Yes your eyes are not fooling you, this is an update. I'm sorry its taken so long, but I'm back :) I'm going to focus on one story at a time so that I don't get overwhelmed with stories. I combined the prelude and chapter 1. Chapter 2 is coming soon after :)


"I adore you," Anthony whispered softly in Marie's ear. "I love you," He said louder, voice firmer.

Marie tightened her arms around his broad shoulders as he trailed kisses down her elegant neck. She gripped his dark brown hair in her hands, needing something to hold onto.

"Anthony," Marie replied almost in a sob. "Don't do this."

"I love you." He pulled back from her tantalizing form; pain was etched onto his face as he stared into Marie's saddened green eyes.

Her soft bronze ringlets were so unique, he could pinpoint her in a crowd and her soft green eyes were so powerful, they could bring any man to their knees. She was exquisite and he wanted to make her his.

'She was so beautiful.' He thought. 'I just wish she could love me too.'

"Bella," His velvet voice brings me out of my fictional world and causes me to halt my typing in surprise.

My husband, Edward Cullen, stands in the doorway of my office looking utterly exhausted, but still gorgeous, hauntingly so. In his arms sleeps his little look-alike, Masen.

I take my hands off of the keys and sit up straighter in my chair as he walks over to me. "What are you doing home? It's early." It was 7:30; he usually got off at 9:00 and was home by 10:00.

Edward just shrugs in response and places a kiss on our son's curly bronze hair. I sigh heavily. I hated when he ignored my questions like that.

He remains in the doorway with Masen in his arms for a moment, not saying anything. It was starting to make me uncomfortable. I just wanted to yell. 'Can I help you with something!'

As if reading my mind, he clears his throat and says, "I just came in here, to tell you I was home." Masen buries himself deeper into his father's arms as Edward comes nearer. "I'm going to head up to bed now. I'll tuck Masen in."

I nod. Standing up from my chair, I lean over and give Masen a kiss on his soft cheek before hesitantly covering Edward's mouth with my own.

It feels strange, the kiss. I didn't like the feeling at all.

Edward froze the second our lips connected, but quickly became responsive and moved his lips softly over mine.

The kiss was quick, barely lasting three seconds. Edward looks flustered as he pulls back and not in a good way.

He knew the kiss felt off.

"Goodnight Edward," I say sitting back in my chair while he walks toward the door.

He pauses at the doorway and says without turning to face me, "Goodnight Isabella."

I bite my quivering lip as he disappears into the hallway. My hands don't return to the keys. If I continued to type, the whole plot of my story would be muddled, connected with my own feelings.

Even if my own marriage is crumbling down, I won't take my story with it. Anthony and Marie deserve a chance, even if I can't get one.

Chapter 1

"Oh Marie," Her cousin, Brandy, sang in her ear. "You have an admirer."

'Again.' Marie thought bitterly. "Who is it this time, dear cousin?" She asked aloud, not turning to face this said admirer.

Brandy giggled while twirling a lock of her fiery red hair. "A new member of the kings' court, Sir Anthony of Scotland; quite a sight he is. Oh you are lucky, cousin, for his eyes are only on you."

Marie sighed and took a sip of wine out of her crystal goblet.

"Marie, just look before he turns away," Brandy encouraged.

With her head held high, Marie slowly turned to face this 'Sir Anthony.'

She almost dropped her glass in surprise. The gasp that left her mouth did not go unnoticed by Brandy.

"See, I told you he was dashing. Oh, mother's calling me. Go talk to him." Brandy urged once last time before wandering off.

Marie stayed frozen, unable to do anything else. Her cousin had been right. Sir Anthony was gorgeous. Unlike any other man, she's seen before.

He smiled crookedly as he caught her stare in his deep brown orbs. Marie wanted to do nothing more than to just stare at them all day.

With new found confidence, she downed the rest of her wine in one gulp, in a very un-lady like manner, and started to walk toward him…


Once again I was brought out of my little world by a sweet velvet voice, but this time the voice was higher in pitch.

The voice belonged to none other than my little spider monkey, Masen.

My hands drop from the keys just in time to catch Masen as he jumps into my lap.

I cradle my son in my arms and look toward Edward, who stands at the door awkwardly.

'We always seemed to meet like this,' I notice, 'always in my office.'

Edward clears his throat, bringing my attention back to him.

"Good morning." He says with a slight smile.

"Good morning." I say back to him.

"Morning!" Masen repeats after us.

I laugh and look down at my son, who was looking up at me with his beautiful wide green eyes.

"Well, where is my good morning kiss baby?" I ask playfully, puckering my lips.

Masen giggles and places a sloppy kiss on my lips before rubbing his nose against mine in a sweet Eskimo kiss.

"Love you, Mase."

"Love you too Mommy." He snuggles deeper into my arms and starts to play with my necklace that Edward bought me when Masen was born.

I smack my lips together. "Is that bananas I taste? You had 'nanas this morning, baby?"

Masen nods; still playing with my necklace.

I rub by hand down his back and glance back up at Edward.

"Are you not going to work?" I ask taking notice of his attire. He looked freshly showered and was dressed a grey tee and black jeans. He was definitely not dressed for the hospital.

He shakes his head, causing some of his still damp bronze hair to stick to his forehead. My hand twitches wanting to push it away, but he runs a hand through his hair and slicks it back slightly.

"No." He replies. "I wanted to stay home with Mase today."

This was news.

"Oh." I sit up straighter. "I wish you would have told me earlier."

Edward raises an eyebrow in question.

"My dad and Sue wanted to watch him today."

He looks at me, wondering what the problem was. "Well can't you just call them and tell them there's a change in plans?"

I sigh and looked down at Masen.

"Mase, why don't you go in the living room and play with some of your toys while daddy and I talk."

Masen looks confused, but none-the-less he hops down from my lap and wanders out of my office.

When he was gone, I look at Edward. "They were really looking forward-"

"And Bella?" He asks harshly, cutting me off. "He's my son and I wanted to spend the day with him, because during the week I have to work." He then mumbles lowly. "But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

My eye twitches. "Excuse me. Did you say what I thought you did? I work Edward."

Edward grips his now dried hair clearly frustrated. "I didn't say that you didn't Bella. I just implied that what you do is less complex then what I do. You have it easier."

I stand up from my chair. "Writing a book is not easy Edward. It takes time and patience. Granted it's not the same as working in an ER, but it's what I enjoy. You insulted me."

He sighs. "Bella I don't want to fight."

"We're not fighting. We're having a heated discussion."

"We're fighting."

"No we're not.

"Yes we are."

"No-" He cuts me off.

"Great." He says in a rough voice. "Now we're fighting about us fighting."

"You know what Edward, forget it." I hiss. "If you're watching Masen today, then you're calling Charlie and Sue because I'm not doing it."


We both look to where Masen was standing in the doorway with sad look on his young face. "Why you yelling at each ov'er?"

"Even our three year old knows we're fighting." Edward mumbles.

I narrow my eyes at him and walk over to Masen. I pick him up and place kisses on his chubby cheeks. "Your daddy and I aren't yelling, we are just deciding who loves you more. And of course, it's a tie." I nuzzle my nose with his in an Eskimo kiss as he giggles.

I hand Masen to Edward.

Turning my back to him, I grab a light jacket that was thrown on a hook and my phone and keys.

"Where are you going?" Edward asks exasperated.

"I just need some air." I tell him, shrugging on my jacket. "I'll be back around noon."

"Bella…" He starts, but I just shake my head and hold up one hand.

"Just forget it Edward." I say, tiredly.

Edward nods stiffly and leans down to give me a kiss. It still felt off.

"I love you." He whispers, almost inaudibly.

"I love you too." I say in the same voice. I then turned to Masen, who looks utterly confused. "I love you baby. Be a good boy for daddy. I'll see you soon."

"Ok mommy."

I smile and kiss him on the forehead before turning out of the office and out the front door.

I re-did this chapter and combined the Prelude and Chapter 1 together.