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Illogical and Irrational

Prologue - Counter Acting Evidence

"Excuse me?" I said in what, as an author, I would describe as a scoff, "That is in no way possible."

"Well it must be, Doctor Brennan." The man in front of me smiled, like the obviously incorrect news he had just given me was good, "Because it is. Congratulations."

"But it can't be."

He let out an honest and heart warming laugh, "A woman as smart as yourself must realise that no method of contraception is one hundred percent reliable."

"Including abstinence it seems." I heard myself mutter under my breath,

"I'm sorry?"

I sat up from my place on the examination table and looked my doctor in the eye.

"There is no possible way I am pregnant," I told him firmly, "because I haven't been sexually active in the last twelve months."

Dr. Barrett frowned, "Well I think it best if I give you an ultra sound, just to double check."

I reluctantly agreed after some persuasion, and as time seemed to slip by I was sitting in my living room, clutching a photo of my unborn child, tears of confusion running down my face.

My tears were irrational. This was a fact, I had evidence of this pregnancy and I knew it to be the truth. But I also knew it to be true that I had not had sexual relations with anyone within the age of my pregnancy. And the two facts counter acted each other, leading me to only two conclusions, which ideally was only one.

I had either been raped… or I was the new not-quite-a-virgin Mary.

And taking into my always rational consideration, conception without sex or implantation -which was often a way to explain gods or saviours of multiple spiritual beliefs and considered religious miracles- was completely impossible and incomprehensible. Rape was my only rationally safe option.

My tears had dried and I stood, placing the small photo in my jacket pocket, I was going to see Booth. I didn't know what he would do, but I did know –however much I hate the thought- I have faith in him and his judgement.

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