A/N: Hey guys, this is my first fanfic! It's an AU where Alfred, Matthew and Seychelles are in a band together and have just gone out to America after being signed. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^


Dear Journal,

I tried, today I really did try to tell my family, To tell them my secrets. But, I can't. I just can't. If they knew everything, I wouldn't be just Alfred Jones, I would be the outcast. And, I don't want to be that, I mean, Who would. I guess the only person..or thing that can know everything is this stupid journal, It's reliable, secretive, and wont judge me. If only everyone could be like that.


Alfred The Secret Keeper Jones.

I hid my journal in my usual spot, In my guitar bag, under all my original music. No one ever looks there. I lay back on my king sized bed, flipping through the television channels, nothing's on as usual. So what can a boy do?.... Call his prostitute.

"Hey Ivan, It's me, Yes, Alfred. I need to meet up with you, Yes the usual place. See ya there. Bye."

My cell phone plopped on the bed, Yeah, I bet you were surprised I have a prostitute...And no, it's not a female, It's a male. His name is Ivan, He's gorgeous. He has shaggy pale blonde hair, deep violet eyes, he's two inches taller then me. He's beautiful yes, but I don't like him in a relationship sort of way, This is strictly business, I get my sexual fix, and He gets his money. Anyways, I got my eyes on someone else, the problem, It's my baby brother Matthew.

"I'm heading out." I say to my family. Chelle, and Matthew. Dad and Papa stayed home in London. They trust us to be "Honorable Men" in America. If they only knew, Right?

"Wait." Matthew said, his velvety voice and silky French hair, instantly gave me a hard-on. Screw, I shuffled quickly in my pants and turned to him.

"What do you want?" I said, trying to sound uninterested.

"Can you pick something up for me while you're out."

"Uh..sure. What is it." I said, getting a sticky note and pen out, I'm always forgetful.

"Uh..Um..Erm.." Matthew muttered, his face turned beat-red.

"I don't have all day." I said bluntly.

Matthew brought his voice to a whisper. "C-Condoms."

I laughed, Obviously he was getting ready to get rid of his virginity oh, how I wish to be his girlfriend, Katyusha."What size?"

He gulped. "They have..sizes?"

I rolled my eyes."Look, how big are you, And be honest. The whole eighteen inches shit, I don't buy." I laughed after that remard.

He inhaled deeply, his face even more red than before."I'm..4 inches."

"Aww, little Mattie-chan has a little Matthewy." I said making his show frustration in his face, I love it when he's mad.

"SHUP UP DICKFACE!" he said standing up from his chair.

"Whatever man, I'll get your little boy condoms don't worry.

With that I walked out the house and hopped in my old jeep. I'll get Matthew's items after I get my fix. And I needed it after the big conversation of Matthew's genitalia.

I arrived at my usual destination, It was an old abandoned aircraft hanger, I climbed up the ladder to the top floor, this is where me and Ivan always met, and there he was, standing in bright blue boxer-briefs. I smiled devilishly. Here we go.

A/N: Sorry the first chapter is so short, but I'll have more up soon. Ja ne!