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~Chapter 16: It's All a Trap~

Cynder couldn't explain it, but seeing Spyro in his bankai form helped her become confident of her own abilities. Not only that, but she also realized how she could take control of her hollow form. She knew that her hollow form was not given to her naturally, it was Malefor's creation. So what she had to do is make her hollow form into her own image.

As Spyro's stone wall went away, Cynder decided to take advantage of the fact that this was the world of her mind. The hollow tried once again once the wall was down. But this time, it was stopped by some sort of barrier. Cynder was modifying the world around her...and even her own image itself.

Cynder actually used her mind to alter her own form. She grew to a size even larger than the hollow. She then used barriers to hold the hollow in place as Cynder grabbed the hollow mask and tore it off. She then attempted to put the mask on herself. The mask modified her form to take the form of her hollow self.

As Cynder transformed, the now maskless hollow screamed in pain as it slowly evaporated into nothingness. It didn't take her long for her corrupted hollow form to completely vanish from her consciousness. Now all that was left was a more powerful Cynder, now with an all new adult form...her resurrección.

Cynder opened up her eyes, leaving the world of her mind. But now, she had a new found power. Now she was in her adult form. But it was different from her evil adult form. Her face had a gentler, more child-like form, better resembling her younger form.

"Well done Cynder," Xander said as he witnessed the transformation, "But now's not the time. The others are in trouble and need help."

"What's the trouble?" Cynder asked.

"Wanna take a while guess?" Xander asked

"Malefor," Spyro and Cynder said in unison.


"Oh, how enjoyable," Malefor laughed, "I was afraid this was going to be too easy. It's a shame that it still won't last long. You may have been able to best me in this form. But you forgot about my zanpakuto, Sumizome Tatsujin." Malefor's claws, horns, tail blade, and dorsal scales became blade-like. His claws doubled in size, and his dorsal scales tripled in size. Alec and Ichigo were about to transform again. But they were stopped when Malefor grabbed them both in his paw. "What's the matter? Weren't you going to transform?" Malefor laughed.

However, Malefor dropped them when he was attacked from above, "Hello, Malefor. Remember me?" Malefor looked up to see his attacker. It was Cynder in her adult form.

"Just what I was hoping for," Malefor grinned, "You willingly taking on the form that I originally gave you. The form that I control."

Malefor's eyes began to glow before suddenly Cynder suddenly was put in a trance. Before he could command her to attack however, a stone mace hit him in the head. Malefor looked to see Spyro...in a form that he did not recognize. Spyro's body resembled that of the earth element, "You look like you don't recognize me," Spyro teased, "But I suppose I do have a new look in this form. I'd like you to meet my bankai form, Jimen Doragon."

Malefor just started laughing at Spyro, "You're already too late! Cynder is once again my loyal servant once again," Malefor said as Cynder walked up next to Malefor, "But if you must insist on seeing her again, I shale assist you with that. Cynder will be the last thing you ever see before you die...again!"

Cynder then walked up to Spyro ready to attack. Cynder's claws began to glow green before she swiped at Spyro. But he jumped out of the way, making Cynder hit nothing but the ground. Where she swiped the ground, the area began to sizzle and dissolve from the acidic poison.

"Cynder, what are you doing?" Spyro asked.

"I only obey my master!" Cynder hissed.

"Not again! We have to stop her!" Ichigo said as he was about to jump to Spyro's rescue.

"Wait!" Xander shouted, stopping Ichigo in his tracks.

"What do you mean wait? Spyro's in trouble! We have to help him!" Ichigo shouted before attempting to go and help Spyro again. But this time he was stopped by someone's arm getting in his way. Ichigo saw that it was Alec's arm, "Alec, what are you going?"

Alec turned to Ichigo with a serious face, "Wait," Alec said, more calmly than Xander did. Alec then turned to Xander, "You'd better be right about this."

"Trust me," Xander said.

"Just as I thought," Malefor said, "Little Spyro will just sit there and take his beating. Just like the weakling he is."

"Not this time, Malefor!" Spyro snapped, "This time, I have something to fight for. And that is to free Cynder from your control! And if that means that I have to kill her to do so, then so be it! At least in death, she'll be free from your control!"

"I must admit that I was not expecting that kind of reaction out of you," Malefor said, "But that means if you do happen to win, you'll be the one responsible for the death of the one you love! Now, Cynder, ATTACK!"

Cynder began striking with her tail blade, Spyro managing to dodge each strike. "How are you going to win if you do nothing but run?" Cynder stated. Then she struck again. But instead of Spyro moving out of the way, Cynder's tail blade got stuck in a stone wall. As she tried to pull her tail loose, the stone began surrounding the blade, making it blunt. Cynder just smiled, "You should really think about what you're doing before you act, little one." Cynder then swung her tail down, aiming for Spyro, suing her tail as a mace. Spyro managed to avoid the attack with a side-step. But then Cynder swung to the side, hitting Spyro and causing him to go flying.

Once Spyro landed, he shakily got back to his feet, "You underestimate my abilities," Spyro said with a smirk, "Now let me show you what my bankai can do! Iwakuzure!" A large boulder then rose from the ground. And with an extra burst of spiritual pressure, the boulder went flying toward Cynder. Cynder just grinned as she ducked under the projectile. Once it was out of range of her head, she did a backflip, smacking the boulder with her makeshift tail-mace and giving it extra momentum, flying toward Malefor.

"Wha-" Malefor said before getting smacked in the head with the boulder.

Spyro and Cynder were both looking at Malefor with cocky grins, "Did you really expect that I wasn't expecting you to try to take control of me again?" Cynder asked.

Malefor was just laying there weakened, "Bu-But I gave you that adult form," Malefor grunted, "It is MINE to control."

"That's where you're wrong, Malefor," Spyro said, "This version of her adult form is that of her own creation. And since it's her creation and not yours, it is her's, and only her's to control. Cynder, would you like to finish him off?"

"It would be my pleasure," Cynder said as her claws started glowing a poisonous green. But before she could strike, Malefor opened up a portal and escaped into it.

"I told ya!" Xander said with a smirk. Alec admitted that he was right. The others however were just gawking at Spyro and Cynder at their perfomance. "That was quite a realistic performance you did there!"

Spyro cringed in pain from the blow that Cynder gave him, "Maybe a little too realistic," Spyro commented, causing them to laugh.

"Let's go and get you fixed up then," Urahara said.


Malefor was limping through the halls, laughing as he did so as he recalled the memories of the battle, "What's so funny? You just lost the battle," Grimmjow said as Malefor passed by him, "What, did those kids knock you senseless or something?"

"I have to admit, their performances were quite believable," Aizen said, "Spyro even allowed himself to get injured to try to fool you. But then again, you were equally as convincing, Malefor."

"Did I miss something?" Grimmjow questioned.

Malefor then stopped limping, his injuries not as severe as they appeared, "I knew from the beginning that Cynder had taken a new form, and that I couldn't take control of her," Malefor said smugly, "I knew all along that they were only bluffing."

"Malefor let himself get hit by Spyro's attack," Aizen continued, "Malefor's Zanpakuto has the ability to absorb any attacks that are composed of spirit energy. And even though Spyro's attack was an elemental type, it was infused with spirit energy when he used it to propel it toward Cynder. The boulder itself did cause damage. But he was able to absorb the spirit energy infused in it."

"Little do they know that they have fallen right into my trap," Malefor said with a sadistic grin, "And they don't even realize it."

So Spyro and Cynder fall into Malefor's trap. But that was just a bluff, and Malefor ended up falling into Spyro and Cynder's trap. But that was just an act and Spyro and Cynde have fallen into Malefor's trap all along...? It's trap-ception! But what is Malefor's plan?

Iwakuzure – Rock Slide

~The Angel of Darkness, Alec~