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Deadly Hollow

Jerome's POV:

I was running and jumping through the trees, searching for the Derris Emblem, which can only be controlled by Guardians. My search kept going for a while looking in where the Amulet has gone. I wanted my cousins to go back to their original selves, I couldn't stop whatsoever, I needed to find the Amulet and fast before time runs out but then I heard something…it felt like the spirits were calling me asking me to get them out of the Black hole. At first I thought it was my imagination, but when I started to think about it, it sounded like they were pleading to get them out of Derris Emblem.

I went to the direction of the voices and found a Blood red Undead/Rabbit/Spaniel creature and a Bluish Dog with long ears and strange markings. I knew who they were, their appearance were still the same 200 years ago.

"Hehe to think Lord Daika would give us some of his Guardian energy just to capture Jerome, it would be better to go on a killing spree."The Blood Red creature said to his partner.

"Hikan we are only here to capture Jerome not go on a side mission, that's why we caught her cousin's souls, to lead her."The bluish dog replied to him.

"Awe…this is sucks ass…wouldn't be better to go in a side quest to kill the time huh Zenger."Hikan whined not liking to stay around any longer.

I started to think to myself 'Those two? They are more of a nuisance than Sanori and Daich'

I started to attack them from above wanting to get the Derris Emblem out of their hands. I tried using my scaled sword against them but they have seemed to notice and jumped out of the way.

"Well, well, well, look at what we have here, it seemed the plan worked."Hikan said eager to kill.

"Hikan, don't let your lust for killing go we want her alive."

"Awe Zenger you and I know very well that she is immortal."

"If you guys are finish talking I would like to take the souls back if you don't mind."I said sarcastically, there was no way they would give it to me without a fight.

"You want it that badly sweetheart? Then come and again!"Hikan replied to me rudely. This was going to be a long fight.

Hiei's POV:

I started to wonder what happened to Jerome…better yet what's wrong with me? I felt weird and strange around her…do I like her? I looked at Jerome's cousins, they meant everything to her, she would also give up her own life for them…but that's what I was worried about…what if she doesn't come back? The thoughts of it made me feel sad and worried; it was a feeling I never felt before…I started to make up my mind I should go and help her she's not that good at fighting.

"Yusuke…I'm going to look for Jerome."I replied simply to him trying not to show how worried I am.

"What…but whatever Jerome is fighting you could get killed."

"Hn…I saw that she's not good at fighting alone…"I replied showing a bit of emotion, Yusuke seemed to notice and took action.

"Really then…if what you say is true then go and help her."Yusuke replied to me, I saw a smirk on his face like he knew what was going on, I shivered at the thought of it.

I jumped from tree to tree looking for Jerome luckily for me some of the branches of the trees led as trails, especially the footprints on the ground; it won't be much longer now.

Jerome's POV:

I tried fending them off but no avail, I couldn't fight very well by myself, it would be easier to let Bloodrop finish the job but I don't want to bother her.

As tried using my speed to attack them from the rear, they used a powerful combo I never saw before.

"Deadly Hollow!"They both yelled out, as soon as they said that the branches of the trees started to capture me, I was thankful for my speed as I dodged some of the branches, but my left leg was caught by one of the branches it held my as the other branched started to tangle my body. I was trapped unable to escape from the branches.

"Hahaha we finely caught you! You're a slick one alright."Hikan said to me as I tried to untangle myself but no ado.

"Forget it Jerome those branches won't retract unless we are defeated."Zenger said with a smirk on his face.

"Then I guess I'll have to be the one to defeat you then."A voice sprang out of the shadows.

Hiei's POV:

I started to jump out of the shadows revealing my face, I looked at the two creatures in front of me, and they didn't look human…neither did they look like a demon.

"Hehehe are you pulling my leg or something? You're short what can a little man like you do?"Hikan laughed completely forgetting about the mission. Zenger tried to hold back a chuckle but failed.

"You shouldn't judge people by their appearance you two."Jerome said silently, and was a bit mad at the thought cause she was short too.

At that instant I took out my sword and quickly attacked them a bit annoyed at the fact that they called me short. But they noticed and jumped away in time.

"Ok I admit you have some skills little man…but is it enough to defeat us?"Hikan mocked as he laughed, I didn't like being mocked at.

At that moment I slashed at his neck cutting off his neck and at the same time grabbed the Amulet that Jerome was talking about. The branches around Jerome started to untangle, it was over…or so I thought.

"WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Hikan's bodiless head yelled angrily.

"What the…he's still alive but how?"I stared in surprise; no one could survive with their head caught off.

"ONCE I'M ON MY BODY AGAIN YOU WILL DIE, MAY HALLOWSKIN SMITE YOU!"He yelled out once more before his partner took his head and body to be reconnected.

"We will meet again, just you wait."

With that said the two disappeared into the shadows without a trace.

End chapter

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