My first one-shot. It's just a list of the things Sonny hates about Chad. I plan on doing on for Chad about Sonny also. :) Please review this and my other stories, also!

10 things I hate about Chad Dylan Cooper

By: Allison Sonny Munroe

1.) He is inevitably vain and conceited. He only cares about himself.

2.) He cannot live without his full name. You can't go around saying "Chad Cooper", you have to say "Chad Dylan Cooper".

3.) He thinks everyone is beneath him. He is the king… at least that's how he believes.

4.) He thinks his show is way better than everyone else's, when it's not.

5.) He must win at everything, no matter what the challenge.

6.) He must be right all the time, even when he is wrong and he knows it.

7.) He is a snob to anyone who puts up a fight (example: me).

8.) He forces everyone to bend at his will. Who does that?

9.) He makes me write stupid lists like this about him, just to point out his bad qualities.

10.) He has a way of charming you into liking him, although you may not want to face the facts, you have feelings for him.

Unfortunately, number 10 applies to me, and if I made a list about all the qualities I like about him, it would be three times as long as this one.

Chad, what posesses you to do this to me? Urgh.

I just decided to type this list this morning. I know it isn't great, but I felt like doing something out of the box than my normal stuff. :)

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