"I don't need her!!" Mouse thought. She was the one who'd lied to him and took his heart and broken it so she deserved to be broken hearted. At least he told the truth about his life about his mum, Scully, Lucky and everything but Cat she'd just lied about everything her age her dad everything. He took the letter out of his pocket and looked at it Lucky came and trotted up next to him. "What should I do Lucky eh?" He said. Then he ripped it up and the tatters of paper flew up in the air and looked like they were dancing. Lucky looked at Mouse as if to say "You did the right thing Mouse!" He could live he didn't need her he could survive he cloud find a diffrent girl but this one didn't lie about everything! Mouse had got away out of the Cat and Mouse came which is true the Mouse escapes and wins. So Mouse went back to his normal life and tired to think about everything that had happened

Cat was sat on her bed crying her eyes out. "Why!" She thought. "I didn't mean to lie at all!!" She thought. She wished she hadn't lied she wished that her and Mouse were still together with Lucky the dog. She wished her family was normal and her dad didn't know about Mouse. It had been weeks since she sent the letter to him but he still hadn't answered she stood up and looked out the window and saw a boy with a dog but it wasn't Mouse it couldn't be. "Is it Mouseā€¦.Mouse!!" She thought but the boy turned around and she saw his face it wasn't him. She crawled under her bed blanket and looked at the photo on her bedside table of her and mouse. She picked it up and looked at it. Cat just looked and looked at it not taking her eyes off it. Soon she fell asleep still holding the picture

A pice of paper floated through Cat's window when she was fast asleep and on it said, I love you!