. Evanson and Ms. Endelman and get this all sorted out."
"My train of thought as well. Okay, we leave in five minutes, grab your gear, this may have to be a forced entry into the suite, if he's there at all. Charlie, Larry, Amita, we'll see you soon, but you might want to head over to the hospital if necessary. Ms. Endelman is going to need some support, yet it be from Amita, if necessary."
"Will do Don, and be careful."
"We always are Charlie!"