In the world of Yugioh, adventure is never a far away thing. Especially for Yugi Mutou.

Or anyone associated with him, anyway.

Four years after the events of the very last duel between Yugi and Atem, the gang graduated through college. Yugi and Tea married (it'd happen eventually), and it wasn't too long until something came up - something, unusually, not related to Duels Monsters.

At the moment, Yugi, Joey, and Tristan were hanging around the front counter of the Game Shop. After all these years it was still a common hang out for the an. It was where their adventures all started after all. But not a moment too soon, the small bell hoveirng over the door sounded off, announcing Tea's arrival. "Hi guys!" she greets with a bright smile. "Thanks for meeting up here for me. I have great news!"

"What's the drama this time, Tea?" Joey asks with crossed arms, only for his foot to be stomped on by Tea's high heel boot. Her temper hasn't changed. Then again neither has Joey. He lets out a yell as he crumbles close to the floor in front of Yugi and Tristan.

Tristan snickers, not bothering to hide it. "You know we saw that coming."

"So what's the news, Tea?" Yugi asks. Over the past four years Yugi had come to almost resemble Atem, little by little. From the look of his eye to the sound of his voice it was a scary resemblance. To the untrained eye, one probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.

Tea closes her eyes and tightens her fist out of excitement as an even brighter grin forms on her mouth. "I'm pregnant!"




All three boys stare at Tea with complete and utter silence. The word surprise is an understatement, as was her blutness in announcing the news. They weren't exactly expecting a statement as straightforward as that. "W-With a baby right?" Joey speaks first, raising a hand to her stomach.

"Duh what else?" Tea scolds.

"Really?" Yugi asks, walking up to his wife. It's beginning to sink in, and Yugi's smiling. "We're having a child?"

"Yeah," Tea smiled, taking Yugi's hands. "Isn't it amazing?"

"I-It's wonderful!" And with a bright smile to equal that of his own wife's, the two hug, overjoyed at this wonderfull news. Yugi hasn't looked this happy since he was a teenager, as Atem-looking as he appeared. "Tea I'm so happy."

"Wow," Tristan laughs, being the next to recover from the news. "Tea and Yuge having a kid. Never thought I'd see that."

"And just think," Joey smirks with a suggestive look. "The kid of the King of Games. I can picture him now."

"What makes you think it's a he?"

"Just a gut feeling!" With a cocky expression on his face, Joey pounds his fist on his chest while outstretching his other warm in a dramatic anime-pose. Tristan can only look on. "This kid's gonna have one of the most adventurous lives any kid could dream of! And I'll be there as the super amazing and admirable Uncle he looks up to!"

Tristan sweatdrops and sighs as Joey continues to blabble on and off about the new sacred Mutou child. "Looks like we all know who's gonna be baby-sitting," Tristan comments, not that anyone else can hear.

"I'm gonna be dad!" Yugi cheers, his words echoing beyond the store's walls. His voice could be heard outside the Game Shop, that probably even the heavens heard it.

And just as quick as the original gang found out the news, so did everyone else who was in on the word of Duel Monsters. All over America spread the word of the child of the King of Games coming to be ...

"Yugi and Tea are having a baby?" Bakura asks over his phone admist some paperwork. "That's amazing! Tell him congrats for me."

"A baby? Ya don't say," Duke says slyly, playing with a dice between his fingers. "Well congrats to you and Tea, Yugi. Keep me updated."

Pegasus from his castle watches the news from his television, finding out about the child of the King of Games. He smiles as he drinks another his cup of wine.

Even down at KaibaCorp...

"Seto!" Mokuba shouts, running into his brother's office. Mokuba was now at the moment a young teenager of sixteen. "Guess what I just found out! You'll never believe it!"

"Try me," Seto says in his usual uninterested monotonous voice. As always, Kaiba was absorbed into his work at the moment.

"Yugi and Tea are having a baby," Mokuba tells up at Seto's desk with a smile. Mokuba honestly was looking forward to his brother's reaction of such news.

Seto, hearing his little brother, slowly brings his head up. Many thoughts ran through Kaiba's mind. Despite their post-college status, children were the least he was expecting out of anyone. Especially his long time dueling rival Yugi. But he knew this for sure, this was the beginning of something.



"KIDS! GET OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!" cries Mai, her loud shrill voice echoing throughout her entire household.

"Ah geez, Tea's gonna kill me!" Joey panics, running his hands through his hair.

"You're telling me. This is like the third time you've lost the kids this week, Joey," Mai scolds, having just come home from work. She tosses her purse over the couch, seeing how unclean her living room had become due to Joey's 'searching' antics. Toys and magazines and couch pillows everywhere. "They could be playing with kitchen knives and you wouldn't even notice! I come home, expecting to see my son and his best friend playing with toys and action figures, but nooo they're off in some dangerous situation!"

"You just described our teenagerhood," Joey mutters as he begins to stand up and wal. "Now come on. They're just five-year olds. How smart could they be?- GHAAAH!" For those who are trying to picture this classic cartoon moment, Joey has tripped over a long shoe lace, his own actually. His foot lands on a toy car which starts moving forward, taking Joey with it. At the end of that, Joey falls over the couch and into a crash on its other side.

As Mai shakes her head, full of shame, small fits of laughter can be heard in a short distance. "Hm?" Mai turns around and opens the living room closet door, revealing two children, a boy and a girl, hiding inside. The boy holds the remote control to the car Joey just 'slid' on, and Mai gives the children a scolding look.

"Hehe, hi mom," the boy greets. He was her son, Jet Wheeler.

"What's up, Auntie Mai?" I say with a similar nervous-looking grin. My name is Amunet (that's Am-you-net), but for short I chose Amet. My dad is Yugi Motou, a very famous duelist, so he's always out somewhere for 'important business'. As a result, I'm left to be babysat by a variety of my parents' friends. But my most favorite babysitting place is the Wheeler Residence, where my best friend Jet lives.

Mai sighs as she slumped her shoulders. "Seriously Jet you're gonna give your father a heart attack if this keeps up."

"But it's fun," Jet said in rebuttal, standing up with me. "Besides you did say that whenever we have a guest over at our house, we have to keep them entertained. I just wanted to make sure Amet had a good time."

"Well you guys can have a good time later because it's bed time for you, mister," Mai says, taking the two of us out of the closet.

"Aw," Jet whines.

"You remind so much of your dad sometimes, you know?" Mai frowns, rather annoyed as she tugs on her son's tiny ear. As Jet tries to struggle, Mai then faces me with a completely different and calm smiling look. "And your daddy will be coming for you soon, Amet. Okay?"

"Okay," I answer with a nod. "But can Jet and I go play upstairs before my dad comes to pick me up?"

"As long as there's not too much noise," Mai settles before we run up the stairs together. Meanwhile Mai goes to check up on her husband, still in his collision-position beside the front of the couch. "Eyes like a hawk, huh?"

"Hey I keep a good eye on them alright?" Joey retorts, trying to get up but failing. "I just... dislocated it somewhere, ow."


"Wow...!" I say impressed as I looked through Jet's new deck of dueling cards. It's only about a dozen or so, but it's a well start to building your deck. "You're so lucky you get to have a whole deck of your own, Jet."

"All thanks to my birthday today," Jet grins proudly. "It's awesome being five now. Our moms and dads are finally letting us collect cards."

"You anyway," I correct. "My dad only gave me this card for my birthday yesterday." I show him the single card from my pocket.

"Le'mme see." He reads over the title of the monster. "Magician's Valkyia?"

"Mhm." I take the card with both hands and turn it towards me, smiling nostalgically. "I may not have a deck, but I know that this will be my most treasured card."


I hold it close to my chest with a smile, lost in my thoughts. "Because... it's from my dad." I know Dad works a lot, and I know I don't get to see him a lot either. Being the 'King of Games' and all, he's always called out to all these international tournaments and dueling events that he's rarely home. And as much as I want him to teach me duel monsters, I understand if he can't due to work and tiem restraints. But when he can, he never forgets to show Mom and I he's always thinking about us. And this one gift is proof of that..."It's my hope that he will one day train me in the ways of dueling... as his daughter."

"Leave it to you to make comments like that," Jet comments.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" I pout with my eyes narrowing at the blond, but that's when the doorbell rings. Guess our time together is over.

"Amet! Your parents are here!" Mai calls from downstairs.

"Coming!" I yell back towards Jet's open door. I put my card away and jumped off Jet's bed. "Happy Birthday, Jet."

"Thanks," he nods before I run out.

This was a routine 24-hour day for me. And just like I always would, I run to the door and into my mom's arms. She picks me up, as my dad kisses my cheek and thanks whoever watched me.

Except tonight, it went like this.

"Mommy!" I shout happily as I ran to her and gave her a hug. But this time she didn't pick me up. She simply placed her hand slowly on my short spikey hair in a gentle manner. I feel her thumb playing with the yellow strips of hair I inherited from my dad, and I looked up at her confused. She wears this look of fake content and Dad looks pretty serious, more serious than how he always looks.

"Huh?" I ask, barely audible.

"Thanks for watching Amet, guys," Yugi eventually say to Joey and Mai.

"It's all good," Joey assures, hiding an icepack behind his back before he comes up to the door with Mai. He notices the difference in his best friend's behavior that night. The misplaced tension hovering about them. "Is everything alrigyht, Yuge?"

"We're fine," Yugi assured.

"We'll explain later, alright Joey?" Tea adds before looking down at me. "Okay sweetie, get in the car. Time to go home."

Usually I would talk on and on about their strange behavior, but something in me just kept me in a barely mute volume. "Okay..." I say, less enthusiastic sounding, mostly lost actually. Though as I fasten my seat belt, I notice Jet in his bedroom window, looking down at me as he always would to watch me drive away. I wave goodbye from the backseat window and my dad drievs us off.

The car ride was inexplicably quiet that night. Usually mom and dad would ask me how my day went, or they would tell me details of what they did at work, whatever that was. I never did find out. However this ride, not a word was said, and I just couldn't gather the guts to speak up and ask about the silence.

When we get home to the Game Shop (we lived in the apartment above the game shop), my dad takes my coat and I run upstairs to get ready for bed. That didn't take too long, because I was now sitting on my bed in my orange pajama dress, staring down my Magician's Valkyria card.

"Amet?" my mom's voice calls as she slowly opens my door. "You still up?"

"Yes, Mommy," I reply, putting my card under my pillow before she and Dad can come in. This room - Dad said this used to be his room when he lived with my great grandpa - This room, unknown to me, would be the last place I'd spend any quality time with my parents... And I wish I could've told them more.

"Amet, we need to talk," my dad starts. Mom sits down beside me on the bed while my dad remains standing.

"Something's wrong," I say, eyebrows furrowed, my young voice falling.

Tea looks up at her husband for help in words. Unfortunately he too had trouble trying to find out how to explain things. "See, Amet, your mom and I will be taking another trip."

"Okay," I start calmly. "What's the matter with that?"

"It's, going to be a very long trip," Yugi adds carefully, correcting himself while choosing selectful words.

"Is it another honeymoon?" I asked naively, tilting my head to the side. "Uncle Joey said that once."

"Yeah don't listen to Uncle Joey," Tea says with a vein as she pulls my head to her chest in a protective manner. Naively, I blinked my eyes.

Yugi sighs, ignoring the last comment. "It's not that either, Amet," he says. "Let's just say your mom and I have to go somewhere, and we can't take you because it's too dangerous."

"Dangerous?" I repeat, making a confused face. I lift myself up from Mom's grasp. Where are they going?

"We want you to stay and wait for us, okay," Mom continues. "So you'll be staying with Mokuba and Kaiba at KaibaCorp."

Personally I was okay with staying with Mokuba and Seto. I've come to visit every other time Yugi needed to duel in KaibaLand. However, I was curious as to why Mom and Dad were being so serious about this matter. Was it really that dangerous? "For how long?" I ask almost too instantly.

Yugi and Tea exchange questioning glances first. "I don't know, Amet," Yugi answers, sadly honest.

The look on my face is probabaly, lost, confused. But knowing that,t I hide it with the brightest smile I can muster up. "It's alright," I assure them. "I'm okay with you and Mom going."

"You sure, sweetie?" Tea asks with an arm around my shoulders.

"Uhuh," I nod. "I'll wait for you guys, no matter how long you're gone."

"That's my girl," Yugi says with his palm on my head with smile and a laugh. I tackle my dad in a hug, resulting with a crash on the floor beside my bed.

As Dad and I wrestle, Dad trying to tickle me, Tea watches from the bed in contentment. She probably knew too, that this would probably be one of the last times the three of us would be together as a family.

The following day, I find myself standing outside a giant building with the two letters KC at the top. Two large suitcases half my sixe standing on both sides of me. This was what I was taught to call the KaibaCorp building, a giant and tall business center/ home of the Kaiba brothers. Despite passing by the corperate building every so often when going to KibaLand, it seems a bit more intimidating now.

'So I'm staying here?...'

My Mom and Dad escort me to the top part of the building, where Kaiba's office is. The door slides open and there stands two people, Kaiba and Mokuba.

"Yugi," Kaiba greets low-toned with crossed arms.

Yugi nods in response. "Thanks for allowing Amet to say while we are gone."

"There wasn't really an option to say no, considering the circumstances," Kaiba say. Being a child, I didn't really understand what was going on at the moment. How I wish I did then.

Tea walks up forward to Kaiba. As calm as she looked, her eyes were scary, and for that reason I didn't leave my dad's side. Yugi looked confusingly at his wife from behind. What was she doing?

Tea stops, right in front of Kaiba. She stares at him with fierceness and something of bravery that even Mokuba at the side notices. "Kaiba, you better take good care of my daughter." Kaiba simply stares down at the woman with no response, but kept his solemn icey-stare. "Because if you so much as hurt her in any way, I swear I-"

"You'll what," Seto taunted, his stance unchanged.

I've only stayed over at Kaibacorp for babysitting a couple times, not as much as with Tristan or Joey. But even when I did come here, I mostly if not always stuck around with Mokuba on the lower floors; in the main office or the employee beak room. Never so much with Kaiba. He never played with me or joined Mokuba and me for dinner when I got hungry. Now that I think about it, most of the times I'd see Kaiba would be during those intense duels he and Dad would have in KaibaLand. Now that I think about it, will I really be okay staying here for who knows how long?

"You're the one dumping your kid here, Tea. You're in no position to make further demands, let alone threats."

Something appeared to snap in Mom. "What-"

"I'll be okay, Mommy," I say, breaking the tension in the room. "Really..." I didn't know it, but I was clutching the bottom of my dad's jacket, my knuckles white from pressure.

I didn't think she would, but Mom stepped back to Dad and me. I notice Kaiba's eyes narrow. Would he be okay with me staying here?

"We'll be home soon," Yugi assures, bending down to my height and kissing my forehead. I take note of his eyes, the sides of his hands on my shoulder, our similarity in hair. I feel the need to memorize how my father looks like, despite knowing he'll be back soon. "Stay good."

"I will," I reply softly as I smile up at my parents. With a last mental picture of them hovering over me, they turned and walk out of the room, and I watched them disappear before the closed automatic door. It all happened so slow, and like that... they were gone. "Goodbye," I whisper, wishing them good luck in whatever they were doing.

Again, little did I know... that that'd be the last I'd see of them.


"Okay, I'm ready," I tell, exiting my bedroom with my school bag.

"Awesome, let's blow this card stand!" Jet shouts, taking my wrist by surprise and running down the halls. It doesn't take too long for the two of us to get out of the KaibaCorp building.


"Oh my gosh," I gasp first in a whisper. "Oh my gosh! Why didn't I think about this before?"

"T-Think about what again?" Jet asks as I began walking forward, taking his ear and pulling him along the way.

"Dude, I think I just got a lead on my parents' whereabouts!"