Clouds of dust from the sand mixed with the wind shielded our eyesight. I did my best to see through it, desperate to see if our attempt had succeeded. When the sand dust cleared, we saw little change, but I was able to see a crack on the bottom of the hourglasses.

"It's breaking!" Jet grinned as Kara stayed close by us. However the smiles present on our faces soon disappeared as we saw the cracks regenerate and fix themselves, much to my horror.

I gritted the teeth within my mouth and tightened my fists. I refused to accept the fact that our trials of hardship were to end here. "Attack again!" I shouted suddenly, catching Jet by surprise. Both our monsters fired their attacks a second time, resulting with the same air consuming cloud of dust. I saw the cracks regenerate once more and I repeated the process, crying out the order in desperation. "Again!!"

"Amet it's not working," Jet told me, grabbing my arm, but I yanked it out of his grasp.

"No! We're getting them out of here if it takes us the rest of eternity!" I faced forward. "Again!!"

On their fourth blow, I ran forward, darting myself through the sand to my dad's hourglass, and it was there I began punching the broken part of the bottom before it could regenerate. The more I hit it, the longer the crack made, though it tried to force itself to fix the damage. I didn't care how much strain I was putting on my fists, how long I would have to endure this seemingly never-ending process; the pain of hard glass hitting and scraping against the bones of my knuckles. Even if they started to bleed I wouldn't stop until my parents were reunited with me.

"Amet..." Jet said in confusion. He took a hesitant step forward only to be held back by the small Kara.

Soon enough I was able to break it enough for sand to start falling out from inside, and it would repair itself no more. The imbalance of my father's hourglass caused the same cracked pattern to appear on my mother's hourglass. With Jet helping with my mother's unconscious figure, Kara watched as we did our best to free Tea and Yugi. I made one final punch and the glass broke, as well as Jet's. A waterfall of sand slipped at my feet as I watched my dad slide out from inside the hourglass sand as well, his eyes now closed in slumber.

"They actually did it...." Kara said in a whisper of awe as my mom appeared outside with the rest of the sand, her eyes closed, too.

"Dad?" I asked with a smile and teary eyes, sitting beside my father's laying figure. "Dad can you hear me?" I heard him groan and his eyes tightened. Then they opened and I was right there next to him. I gasped, tears of pure joy falling from my eyes. "Daddy!" my voice broke in a cry, throwing my arms around him and letting it all out, just as Kara once did too me. Jet and Kara smiled at the scene, my mother still asleep from exhaustion.

"Amet?" asked my dad's strong voice.

"It's really you this time," I sobbed. "I've missed you." After a few seconds Yugi finally realized what was going on and smiled, hugging his long lost daughter.I nuzzled my face into my father's shoulder, savoring the feeling of being in the embrace of my dad. It's been so long. I've waited all these years to see my parents again, and now I am.

"Aw man. Now this is what I call a happen ending," Jet said, wiping his nose with his finger. Kara nodded in agreement.

Taking one last sniffle I let go of my dad. He looked the same as he did before when I last saw him. Just a little worn out. "Jet and I looked everywhere for you and Mom."

"And I knew you'd find us," Yugi nodded, to to be givin another hug by Kara.

"Grandpa you're awake!" she giggled as I joined in on the hug as well. It was strange, hearing Kara called my father grandpa. But I didn't really care at this point.

Looking over my shoulder Yugi saw Jet standing in the distance. "Jesset Wheeler is that you?"

The blond put on a sheepish grin and took one hand out of his pocket to scratch his head. "Heh, yes sir."

"Well I must say you've grown into a fine young man to have accompanied my daughter to this place. You have my gratitude."

"It was nothing, Mr. Mutou. I was only doing the right thing," Jet told modestly. Finally, a bright light overcame us and I closed my eyes, hugging my dad once more. I felt myself slipping away from this reality.

When I opened my eyes, I felt myself laying on the ground, a hard solid ground. Not like the sand I was just previously standing over. I gasped and sat up, realizing we were back at the Shrine of the Millennium Stone. Jet too sat up, and I found my mom and dad with us as well.

"We-We're back?" Jet asked in disbelief.

I felt the Millennium Shard in my hand, where it was right before the shadow realm. I glanced down at it and looked at my reflection. "It's really over now isn't it..."

"For the mean time," Jet replied as my parents both sat up. My mother rubbed her head.

"Boy do I have a headache," she said before opening her eyes. "Wait, where are we?"

"Mom!" I shouted, getting up and running to her.

"Amet?" Tea said in surprise. "I-It's really you?"

"You're back, Mom!" I laughed as my father came over to us.

"We're all back," he said as we all stood up for a group family hug.

Jet smiled. 'I've never seen Amet this happy before. Hn, I'm glad she's able to smile again.'

"Alright, not to mess up this touching reunion, but we have to go," Jet reminded. "Field trip ends today, remember?"

My eyes cracked open. "Oh man I forgot!" I jumped, breaking out of my parents grasp.

"Wait a sec," Tea interrupted, a stern and scolding look on her face. "How did you find us anyway? What are you doing in Egypt?? You have a lot of explaining to do when we get back home, young lady."

"I'm gonna get grounded for saving my parents?" I said bewildered to myself with a sweatdrop.

"Welcome to the world of a whole family," Jet said with a hand on my shoulder.


"Geez where are they?" Kayla said, tapping her foot in the lobby.

"I'm sure Jet and Amet will be back soon from their duel," Odion assured the children. Of course it was a lie. Then again a duel could take forever, so it was a good excuse to tell the others.

"Why don't you all head up to your rooms and finish your packing," Ishizu advised. The teens, having no reason to back-talk Ishizu, did as she said and went back down the hallway to their rooms. Bakura and Marik watched from the sidelines.

"Do you think they found the Egyptian God Cards?" Marik asked with a hint of concern

"It's what they came here for, after all," Bakura replied, sitting on the couch. "They won't come back until they've got what they were looking for."

As if strictly on cue the front door to the lobby opened, and there stood my parents, Jet, and me, all worn out looking from travel. Our clothes were dirty and our bags were ripped at some of the edges. Nonetheless, we were here now. I grinned at the adults looking at us from the couch. "We're back," I announced with a small laugh.

"Amet, Jet!" Bakura said standing up. "And Yugi Tea oh this is marvelous!"

"Bakura," Tea smiled as he and the Ishtars walked up to them. "It's so good to see you."

"It's good to see you, too," Bakura laughed. "H-How are you guys here?"

"It's a long story," Yugi said with a slight smile.

"I thought they were just looking for the God Cards," Marik whispered.

Ishizu smiled calmly. "I guess they were able to find their parents on the way." As my parents conversed with old friends Jet and I smiled at each other, taking hold of each others' hands once more. With my best friend I was able to find my parents and discover my love of duel monsters. He saved my back more times than I can count, even before all this craziness happened.

But there was still one thing we all had left unfinished. Little Kara, my future daughter. She never came back with us. And according to my dad, Kara is still trapped in the shadow realm, because she was sealed there.

"What do you mean Kara's still in the shadow realm?" I asked with alertness in my voice. "Didn't she go back to her own time or something? I mean, is there any proof that's she's stuck there?""

"It's the truth, Amet," Yugi explained to me. Tea and Jet had already climbed up the rope back to the surface of the desert, but I had refused to leave without Kara. "Someone sealed Kara in the shadow realm. It is out of our hands to be able to simply bring her out."

"But, we must be able to do something! Anything!" I pleaded to my father, still unwilling to leave the shrine ruins. Tea and Jet listened from above us.

"Amet," Yugi said sternly, placing his hands on my shoulders. "She won't be there forever. You can still save her. We'll find a way. I promise."

She's cursed to wander that desolate wasteland for all of eternity, unless we can change the future from happening.

However, I have no idea how I'm supposed to do that.


We all took a plane back home to Domino City, putting that troublesome thought to the back of our minds for the mean time.

Afterwards Bakura drove his car with Jet and my family inside, dropping us off at KaibaCorp with our luggages in the back. I gazed out the car window, wondering what'll happen once we step out of this car. I remember asking myself this: how's Kaiba going to react when I say I brought my parents back home from a nine-year-long-disappearance? Procrastinating for a project was one thing, but procrastinating for the future was something I was never able to achieve right.

I let out a breath as the car came to a slow halt. "... We're here." I opened the door and got out with Jet, my parents exiting the car on the other side. I slung my bag over my shoulder sternly and looked up at the tall building that was my home growing up. And now going back in it, gave me a more different feeling than usual.

"You gonna be okay, Amet?" Jet asked me, imagining how nervous I must be.

I turned to him and made a small confident smile. "Hey, no turning back right?"

Jet smiled and me and nodded in agreement with my statement. I looked forward and started walking. At least Bakura took the harder part of the job and called Kaiba beforehand and told him of the news. I wouldn't have had the courage to say it without stuttering for a half hour. prolonging one of my worst nightmares.

When I entered the lobby, everyone else came in afterwards a short distance away. And in front of me I saw Kaiba and Mokuba standing there, expecting my arrival back from Egypt. Kisara was present as well beside the Kaiba brothers, though that didn't surprise me. I've noticed after a while Kisara's frequent appearances in the building, more recognizably around Kaiba.

"So, I'm guessing this field trip of yours was a bit more than you expected," Kaiba said with that usual flat tone and crossed arms.

"Yeah," I answered, looking down and avoiding eye contact. He knew about my parents now. They were right behind me. "I'm sorry I've had to lie all this time, Kaiba. Really." I was trying my best not to cry in front of him. "And now that I have my mom and dad back....I'm really gonna miss living here with you and Mokuba." My voice was cracking now and my yellow bangs covered my eyes. "I know I always seem to get into trouble that I'm a nuisance and... I'm sorry I wasn't the perfect daughter."

I let the tears fall to the polished lobby floor. I've never had myself cry so much in a series of two days. I felt Kaiba's footsteps arrive in front of me and he bent down to my height, and I looked up, eyes red and wet. Kaiba's face was still the same emotionless one I knew growing up. "You may not be my daughter, or a perfect one... But I definitely don't regret taking you in during your parents' absence," Kaiba said, hiding a smile. He placed his hand on my head. "I'll miss you, too."

A bright smile appeared on my face and I threw my arms around Kaiba, hugging him tightly. Mokuba and Kisara smiled at the touching moment, as well as those at the door.

"Jet?" asked a woman's voice, making Jet's head perk up. From the stairs of the KaibaCorp lobby came Mai, marching down in her trademark echoing high heel boots..

"Mom!" Jet grinned, running to his mother. Bakura had taken the privilege of telling the Wheelers the truth of the field trip as well, of course, leaving out the surprise of Yugi and Tea. "Mom..." Jet smiled, hugging his mother.

"God I was so worried about you!" Mai said, squeezing her son. "You're always out to give me a heart attack aren't you."

"Every day," Jet grinned, enjoying being in the arms of his mom. A blond haired man appeared at the bottom of the flight of stairs. Joey was there, not having run down the stairs like his wife. A smile appeared as he watched his wife and son reunite. However his eyes darted to the door where he saw a familiar tri-colored hair style oh-so similar to mines. Joey was staring at his two long lost friends.

"Yugi? Tea? Is that really you?" Joey asked in disbelief

Tea looked to the staircase door and saw the blond-haired knuckle head she grew up with. "Joey!" she shouted, making Yugi turn as well.

"Oh man its really you guys!" Joey yelled, running to the front door with that laugh. He hugged Tea then put Yugi into a playful headlock. "Give us a warning next time you disappear of the face of the earth for a decade!"

"Sorry Joey, we've had a lot goin' for us," Yugi chuckled, getting out of Joey's head lock. "You've raised your son well. He's been protecting Amet all this time, hasn't he."

"Eh, I did what I can," Joey shrugged.

Tea laughed. "I can't wait to see Tristan. How is he?"

"That dude? He's traveling the world right now, seeing people, seeing places,."

"That sounds like Tristan," Yugi nodded.

"I'll have to call him to drop by Domino some time. He'd be thrilled to see you two back home safe and sound again."

"That'd be nice," Tea smiled. She hasn't felt so happy in so long, it was nice to see her friends again. And she had her's and Yugi's daughter and Joey's son to thank for that.

Mai chuckled, looking up at the Tea. "These two kids are together all the time. Maybe now that you're back, Tea, we can discuss our shopping plans as sisters-in-law," she suggested with raising eyebrows.

"Ehh?!?" Jet and I retorted, turning our heads around. Mai and Tea laughed, causing Bakura, Yugi, and Joey to chuckle along with them. Mokuba and Kisara smiled from the sidelines.

"Hey! Not cool!" Jet shouted with a vein.

While Jet let his temper loose at the adults teasing, I couldn't help but feel a faint blush appear on my cheeks. Typical Mai. Kaiba saw this. "Since I'm not your guardian anymore, I guess I can't protect you from Wheeler anymore," he said with a teasing smirk.

"K-Kaiba," I scolded, hiding my deepening blush. When Kaiba starts teasing you, you know it's all over.


Within the following days coming to pass, the news of the 'mysterious' return of the King of games spread throughout the entire world, similar to how it got out that I was to be born as the daughter of the king of games. In honor of Yugi Mutou's return, Domino City was hosting a fancy formal dinner party in the cafeteria of the Domino High school, with the expensive round table cloths and the hanker chiefs folded to look like birds, only for you to wipe your mouths over them. Special chairs were rented along with an orchestra to compliment the special ballroom-like atmosphere.

At the moment, I was sitting at a round table, sitting with my parents and a few other adults. Not many kids around a formal party, not did I have much of an appetite for such exquisite food. And wearing a dress to match the occasion didn't help calm my nerves either. While the adults at the table conversed I turned around discretely, spying over the other tables, scouting for were Jet was sitting. I found him eating bored at a near by table, dressed in a cheap tux. He refused to gel his hair back like his mother wanted him to.

Feeling my gaze on the back of his head he looked at me at the corner of his eyes and smiled, making a small wave from underneath the table. I, too, smiled and waved from under the table, the adults not seeing. Turning back around I faced my parents. "Mom, Dad, can I be excused?"

"Sure, Amet," Tea nodded, her hair done up beautifully. I wished I had inherited my mother's sleek straight hair. Inheriting mines from my father, I couldn't really do much even if I dare wanted to. Pushing my seat back I sat up, bringing my feet out from under the table, revealing my converse sneakers from under the peach orange colored dress. Jet, too, followed the notion and stepped out of his seat. Together the two of us sneaked out of the large dining room and up the staircase. We soon arrived at the roof of the Domino High building, away from the party downstairs.

"Finally! I thought I'd never get out of there," I laughed, stretching my arms upwards as I walked towards the edge of the roof where the caged wire fences were. With the time being night, you could easily see the city lights and miraculously a small number of stars here and there.

"I know," Jet agreed, walking up to me with a hand in his pocket and the other hand holding his black jacket blazer over his shoulder. He had loosened his tie which was previously up to the middle of his neck. "Who knew bringing your mom and dad back would cause such a commotion."

"They must be real important, then." I felt the wind against my bare arms and just on that instant I felt the warmth of a jacket, Jet's blazer. "Huh?"

"What? You're wearing a strapless dress for cryin' out loud. I figured you'd be cold." I blinked at him. "H-Hey don't give me that look! You make it look like I didn't something wrong!"

"I know. It's just kinda corny that you'd act so polite here here," I said in reply.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know those cliche stories of how the two best friends go on some journey then in the end having some cheesy romantic moment," I said with a look on my face as I clutched the jacket over my shoulders. Hey I really was a bit cold. "Then they interestingly and openly admit their 'prolonged' feelings for one another and kiss."

"..." Jet sarred at me with another look. "... I have nothing to say to that."

"Sorry. Just seems like one of those moments. You know, with the jacket and all."

"I could take it back."

"No I'm cold!" I snapped, dodging Jet's extended hand towards my shoulder.

He laughed, putting his arm back down. "You girls are so weird, taking everything into all the detail."

"You're one to talk," I muttered back, turning towards the fence. There was a short momentary silence. "But really Jet, thanks."

"For the jacket?"

"Jet!!" I shouted in a scolding voice. "And no. I mean..." Mm, how do I put this into worlds. "Well, you've been a big help to me for a long time now, and I felt like I should thank you."

"You've said that to me how many times now?"

"Jet I mean it," I said in a less annoyed kinda tone. I smiled out to the city lights. "You said in the very beginning that you'd help me through everything. I never knew we'd ever be going through stuff like this, yet you kept your word and stuck with me." I clutched onto the sides of the jacket. "It's one thing to be a person who keep their promises. It's a whole lot more different to be a person who keeps their word."

"I... wow," Jet exhaled. "You know, it's speeches like that I'll never expect to come out of you, of all people. The tough tomboy of Domino High giving a fortune cookie saying like that. But you now what? I'm still not leavin' ya." Jet chuckled. "Knowing that you've got a killer out there in the future, I'm not gonna stop until I find'em and make them pay for what they did to you and Kara." He looked at me. "And I'm not doing that to keep my word. I'm doing it because we're best friends. Do I really need a reason?" He closed his eyes. "And besides, you'd do the same thing for me, wouldn't ya?"

I smiled at him. "Yeah. I would."

Speaking not another word we stayed up on the roof for a little while longer, enjoying the temporary peace that would remain until later on. A new mission: I had to save Kara from the shadow realm, now that I have my parents back. Jet on the other hand continued to comply his thoughts through his head. Puberty, he blamed, was making him feel all different feelings towards his best friend. He knew that it'd only be a matter of time until he could no longer surpass those feelings, but for the meantime, for the sake of our friendship and my life, he did his best to hold them back and keep them unknown for as long as possible, even to himself.

But who knows?

Expect the unexpected when you're a Mutou.


Having been called back downstairs to the main room of the party, we found the orchestra playing dancing music, couples dressed for the best dancing the night away.

"There you two are," Mai greeted, walking up to us, wearing a curve-hugging red dress. However my current thoughts were occupied by the appearance of the fairy tale dance floor. A grin on my face widened at the beauty of the room.

"Wow, this looks so amazing!" I praised in awe.

"Hm?" Jet arched his eyebrows. "What's with you?"

"It's just so pretty...!" I said in further amusement. It was then I saw Kaiba at a further table, working on his laptop during the party. Putting on a favorable face, I decided to take another temporary leave. "I'll be right back, okay?"

"Alright," Jet nodded as I ran off, my sneakers making silent vibrational steps on the well-polished floor. They really did a good job on turning the school cafeteria into a party room.

Mai placed her hands on her hips as Jet looked on. "Geez Jet you didn't even ask her to dance."

"What?" Jet asked his mother.

"Oh come on I mean this is the perfect opportunity! Waltzing music, no duel monsters, heck Amet's even in a dress!"

"What so just becuase we're in some fancy party we're supposed to dance?" Jet asked with a sweatdrop at the side of his forehead. "And where's Dad, anyway? Shouldn't you be dancing with him? You guys are married after all."

"Eh, yeah but your father's conversing with people. You know him and his title as 'the world's second greatest duelist'."


"Oh never mind."

I arrived up behind Kaiba, sitting at a table alone with his laptop. Everyone probably went to converse with other people at the party or to dance. "Come on Kaiba, you have to work now?"

"Nothing else to do," he told me as I leaned on his chair from behind. That's a horrible excuse.

I pouted and turned my head around, searching the room. And to my luck I found Kisara sitting at a table with a few other girls. It was nice seeing her making friends, but it was then I decided to formulate a plan. Hey, I'm not under Kaiba's guardianship anymore. He can't ground me for this. "HEY KISARA COME OVER HERE!!"

Kaiba's head jumped, for once in surprise. "Amet what are you doing?"

I went out from behind Kaiba's chair and placed up hand on the back screen of his laptop, closing it with a wink. "Just a little something I've been wanting to do for a while."

Within a matter of seconds, the beautiful blue-eyed girl walked up to us. "Hi Amet, Seto."

"Hy Kisara what's up?" I grinned with a slight wave, me having Kaiba already stand up. "Say, why don't you two dance?"

"Amet," Kaiba muttered under his breath while glancing at me at the corner of his eyes.

"S-Seto and I? Dance?" Kisara repeated with a slight blush. "I don't know. If Seto wants to I suppose..."

"Well, go on," I said in a harsh whisper, pushing Kaiba's back so he stepped forward. Geez of all times for Seto Kaiba to not do anything about one of my actions. I heard them talk in a quiet whisper while I crossed my arms, deliberately trying not to hear as to give them privacy. However I did find a smile appear on Kisara's face as Kaiba took her hand, and led her to the dance floor with the other couples. I smiled and leaned over on my left leg, a look of satisfaction making its way onto my face. I sighed. "Finally, everyone's good."

"Not quite," said my father's voice, coming up to my side after a short while. "How about a father daughter dance?"

I smiled and walked to the middle of the dance floor with my dad. People cleared the dance floor as the lights dimmed, and the music changed. Tea and Mai from the sidelines went 'aw' as we began to dance. I've always wondered what a father daughter dance was like, and now I know. The only saddest part about this was that I had no idea what I was doing, as well as I fact I had no idea how my father learned to dance. But I decided to savor the moment while I could.

Eventually as the dance came to a close, I heard the echoing footsteps of another person and found my beautiful mother come up to the two of us. "May I cut in?" she smiled at me. The only thing that made me happier than me dancing with my father, was to see my mother dance with my father. I politely stepped back as my mom took my place.

I saw my parents dancing together, smiling lovingly into each other's eyes. I remember how they stared at each other like that before. It's a beautiful sight to see them dancing again. Jet saw me smiling at them, and walked up behind me. Tapping my shoulder, I turned around in surprise. "Instead of standing there like a ditsy fool, wanna dance?" he asked like a gentleman, holding out his hand. I stared down at it for a while, making Jet finally looked at my face to see what was the matter. "What are you starrin' at?"

"It's just... You're asking me to dance?" I asked, pointing at myself.

"There's no one else around is there," Jet said skeptically, his hand still out. "And don't say you can't dance. You just were with your dad."

"And you can?" I asked with an arched eyebrow. He replied with a shrug, his other hand still dug in his pocket. I made an exhale of my breath and took his hand. He placed his other on my side and mine on his shoulder. Surprisingly he was a pretty decent dancer, gliding his feet and mine in the directions my dad was. Curious, I looked to the side of the barren empty dance floor and saw my parents, and I smiled. "I've waited a long time to see them dance like that again," I told Jet without moving my eyes. "The last time I saw them dance together was on a Christmas. I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink from the kitchen, but on my way to the living room I saw my mom and dad dancing together by the Christmas tree." I kept my smile present, Jet listening to my story as we continued to dance. "I wonder if I'll ever be able to look at someone the way they do with each other."

"Well you have a daughter in the future don't you?" Jet reminded in a whisper as he twirled me. Inwardly he felt a little jealous, for whoever the father would be. "I'm sure you'll find someone you can look at with those eyes."

Loosing my confused stare, I smiled at him and nodded, letting the orchestra music guide us on the dance floor. Everyone's eyes were on either us or my parents.

The feeling of this one temporary ending felt like one I've never thought I'd find. My entire life, I've figured my only goal and purpose was to find my parents. Not too surprisingly, that wasn't all I was looking for, let alone gained. I've learned to take chances, instead of just being all talk and dream. I've learned I had an inner passion for duel monsters, a game of which I thought was just simple card play and nothing more. It is so much more. It's not only the foundation of so many historic events, or used as a ritual for saving the lives and souls of others, but as a way of trade for memories and the happiness it provides for those who follow along.

As I write this in my secret diary on the car ride back to KaibaCorp, I realize I have finished the entire leather covered book to the final yellow lined page. All of the pages that followed had consisted of my life after I had learned to write, but the events that have occurred crossing with duel monsters, those I wrote the most about. My tales of duel monsters and the search for my parents occupied most of this book, and I realize that part had occupied most of my own life, whether I know that now or not. It only fitted that it's come to that end. It merely meant that I would start a new diary, to keep recording these memories just as Jet enjoyed taking pictures to record memories. We all have ways of recording our precious lives, and I am one of those who follow this trade.

Every three seconds the highway lights flickered over the window as I sat with the diary and pen on my lap. My seat belt lapped across my chest and jacket, while everyone else in the vehicle slept, save for the driver. I flipped to the first page of the diary, where it had This journal belongs to___________. I never did fill that out for whatever reason. Now that I will no longer be writing in this book, I believe it's time I signed my name in it as the book's final and last entry.

Amunet Mutou

I crossed that out with my pen with a single line.


That was all I left on the small line. A simple signature. I didn't know why either, but that was what I wanted on the first page. Just that. And below the line I wrote one last piece of writing for the diary.

PART 1: Recurring Over

That was the name of this journal, this diary, this recording. This caption of my life from when I was born up until now, I shall name the Recurring Over. It fitted the moment for personal reasons. And to suit my unusual thoughts and estranged moment of feeling, I closed the book after taking the pen out. I closed the lock on the side of the book from the back cover to the front cover. It was a red lether book. With the tiny diary key I locked the book, turning it to the right. After I knew it was locked, I discretely opened the limo window, and I stuck my hand out with the key for the diary. With my eyes closed and a dreamy smile on my face behind the tinted window, my small grip released and the key fell onto the highway, quickly disappearing from sight.

Before the sound of the wind could catch any of the other passengers' attention and wake them up, I closed the window and looked back at my diary. I don't have any need to look through it now. These pages are so recent. When the time comes, when I want to reminence on far off memories, the key I have thrown away will come back, and I will remember.

I wish I could say it gets easier from this point on. I really do. But in a cliche way, the stakes are higher, the bonds are stronger, and I'm willing to take on whatever fate throws at me. You can't expect for everything to go okay just because it's the nature of the world, good over bad. You work at it.

I will.

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-What happens to Amet's future daughter Kara?
-where does Amet go on to live with?
-who does she really love?
-Is there still duel monsters? duh.
-what's going on with Yugi, Tea, Joey, and tristan?
-What's gonna happen with Kaiba and Kisara?

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