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Zetsu is mean. I have decided upon that quite soundly. This was due to the fact he interupted a very intense conversation that I was having with Skellington. We were having a confession to each other about which celebrities he preferred. The guy had no taste! I was in the middle of telling him off for preferring Justin Beiber to genius music such as Metallica, Lordi and Nightwish, when Zetsu decided it a fantastic time to pull me out of the room.

Pouting, once I again I waved goodbye to my cellmate and walked out with Zetsu. After staring over my shoulder at him, I grinned, "Well, at least I know you would have taste my Human Fly Trap bud! I think you would definately be a Michael Jackson fan."

"And who is this man?"

"Michael Jackson? Oh he's sort of like Orochimaru, only with a girlier face.. though that depends on if he's hopping between bodies or not. You know, I think Michael Jackson secretly might be Orochimaru. I mean, whether it's a creepy body snatching jutsu or just plastic surgery, they both keep changing faces a lot. But MJ has a much better singing voice. Though you never know, Oro might surprise us out and come out with a hit one day. Anyway, I only think you'll like him because to him... It don't matter if you're black or white!"

Zetsu sighed quietly before giving me a small push in the back so that I would pick up the pace.

"So what time is it?"

"None of your concern."

"Have the others gone on their missions?"

"Irrelevant. They were still waddling as they walked out the doors." If they had been two people, I swear one Zetsu would have slapped the other upside the head.

I grinned. "Yeah, I really didn't mean for that happen. Seriously Checkers, you need a label maker." I pouted, "Wait. So Stripper Priest, Sally-slash-Zuzu, Dei-dei and Pinnochio all left without saying goodbye? Oh that sucks! I wanted to torture them some more!"

Instantly I stared side to side. "So where's B1? I need my B1 at least!"

"Tobi has been sent on errands. He has been instructed to never allow bananas into this hideout if you were wondering."

I was starting to like the nicer side of Zetsu. He made me giggle.

Still, I pulled a pout. "So he's not here either? Basically I'm stuck with you, the mutant Fish and Bag-o-Sunshine-Weasel?" Thinking for a moment, I shrugged slightly. "We can make this work."

Zetsu led me around a corner where a tiny doorway met us. Obviously he expected me to walk through the doorway, materialising through the wall itself. I watched him for a moment, gaining his attention when a loud THUNK! and me rubbing a bruised forehead wandered through the doorway.

I glared at him, "What? Why should you be the only one allowed to try walk through walls?" I pointed accusingly at the wall, "Checkers, kill this wall now. It was an ass to me and didn't let me walk through it."

Mentally he rolled his eyes, grabbing a hold of my arm and pulling me in from of him. "Hurry up girl."

"Krissy. Kriss-Eee. What, do I need to teach all of you how to pronounce my name? See, you need to hurry up and get that label maker, so that I can stick a label with my name on my forehead. Then perhaps you guys might actually use my name!"

"I said to hurry up."

"Are you being an ass to me just because I used up the stomach powder? Seriously, that was not my fault. I swear on the power of marshmallows, I would not have touched it if-"

The rest of my sentence was cut off with a rather hard grip that suddenly made its presence on my arm, "Ooo, you're in trouble now girl."

Zetsu had quite clearly given up on letting me walk by myself. Instead he pulled me with him, my feet skimming the floor a little bit at certain points where his stride was too fast for me to keep up with him. "Hey slow down. Plant man, halt!" Obviously it didn't work and he continued to pull me with him and through another doorway into a room I recognized partially. It was the same room in which I had been dragged into when I first arrived, where they had tried that creepy mind raping jutsu on me.

Part of me froze when I saw both Itachi and Kisame waiting inside the room. Neither of them were particularly focused on anything until me and Zetsu appeared, at which point their eyes trailed over to us. Kisame had a smirk on his face, while Itachi simply regarded our presence with his usual blank look.

"Well hey, party time!" I announced. Looking at Kisame, I smirked back at him, "Fish blob. How is the stomach doing?"

His smirk briefly disappeared, replaced with a frown and slight snarl before returning back to his smirk, "Tease me all you want. You're not going to be able to do it for too much longer though."

"Don't do it Fish man!"

He blinked, not understanding what I had yelled at him about. "What?"

"Wait, are you getting the surgery or not?"

"What surgery?"

I breathed a fake sigh of relief and wiped my brow, "Wowzers you had me worried there for a little bit. See, I thought you might have fallen victim to the plague that is the use of plastic surgery. I thought you were going to change your face to prettify it so I couldn't make fun of its fishiness no more."

He glared, "There is nothing wrong with my face."

I gave him a thumbs up. "That is the attitude! If anyone tries to tell you anything different," I pressed my hand on my heart and pretended to get choked, giving him another smile, "Then just remember that you are beautiful... on the inside!"

He snarled, and I frowned to myself. "You're beautiful on the inside, deep, deep down. Way down at the bottom of the barrel by the looks of it. However the beauty is there somewhere, I just know it!"

Kisame looked as if he would protest and end up saying something that I could once again turn around on him and irritate him further with, but his face twisted a little bit and he clutched onto his stomach for a moment. My victory smirk was a large one. "See, your beauty is even deeper down than those stomach cramps."

"Why you-!"

Zetsu stopped us from venturing even further into an argument. "Kisame, enough. You are here to assist with the jutsu. You are not here to simply argue with our prisonner. Considering you aren't winning anyway, you should quit before you fall more behind."

Kisame on his part nodded, removing his hand from his stomach when it looked as though his momentary stomach cramping sessino had passed for the moment. I just kept smirking.

Zetsu looked over at Itachi and nodded at him. "You can start the jutsu now Itachi."

Jutsu? I didn't like jutsu's. At least not around here. They usually ended up in more pain on my part. I looked at Itachi, who gave a very slight nod of his head in an affirmative confirmation gesture, stepping forward and grabbing onto my free arm, just as Zetsu's grip came free on the other which he had been holding.

Peering up at Itachi, I was really not liking where this was going to be headed. "Weasel. Hands off my arm, or I shall bite. You know I will, I have done so before."

He didn't remove his hand, though I hadn't really expected him too. So I moved my head and went to take a snap at his fingers with my teeth. Him and his stupid, flashy as ninja reflexes; as soon as I got close to his fingers he had moved his grip lower on my arm, tightening across the bandage that was wrapped around the healing flesh Samehada ripped open the other day. I winced, gritting the teeth that were trying to bite him together and letting out a small gasp of pain.

Itachi kept walking, the grip on my injury enough to have me stumbling along after him with teeth meshed together in pain and a glare on my face. Itachi then suddenly released it, a small shove pushing me into the centre of a painted circle of symbols on the floor. "Well this don't look good..."

Zetsu looked at Itachi quietly for a moment, "You know the orders. Find out if we can extract this chakra. If it is useless to us and then safe to do so... kill the girl. Then you can give her to me afterwards."

"Hey wait, don't I get a say in this?" I pouted at them. They didn't answer me. Itachi answered Zetsu with another nod, but neither of them answered my question. "Old Weasel face of the wrinkled variety, I know you can hear me. You too, you human Oreo."

Itachi finally turned back to me, his face as blank as ever as he stepped into a stance and performed a hand jutsu faster than my eyes could follow. Instantly the marks on the floor lit up. I would have gone with my instinct to run out of the circle, but my legs had stopped working as I felt a force run through my veins.

I had no doubt this was chakra. It felt strange, unfamiliar in my system. Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all, but it was draining the energy out of my body. My muscles felt like they were collapsing in on themselves, and my legs buckled until I was kneeling on the floor in a half-sitting position, my energy nearly gone. It was being sucked from me as the inter dimensional chakra was forced to flow through my veins. It looked pretty much like they were going to be able to absorb it. Which was definately not a good thing as mental images of the Akatsuki running around in various other dimensions filled my mind.

However just as soon as it seemed they were going to be able to take the chakra, it seemed as if the chakra started fighting back against them. There was a tug somewhere along the line that I could feel inside my body. The flow I felt pouring out of my veins was suddenly reversing and drawing back. The only difference beside the direction it seemed to be going was the fact this time it hurt. A lot.

My body twitched and double over on itself, fingers forming locked positions that looked as though I was grasping something and I let out garbled cries of pain. It felt as if there was a thousand pieces of sand paper coated in tiny needles being dragged against my insides. Writhing and twitching for a moment, I leant forward and slammed my palms down on the floor as I felt myself buckle over, before clutching at my head. The pain was intense, thumping through me in steady shockwaves like the rythym of a heartbeat.

It ebbed away after what felt forever, but was likely only a few seconds. It was then that the sharp sting in my palms alerted me to the fact I had sliced open my palms. Clutching them in against me, I looked up from the floor at the others, while waiting for the pain to completley disappear.

Zetsu had turned his face towards Itachi, demanding, "What happened?"

Itachi looked back at him calmly, lowering his hands from their position of the hand sign for the jutsu. "The chakra is reversing itself. Whatever we attempt to absorb channels through her, before drawing back again."

Well that was explaining that weird push and pull feel inside of me. Chakra was weird feeling. How did they deal with it? Weirdo ninja.

As Itachi lowered his hands back to resting point beside him, the seals on the floor stopped glowing and I felt another sharp pain hit me. My palms, still bleeding from the fresh wounds, felt as though they were alight with fire. I hissed a bit as the same feeling spread throughout my body to every single other wound I had. As the chakra pulled itself back out of my body into whatever invisible little portal that seemed to be attached to me, the blood and skin from my wounds seemed to reverse and heal themselves up.

I have to say, it is a most fascinating and revolting thing to watch your skin suddenly melt back together. Handy, but gross. I was not complaining in the least though, because for the first time in much longer than I cared to think about, I was injury free and in no sort of pain.

"Huh. Well now that is fancy." I was musing to myself as I looked over the freshly healed palms, before looking up at the others. Itachi had taken a step towards the circle, and I threw my hands up to face him. "Whoa, whoa. Please, not again. Once was enough."

Kisame had meshed his teeth together in a devilish grin, looking over at Itachi, "So I guess that means we can't use the chakra if it simply reverses. Does that mean we're allowed to kill her then?"

Itachi was still looking at me with his blank look. I bit my lip, worried. If he said yes, then I was dead instantly. Kisame would chuck whatever was first in his hands at my head as fast as he could. I'd be more doomed than an ice cube on the sun. It wasn't me that I was afraid for though. The fact that it would probably cause an apocalypse, as Pikatsu had so fondly put it, meant everyone would die. However it I simply blurted that out to them, chances are they wouldn't believe me.

Pleadingly I looked at him, shaking my head just a little bit and imploring him not to say yes. For one single brief moment as our gazes locked, it almost felt like he could see through my eyes and into my mind.


Kisame visibly pouted, while my shoulders slumped in the relief of that single little word. "Why not?"

"Because he's knows life would be too boring without me. I'm the little ray of sunshine that just completes you all," I told him, smiling a little and waving jazz hands in a circle above my head.

Kisame looked towards Itachi for the real reason.

"There is a bond between her and the dimensional chakra. If we were to severe it while the bond was still this strong, it would likely collapse the inter-dimensional link and collapse on both worlds."

"That's bad right?" Wow. Kisame could be dumb.

"Fish bubbles for brains..." When Kisame looked at me, his top lip curling up a bit, I turned and looked accusingly towards Zetsu. "Checkers! Now really, the name calling was not needed."

Zetsu ignored me, simply asking Itachi to continue with what he was saying.

Itachi looked at Kisame. "If we kill her, both worlds collapse. Everything in our existance will be destroyed."

"So we all die."


They looked at me again when I said that. I simply shrugged, explaining, "Well Kisame had a lightbulb moment there when he finally understood that. Considering how little his brains lightbulb is probably used, I figured I would help him along to make sure he still got to have his smartical lightbulb moment."

Kisame glared. "Maybe a complete apocalypse would not be so bad, just as long as we managed to get rid of her!"

"I take great offense at that you... poisson!"

"Shark." He regretted that the moment it came out his mouth, I could tell by his face. It was simply a reflex thing to say now whenever he was around me. In this world of ninja, one weakness and action done before thinking could be fatal. This one was going to have serious consequences that I was already starting up comebacks for.

I never got to start a new 'Shark VS Fish' round of fun time. The floor started shuddering beneath our feet, a low rumble of the ground shifting down deep below us somewhere.

"Gees Whistle Fish, those muffins really packed a punch on you didn't they? But do you mind please, just hold it in?"

"That was not me." He glared a little back at me, before returning his gaze to Zetsu.

The plant man disappeared into the ground for a second, melting away into the rock and then reappearing a second later, "Our hideouts security has been breached. It is Konoha ninja."

Kisames glare turned to one of his creepy smiles, pointed teeth meshing together spookily, "Konoha? Well well, how did they manage to find us? So how many of them are there?"

"At the very least, a dozen ANBU. They came prepared for a difficult fight. Obviously they knew who to be expecting."

Instantly eyes looked at me. Sheepishly I grinned and gave them a peace sign. "Um, oops? Is that my bad then?"

Zetsu looked between Kisame and Itachi, "They are probably the highest rank of ANBU if they know who we are. With so few of our number here, a fight is a risk we should not take. I think we could take them. They look so tasty, and juicy. We'll evacuate, seeing how we only have two fighting members."

"Two? What about me?" Kisame growled.

"With your current... condition... you will not be able to fight as normal. That puts you at half a fighting member at best. Haha."

Kisame looked to glare, but a low growl from his stomach and a slight twist of discomfort in his face meant that Zetsu was right. He wouldn't be able to really fight as well if he had a constant urge to let rip gas. "Fine. Understood."

"We will meet at our Northern hideout. I will send the message to the others to meet us there. I hate the Northern hideout. It has always smelt bad since Orochimaru brought his snakes into it."

Itachi's face suddenly snapped around, his sharingan eyes blazing and looking over where me and Kisame stood. I felt my feet leave the ground a second before that ground collapsed in on itself and disappeared in a whirlpool of swirling rocks. Kisame, who had just been yanked out of the way as well, found his footing again and pulled Samehada from his back. All of us looked at where the shattered earth was, just as about four ANBU leapt out from the upturned dust cloud it had created.

Flinging me up over his shoulder yet again, Itachi fought off a wave of kunai that were aimed at him before taking off towards the exit. There were shapes appearing out of the dust cloud, clattering and banging sounds bouncing off the walls all around us.

I was smart though, realising at this point in time Itachi needed both his hands free in order to perform jutsu's or defend himself. So with his hands occupied, he couldn't keep a hold on me. Lurching to the side, I rolled off his shoulder with ease, bracing for the feel of the grounds impact.

Curse the fact I forgot Itachi is sneaky and has a million clones. As soon as I left his shoulder, another pair of arms caught me. I found myself looking straight up again in to the bright red eyes of his sharingan. "Aw come on, that's not fair!"

We passed through the cloud of dust, taking off down one of the corridors. The entire time I was struggling to wriggle out of his grip. I knew that this could possibly be one of my best and only chances to get free of the Akatsuki. If I didn't do all that I could to get away now, then I'd probably be doomed to stay with them for the rest of my life. His grip was like iron though, and no matter how much I thrashed around, I just couldn't seem to get free.

"Put me down! Let me go!" My screaming at him might have been loud, but that didn't faze him one little bit.

He rounded a corner, putting me down in order to do another hand jutsu just as a few ANBU ran past. Obviously he had caught them in a genjutsu of some kind, because they seemed to completley miss the fact that we were there. I was about to yell at them to gain their attention, when his hand slammed down across my mouth and stiffled the yell. My hands flew up and gripped his fingers, trying to pull them off but failing miserably.

After a few moments, he removed his hand and pulled me up into his arms again. Instantly I started thrashing again and yelling.

Finally it must have caught the attention of someone, because a second later a kunai lodged itself in the back of his neck and the clone holding onto me disappeared. I hit the ground, rolling a little bit and wincing as a layer of skin on my leg was stripped off from the rocks. Looking up, all I could see was figures passing by all around me in blurs of movement, rocks and dust whirling around as bits of the wall were chipped off with attacks.

There was a doorway up ahead. Picking myself up, I ran for it as fast I could, hoping that I wouldn't get hit by anything from behind as I did so. Thankfully everyone seemed to be pretty occupied.

To my great disappointment though, the room was nothing but another wide open area of nothing. There was a few other hallways on the other side, but it was clearly obvious as to how lost I was. Leaning my hands on my knees a moment, I tried to steady my breath. The back of my throat felt red raw and made me briefly cough, but there was no way I was going to stop for long. I started running again as soon as I could.

A red and black coated figure suddenly jumped down in front of me, causing me to run directly into his chest and bounce back. OF course, it had to be Itachi.

I glared at him, "For goodness sakes! Don't you ever quit!"

"You should learn running is pointless. I will always catch you." His hand shot up and grabbed a hold of mine.

"At least it shows I'm not giving up! What else have I got to look forward too if I let you keep your hands on me? I spend the rest of my life in an Akatsuki prison cell, being tortured as you try to get the chakra out of me; or failing that, waiting for you lot to figure out how you're going to kill me." I glared at him. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to fight against that every inch of the way." To further prove that point, I began to pull my arm as hard as I could.

His brow creased for a moment, then he looked up as a shower of kunai came down directly at him, using his free hand to block them all. A blur of a sword came down near him, and his grip loosened enough for me to be pulled back away from Itachi as he jumped out of the way.

"Damn, the bugger is fast. Don't worry Zapper, we're here to rescue you!"

I blinked, watching as my three TMNT buddies all jumped down from seemingly out of nowhere, each armed as well as the ANBU. Atsu was waving, a goofy grin on his face. "Wow... you look like hell."

"Thanks," I told him sarcastically, looking up at the one who had pulled me out of the way. "Whacko!"

"Hi. Atsu is right, you do look like hell. Have you even washed at all since we last saw you?"

"Just look at who is talking! It looks like this huge mud pat has dried up on your face and.. oh wait no. That's just your normal face isin't it?"

Waku shook his head. "Is this really the thanks I get for helping save you?"

"Oh you know the love is in there somewhere." I smiled at him, feeling a lot happier and relieved to see them all than my teasing let on. I'm sure that he knew that as well, because he sort of smiled.

"Well it's nice to see that they haven't managed to beat the fun out of you. I suppose that is a good thing."

Atsu grinned, "He missed you heaps really yano. Couldn't stop talking about you." Looking around, he then asked, "I've only seen three creepy guys in the cloaks. What happened to the fat old codger and chick with the bird?"

"Not here. Just them three." I gestured towards Itachi. "I think he's the one to worry about right now."

Waku then put me down, standing in front of me and looking directly at Itachi. "Yeah well I think he deserves a good boot up the backside for that."

"Don't make things worse Waku. You know he's stronger than us," Yoshi muttered.

"Yeah. Even I could kick your butt Whacko."

Yoshi shushed us before Waku had a chance to respond negatively to that comment and then drew his sword up, "It is Itachi Uchiha I believe I am addressing? Look, we know you are stronger than us and could easily take us three down, just like last time. You don't understand though. If you harm Krissy in any sort of way, you don't know what you could do to the fabric of reality."

There was a silence for a moment, everyone fearing to move or even breathe for a second as they stood in their stand off positions. Then almost too suddenly, a light appeared behind Itachi and a figure seemed to jump out of thin air at him. Itachi was barely able to get out the way fast enough, a blur of silver hair passing him by and just about managing to take his head off with a clean sweep of an oversized blade.

"Scarecrow!" I smiled a little at seeing the familiar masked figure.

"Damn, was certain that would work," Atsu complained.

"I told you it wouldn't work. Even jumping out at him from another dimension doesn't mean you can beat an Uchiha. You owe me a full ramen dinner now." Waku looked quite victorious over the fact that whatever stunt they just attempted had failed in spectacular fashion, leaving Kakashi and Itachi now in an intense battle, while him and Atsu battled it out over what appeared to be a bet.

"Excuse me for being optomistic, betting that our plan would work and we would pull off a successful rescue easily," Atsu said, sticking his nose in the air. "Stick in the mud face."

Yoshi turned to face them, "Shut it." His eyes briefly looked over to see how distracted Itachi was and then turned upwards to me, "Krissy, we're going to try and open the portal here okay?"

"What, here? Now?"

"Yes here. Whatever they were up to while you were in their care, it's destabalized the chakra. We're not sure how much longer it will last before it starts to collapse. The original plan was that the ANBU all distracted the Akatsuki long enough for us to send you back. Let's just hope your friend Kakashi can hold off Itachi over there long enough."

Yoshi turned to look at the others, looking around, "Looks like here and now is going to be the best we've got. Start the jutsu!"

Immediately all three of them pressed their hands together in a form of a few hand signs I hadn't seen before. The air, already filled with a few bits of dust from attacks that were bouncing off the walls while Itachi and Kakashi were locked in combat, began to grow thick with an electric feeling. The hairs on my arms stood up, and a shiver passed through my body as a flickering light came into view that was similar to the one Kakashi had recently jumped out of.

"Oh no you don't!" The deep voice, followed by a shadow overhead caught our attention.

Kakashi appeared out of nowhere yet again, barely having time to fling an arm around me and pulled me sideways with him as Samehada crashed down right in the middle of where the four of us had been standing. The other three, after breaking off the jutsu, just managed to leap out the way to safety as well. The portal they opened had closed again, and a victorious looking Kisame smirked, grinning at me with his crooked, pointy tooth style. "Not leaving us already are you?"

I pouted at him, and then smirked as another round of stomach cramps took him over. "Ooo, now you shouldn't be fighting in this condition you know. Those muffins can come back to haunt you in many ways."

Kakashi, looking confused as to why a giant blue man was suddenly doubled over and holding onto his stomach, asked, "Did you cook for them at any point?"

"Yes, but this is not my fault! You ninja just need to learn to buy label makers!" I smiled, "Nice to see you again anyway Scarecrow."

"Likewise," he said, using a hand jutsu to make a few clones and leap in to attack Kisame while he was currently in immense discomfort and distracted.

That was when Itachi stepped back in again. Fending off the clones, he looked at his partner, "Kisame, I have this handled. Keep the ANBU out of the way."

Reluctantly the fish man withdrew, obviously wanting to make a mess in here where I was in the vicinity. He then turned his focus back to where the ANBU would reappear any moment now, disappearing down the corridor which was soon filled with more loud sounds of battling.

Kakashi's grip on me was tight, his body standing partially in front of of me again like a protective pole. "Atsu, Yoshi, Waku, get the portal open again. I'll hold him off."

"Scarecrow look out!"

Usually it might have been somewhat of a teasing matter that Kakashi had failed so dramatically and quickly at doing what he had just announced he was going to do (in this case fending off a red eyed mass murderer.) Itachi had moved so fast though, that it was basically like he had just disappeared and then reappeared in another spot closer to us in less than a heartbeat. Kakashi ducked his head as the kunai came overhead, but that seemed to be completley part of Itachi's plan. By making sure that he got me out of the way, Kakashi was forced to look up and directly into Itachi's gaze.

I felt him suddenly freeze on me, his grip slackening and letting me tumble to the floor, his body crumbling after me. "Kakashi!"

By this stage, another Itachi had already grabbed me and jumped out the way, leaving Kakashi to fall onto his hands and knees. Strangled gasps and cries of pain escaped from his masked lips, body convulsing and both his eyes widened and just about rolled back into his head.

"What are you doing to him? Stop it now Weasel!" I yelled at Itachi, trying to break free of his grip.

Itachi paid no notice to me, focused completley on Kakashi and the other three. It was only then I spotted the extra clones that were surrounding the small group. As soon as the other three looked up, they became trapped in the painful state of genjutsu that Itachi's sharingan must have placed them under.

Just like Kakashi, all three of them fell to the floor. Eyes rolling to the back of their heads, their bodies twisted and writhed in pain that was made audible by the low groans of pain they uttered.

"Stop it!" I screamed at Itachi. I turned my body around and slammed a fist on his chest as hard as I could muster. It bounced off him in a seemingly harmless manner. In response though his hand on my arm tightened in what surely would leave finger shaped bruises.

I looked back at the others. They showed no signs of breaking free of the genjutsu he had trapped them in. Slowly though their movements became slower, breathing sharp but shallow. It was easy to tell the jutsu was killing them. A matter of minutes and they would probably be dead. All I could do was simply stand here and watch them dying in a painfully slow and tortured way, unable to do anything to help. After everything they had done for me, and I couldn't do a thing to help.

Tears started to spring to my eyes. Desperatley I looked up at him, "Please Itachi, please stop. I'll go with you guys, I won't put up a fight. Just don't kill them!"

His eyes never left the others though, keeping them all locked in his gaze. He hadn't let down the jutsu, but I saw his brow had creased ever so slightly in what looked like thought. I didn't give a hoot what he was thinking of, only noticing that my friends were still thrashing around slightly in complete agony.

Raising my hand up I repeatedly bashed it onto his chest, unable to reach his damn stupid face from the angle he held my other arm at. Without looking at me, he simply tilted his hand so it squeezed the bones of my lower arm closer together and threatened to break them. I winced a little, knowing that this wasn't going to work. I had to distract him in some way, find something that would make him look away and break his hold on them.

The cries of my friends and my desperation to save them was what probably drove me next to such an extreme action. Physical blows had failed, so I had to try the only thing I had left to distract him. It was perhaps the craziest and most stupid thing to do, though it wasn't something I was completley repulsed by.

Leaning into him a little more, instead of trying to yank myself away from him, I grabbed onto his cloak and pulled myself up against him. Just close enough for me to press my lips up against his, keeping my eyes shut for now so that I wouldn't get caught in the jutsu as well. He froze instantly, tensing up just as much as me.

This was not how I pictured my first kiss. I'd saved my first kiss up all my life for someone real special, being a romantic at heart deep down. I'd pictured my first kiss somewhere pretty, at the exact right moment in some cliche sort of way, like they did in the movies. In the middle of a criminal hideout with a ninja battle going on all around us, with my lips against someone who'd been a part of my misery for days and days, was certainly not what I had imagined. Though I will admit, my hormones were not protesting in the least.

I tried to ignore him as best I could. I opened my eyes, looking back at the others from the corner of my eye to see that they had stopped thrashing. They looked unconscious, but they were still alive. My distraction had worked! At least I had managed to save them for now.

I had thought Itachi would try pull away from me in disgust or shock when I kissed him. Though his body had tensed up from the surprise of it, I think it was me who was more shocked when I actually felt his lips move back against mine. They were hesitant and slow, but they had not moved from mine. My heart stopped, eyes snapping back to his and widening, brain still trying to process the fact that Itachi Uchiha (the most emotionless weasel of all time) was actually kissing me back.

I moved back from the kiss, staring at him with wide eyes, unsure what to do. He still had a blank look on his face, but his eyes for once were filled with more emotion than I had ever seen him show in them before. They were plain coal black; about one of the only times I'd ever seen them in this state. I couldn't tell exactly what was in them, because they looked as confused as I currently felt. Something about the look though made my heart stand still and blood rush to my cheeks.

They suddenly snapped back to the bright red sharingan again, and he leapt back as a figure zoomed past me to try and attack him. I saw the bushy silver hair of Kakashi, half hunched over and still in a state of recovery from the jutsu he had just experienced. However he was standing, very much so alive and no longer dying. "Scarecrow," I smiled happily, glad to see him.

"Remind me not to get caught in that jutsu again," Kakashi told me, a light tone in his voice that was followed by a groan as he drew himself back to a full fighting stance.

"Even if I did remind you, you'd just forget. You know men of your age have memory like sieves. In one ear and straight out the other basically." I smiled more, chuckling a little bit.

Itachi landed about thirty feet or so away, only to be suddenly bombarded by a whole range of weapons and jutsus all in one go as ANBU swarmed into the room. Zetsu and Kisame were in close pursuit of them as well. The room was soon filled with smoke, rock dust and loud echoes of battle which bounced off the wall.

Kakashi flung an arm around me and pulled me out the way as figures raced by through the thick, choking dust that swallowed everyone in the room in a matter of moments. As stray weapons and jutsus came flying at us, he deflected them away from us. By some miracle, over the noise we heard Yoshi's yell of, "Kakashi! The portal is open!"

Looking down at me, Kakashi yelled over the echoes, "Time to get you home Krissy!"

I grabbed onto his arm, "What about the rest of you? You guys did have an escape plan when you came here right?"

"Our instructions from the Hokage are to get you home before the chakra starts to destabalize. After that, Yoshi, Atsu and Waku will form enough portals to take us from here and back to Konoha in one go."

I gave him a nod, looking around me as best I could through the upturned dust. A crackling of electrical energy had filled the air again, growing stronger with each passing second. "Krissy, we can't hold it open for much longer! It's too strong!"

"I'm coming!" I yelled back at them, searching through the billows of smoke and dust to try locate them. Finally I managed to spot them. I looked up at Kakashi for a moment, "Thanks Grandpa. Promise you won't forget me?"

"How could I forget someone who tried to sell my underwear?" He smiled behind his mask. "Take care okay? And hurry up, get through that portal now! I'll cover you as you go."

I nodded, turning to sprint for the portal. Freedom had never been this close, only a few strides away.

Of course it had to be ripped away from me once again. I was close enough to just about reach my hand out and touch the shiny, crackling energy that made the rip in the air that would take me home at last. I could have almost started crying again, if I wasn't more focused on the fact that the earth was shifting dramatically beneath my feet. Rocks jutted up suddenly, spikes and boulders being tossed up as the ground shook violently and threw not just me, but a few other ANBU figures that I could make out around me.

I clung onto one of the rocks and it steadily got pushed upwards, losing my grip when a chip slid off and sent me hurtling back towards the ground. I would have no doubt hit it hard enough to break plenty of bones, if not for a set of arms catching me.

Allowing myself to let out a breath I didn't realise I had been holding, I looked up once again into the face of Itachi. He was looking down at me as well, with that same blank look on his face again. For a few moments we stayed frozen like that, neither moving or doing anything.

Kisame made an appearance beside us, "Zetsu wants us to make for the exit now. He's collapsing the hideout the moment we're out." Flashing a nasty smile at me, he grinned, "Looks like your rescue attempt was a failure."

"Go choke on air Gills."

Both the Akatsuki members then seperated as another barrage of kunai came down in between them. Kisame veered off to the left, disappearing quickly into the mess of moving bodies and flying jutsus. Itachi, with me still in his arms, leapt to the right. I could already feel my heart sinking. Kisame was right, this had been a failed attempt at a rescue, and it would likely end fatally for the others.

Itachi then did something that completley surprised me. Something I knew I would never forget. He jumped up on top of the rocks which had pushed upwards from the earth, putting me down gently and quietly said, "Get to the portal, Krissy."

I blinked, staring at him for a few seconds and trying to comprehend what he had just said. "You know Weasel, I think that is actually the first time you have called me by my name."

The earth was starting to shift a lot more, and I could hear Yoshi's cries of, "Krissy where are you? We can't hold it much longer!"

Itachi looked at me quietly, before stepping back a few feet away from me. He wasn't grabbing me again; wasn't snatching away my hopes of freedom again. He was actually going to let me leave.

I stared at him again and then looked behind me towards the portal, before looking back at him. A small smile graced my lips. "Thankyou Itachi."

With that, I ran towards the portal as fast as I could, pausing one moment to yell a goodbye to my TMNT buddies, knowing that there was a high chance I would never see them again. "I love you Croco, Waku, Pikatsu! Take care, don't kill each each other!"

"Get your backside through that portal now, or so help me I'll chuck you through myself!" Waku yelled back at me.

I chuckled, about to step through when I took one last look over my shoulder. Itachi was still standing where I left him, watching me. His bangs and cloak were billowing in the breeze of attacks that continued around him, a smile still gracing the corner of his lips. I raised one hand slightly in one wave, allowing one wink, "See you later Weasel."

With that I stepped backwards through the portal and let a darkness swallow me, while the world I stepped out from melted away and out of sight.

~line~ w ~line~ e ~line~ a ~line~ r ~line~ e ~line~ c ~line~ o ~line~ o ~line~ l

I opened my eyes to a very bright light, instantly squeezing them shut. "Light! Damn you!" Raising my hands to protect them from the sudden attack of natural light, I lost my steady position of where I was lying and rolled off, hitting a ground about a foot or two just below that. "Ow!"

Thankfully the ground here was a lot softer than I thought it was going to be. Slowly as my eyes adjusted to the natural light that they had been deprived of for the last few days, I looked around me. My eyes were wide, and I stared with a gaping mouth.

I was home. I had fallen off my couch, onto the soft (ish) carpet of the living room floor. The television flickered a few feet away from me, showing credits to the same Naruto programme I had been watching all those weeks ago. The remote was still lying on the floor, right where it would have landed from when I threw it at the TV.

Dazed, I let my head fall back onto the carpet. There was no way that all of that could have been a dream, right? All those weeks, everything I had been through. It couldn't have been a dream.

A door opened somewhere nearby, and I looked up with a dazed expression still on my face as my mother and younger brother walked into the room. In her hands were bags of groceries, which little William was attempting his best to help carry with one arm, while he also attempted not to drop any dribbling trickles of icecream on his school uniform. "Hiya Krissy. Good day?"


My mother looked down at me, her brow creasing, "Now really Krissy, what are you wearing? It looks filthy! Is this some sort of early costume in preperation for Halloween? Now get yourself off the floor why don't you, go take it off and then come help with the groceries."

"Um, sure.." I dragged myself off the floor, walking over to her with a stunned expression still on my face.

"Now really, you look the lights are all out inside your head." She plucked at the bandages still tied around my arm, shifting them just to check that there was no real injuries beneath the amazingly realistic looking, bloodied cloth. There were no more injuries though, aside from the recent scrapes and bruises I had formed during the battle. She sighed, "You kids with your fancy costumes. Looks so realistic, I would have thought it really was blood." With a grin she shook her head, "Now go take it off and then right back down here to help. I'm making muffins for your fathers office party, and goodness knows I'm going to need your help baking them."

I nodded at her, "Sure thing Mum."

"You alright there sweetie? You sound a little... lost?"

I smiled at her, throwing my arms around her, "I'm fine." Detaching myself from her quickly in case she started to ask questions, I quickly made for the stairs, "I'll be right back then."

With the biggest smile on my face, I began to walk up a few steps, before turning around and sticking my head around the edge of the kitchen wall, "Hey, Mum?"


"Do we have any more marshmallows?"

~line~ n ~line~ o ~line~ w ~line~ t ~line~ h ~line~ i ~line~ s ~line~ i ~line~ s ~line~ t ~line~ h ~line~ e ~line~ e ~line~ n ~line~ d

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