Still Here Standing

You thought you had me

But I'm still here standing

"Anthem For The Underdog" by 12 Stones

His eyes are wide when she first sees him – and he's looking straight at her. He has peroxide blonde hair that spikes up. Leather is his clothing of choice. Shifty is the word that comes most to mind. She has heard the security man, Dominic, make murmurs of other clients being shifty and he has the same look.

He's an odd person, unlike anyone she has met before (that she can remember anyhow) and the first reason for that is he wants to see her at night. She likes night. She doesn't often go out at night (again, as far as she can recall). It sounds new and exciting.

She smiles and nods when Adelle suggests she takes a swim and ushers him towards her office to draw up the paperwork. "How long do you require our services?" she can hear Adelle say.

She watches them go and then heads to the pool. "I like swimming," she says.

"Swimming is nice," echoes a new girl. "We must try and be our best."

"We must," she agrees. The water is cool and refreshing and she swims and swims. She doesn't stop until a voice calls to her from the side of the pool, husky and low. It is him again, his white as snow hair still as uptight as before. She smiles. "Hello. My name is Whiskey."

"Is it now?" He smirks.

"It is," she confirms. The question is unnecessary. She has just told him her name. Why is he questioning her?

"Well then," he says, retrieving a flash from the pocket of his jacket and taking a swig. "Up to the mad scientist type you go and then we're off home again."


"Yeah. The place with all your stuff?" He narrows his eyes at her and tilts his head to the side. "That's where we're going."

"I have all I need right here," she says simply. She turns to look as Topher approaches. "Hello Topher."

"Would you like a treatment?" he asks in his soft voice.

She nods and smiles. "Yes please."

"Let's get you started then," Topher says and his voice makes her calm inside. He gestures her ahead and she walks towards the treatment room. "I'll be with you in a minute."

She continues on, pausing only when she hears Topher's next words. "Don't worry, Spikey. We'll have your Fred back with you in no time!"

"All her memories intact?"


There's a pause and then the white haired man speaks. "And you got Illyria out of her? You're certain?"

"Illyria – whatever that is – is gone completely. We'll have Fred back to her old self soon as you let me go finish her treatment."

She glances back and sees Spikey nod. "Spikey," she says. Her lips curl up. For a moment she thinks about his hair and the look in his eyes when he first saw her, but then the thoughts have slipped from her mind and there are more pressing things to think about.

"I like tacos," she says. She takes a seat in the chair she always sits in for her treatments and closes her eyes. "Tacos are nice."