Chapter Four- The Future

It's been 3 months since I last saw Jem but I don't want to see him I'm happy. I have a new boyfriend his name is Danny and he's beautiful and kind and sweet and funny. I know Danny won't cheat on me like Jem did. We have a dog now his name is Spider! Izzy loves him she likes Danny too. Sometimes I, Izzy, My mum and dad take Spider for a walk. Also my mum has had a baby girl! She's called Emily and everyone loves her. Me and Megan are still best buds we do everything like going to the cinema, ice skateing, homework and things. I have a lot of new friends my life is better without out Jem I didn't need him but I swear one day when I was out with Izzy, Danny and Spider I saw a boy with sparkly brown eyes and brown eye's skateboarding. He saw me and grinned but I didn't smile back because I didn't need him anymore. One day I found a piece of paper on my window sill it said Kally I love you x I knew who it was from I'd moved on from him. I'd grown up i didn't need him but I just couldn't help but smile!

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