Title: Umino Foundation

Rating: M

Summary: Iruka is only nine years older than Naruto. Why Naruto picked him to be his 'precious person' is still a mystery to the teenager. Also, where the hell did Naruto see zombies?

Warnings: Strong language, light violence, references to slash

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does.

Author Note: I am interested in slash. This does not mean that everyone and their dog is going to by gay in my stories. In my 'verse, ninja know that life is short, sometimes painfully so, and that means that they take comfort with whichever sex they feel like, man or woman. This does not mean that Iruka is gay. It means that Iruka liked Mizuki at one point. He may be with a woman next time. IDK, it's all very fluid. I just needed someone that Naruto had a reason to hate. :)


Iruka Umino was a nice person. Even though he was a sixteen year old chuunin who'd only just started teaching at the academy a year earlier, he was trusted with pretty much everything to do with the students. He also drew children to him like the Pied Piper did, only without the need of music.

The first time that he met Naruto Uzumaki a year ago, the six year old boy was lounging on the steps of the school with two children his age. Iruka quickly found out that the trio of genius' were good friends. Uchiha's never went to bat for anyone other than family, but the Uchiha boy in Naruto's little group beat the ever living crap out of an eleven year old early genin graduate that afternoon for throwing mud at the Container.

Not that the mud had actually hit Naruto; no, the boy was far too fast for that.

"Iruka-sensei?" Even though the blond had graduated with his two friends just a week earlier, Naruto still came around the school at the end of the day to walk Iruka home, like he needed protecting.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun. How was your day?" As nice as Iruka was, he was even smarter. He'd heard the wishes of the Fourth Hokage, he'd heard the explanation of the sealing; he knew that Naruto was the one keeping Konoha safe, not a reborn Nine Tailed Demon Fox in human form.

"Was good!" Naruto exclaimed as he clasped their hands together. Iruka slung his satchel over his shoulder and off they went toward Iruka's house. "Kaka-sensei was pretty surprised to see Sasuke and me sparrin' on the water, and Sakura was balancin' a leaf o'er her nose, standin' off ta the side of the water so she didn't get hit with nothing. He said we was doing good."

"That's excellent, Naruto-kun," Iruka squeezed Naruto's hand gently and Naruto squeezed back, "And I heard that you had dinner with Sasuke-kun's family last week. How did that go?"

"Oh man!" Naruto practically jumped three feet in the air he was so excited, "Man oh man! Mikoto-sama made this yakiniku, I think it was pork, it was so good! I've ne'er had such good food before!" He stopped jumping and looked up at Iruka through his eyelashes, continuing in a more guarded tone, "I mean, you always feed me good an' I love eatin' at your place, but Mikoto-sama is really awesome."

Iruka laughed gaily, just a little intimidated and a lot sad that Naruto thought his cooking was good. He made a mean instant ramen, sure, but he was better at cooking over an open fire than with a stove. Naruto's preference just highlighted how bad his life really was. Naruto may have meant to be comforting with his words, but the reality was there in the background every time he opened his mouth.

"It's okay, Naruto," Iruka pulled Naruto into a quick, tight hug and ruffled his hair before taking the boy's hand again and continuing their journey, "Did you have fun?" Iruka asked a moment later.

"Well," Still a bit subdued, Naruto shrugged one shoulder, "Sasuke and Sakura were there, which was awesome, and Mikoto-sama is totally cool and 'Tachi-san is kinda... 'Ka-sensei?"

"Yes Naruto?"

Naruto looked up at Iruka with wide eyes and a completely serious expression on his face, "When zombies get resurrected, they don't got emotions, right? 'Cause I heard zombies had no emotions, and 'Tachi-san is kinda emotionless, so I was wonderin'... Is 'Tachi-san a zombie?"

The complete seriousness that Naruto's face held was far too much for Iruka and the teenager broke down laughing so hard he fell to his knees, satchel landing beside him, a worried Naruto in his face.

"'Ka-sensei? You okay? What's so funny?" The panic in Naruto's face convinced Iruka that it would be bad for the child to see his 'beloved 'Ka-sensei' keel over from laughter.

"No, Naruto, I'm fine, it's okay," Iruka breathed deeply to contain his mirth, "I was just... I found something you said funny, that's all."

"What's so funny 'bout 'Tachi-san bein' a zombie?" Naruto stood back and crossed his arms over his chest defiantly, "I've seen zombies 'fore! I saw some guy using bodies for puppets and that means I saw zombies! 'Tachi-san could totally be a zombie."

Iruka rested a hand on Naruto's shoulder with a smile, "If Itachi-san really was a-" Iruka had a hard time getting the words out without bursting into laughter again, "-a zombie-puppet, who is controlling him then?"

There was a pause as Naruto thought about the question. "Uchiha-sama!" Naruto exclaimed suddenly with vigour, "Uchiha-sama was really, really cold! Colder than zombie-'Tachi-san and he don't like me! Everythin' Uchiha-zombie-controller-sama tol' zombie-'Tachi-san to do, zombie-'Tachi-san did!"

Wide eyed, Iruka gripped Naruto by the shoulders hard, shaking him once, gently, "Naruto, don't ever call Uchiha-sama 'Uchiha-zombie-controller-sama' to his face. In fact, don't ever call him that. Uchiha-sama is not a 'zombie-controller' and Itachi-san is not a zombie, okay?"

"Err, alright," Naruto furrowed his brow then shrugged, "Can I call 'Tachi-san..."

"No! I mean," Iruka lowered his voice at Naruto flinch, "No, Naruto, you can't call Itachi-san 'zombie-Itachi-san'. It isn't polite. Calling people by mean names hurts their feelings."

Blue eyes clouded over and Naruto nodded distantly, "Yeah, okay. I won't call anyone a mean name. Sorry Iruka-sensei."

Shocked by his full name, Iruka pulled Naruto back into a tight hug, this one not short, "Oh Kiddo, you can call me 'Ka-sensei. It's not a mean name. It's a nickname, like the ones you have for your team. I like having you call me 'Ka-sensei. It means that you like me."

Naruto sniffled in Iruka's ear and nodded, burying his face in Iruka's neck. He mumbled something and Iruka hummed at him in question. Pulling away, just a tiny bit, Naruto mumbled again, "Love you 'Ka-sensei."

Iruka felt his heart melt all over again, "Love you too, Naruto."

Naruto breathed into his neck for a few moments then leapt back with a huge grin, "What'cha doing tonight 'Ka-sensei?"

Getting to his feet, a similar smile on his own face, Iruka shouldered his satchel once more, "Well, I have some remedial marking to do for the summer students..."

"Nononono, you gotta play with me and you oughtta teach me something cool!" Naruto grabbed the keys that Iruka threw him and opened the front door, "You could be jounin yah know! I saw this jounin out in the trainin' field just next to us today, and you coulda beat his ass if you'd'a wanted to!"

"Language," Iruka bit out sharply, watching Naruto tear through his living room. Sometimes Iruka wondered why he'd never asked Naruto if he wanted to live with him, the poor boy was living in an apartment all alone. Arms came up around Iruka's shoulders, Naruto shut up mid-word and Iruka remembered with a jolt that he'd never asked Naruto to come live with him because Naruto hated Mizuki.

"Hello, Iruka." Mizuki murmured and Iruka blushed.

"Mizuki, Naruto's here."

"Yeah," Mizuki's voice became a little strained, "I heard."

"Naruto, why don't you clean up in the bathroom and I'll put some water on for ramen."

"Yay!" Naruto streaked out of the room like he was on fire.

Removing himself from Mizuki's restraining hold, Iruka frowned at his lover, "Mizuki, there are no PDA's when Naruto is here. I've told you before."

"Sorry, Iruka. I just; every time I see you , I can't help myself. You're just so beautiful." Mizuki ran a hand through his thin, shoulder length silver hair, angry with how he wasn't allowed to kiss his boyfriend when the younger teen invited the demon brat over.

Drawing himself up, Iruka hardened his eyes, "I am not a play toy. This is my house and if you don't respect the rules, you can leave. You aren't paying rent."

Mizuki looked shocked, "Iruka. Love. I'm your partner."

"Damn it, Mizuki," Iruka took a deep breath, "You don't pay for food, you don't pay for meals when we go out, you don't keep your promises, you pick up other girls and guys at the bar... I have just about had it with you. Do you understand me?"

"Iruka," Mizuki leaned in close to Iruka, pressing their cheeks together, "You don't make the rules." A hand sneaked up and lightly caressed Iruka's throat, warning evident in how tight Mizuki held him.

Before Iruka could do anything more than blink at the impetuousness of the silver headed assistant teacher, Mizuki's hand was ripped from his throat and with a cry, Mizuki landed hard on his knees. Iruka looked down to see Naruto standing on a kunai that was buried in Mizuki's upper calf.

"Touch 'Ka-chan again and I will fucking kill you. Understood?" Naruto's high pitched, childish voice would have normally sounded funny, but with Mizuki on the floor bleeding and another kunai to the nineteen year old's jugular, it wasn't.

It wasn't funny at all.

"Naruto," Iruka breathed out in shock. He'd never seen Naruto like this before. Never knew that Naruto saw him as a parent figure. Was a little surprised that Naruto saw him as his mother.

"Iruka-kaa-chan is my very first and most precious person. If you threaten Iruka-kaa-chan, you threaten my family. If you threaten my family I will hunt you down and I will tear you limb from limb." Naruto was growling now and Iruka went to step forward. Naruto glanced up at him and Iruka stopped. There was something in Naruto's eyes that screamed at him. Screamed 'pain' at him.

"You..." Mizuki sneered.

Digging the blade of the kunai into Mizuki's throat just enough to draw blood, Naruto jerked Mizuki's head back by his hair, "You wouldn't be my first kill. Not by a long shot, you motherfucking cocksucker. I am a genius genin. I am an orphan who lives in the bad part of town. I haven't been innocent for more than half of my very short life. Blood has run through my fingers and over my hands for so long that I can't remember the last time they were clean. Don't. Fuck. With. Me." Naruto shook Mizuki's head once more and let him go, pushing him forward with a burst of chakra, forcing the oldest ninja in the room to catch himself on the floor with his forearms.

"Naruto," Iruka went to Naruto and gathered the boy into his arms, "Oh, Naruto." There was so much pain in Naruto's words that Iruka couldn't help but feel horrified for his pseudo-son.

"Leave." Naruto glared at Mizuki, pointing the kunai at the door. The light from the entrance way glinted off the drop of blood that hung on to the tip of the blade.

Mizuki glared back, before flinching at the Killing Intent that both Naruto and Iruka levelled at him and scrambled out the door.

"He won't be back, Naruto."

"He better not be," Naruto grimaced and wiped the blade on his shorts, "Stupid idiot thought he could force 'Ka-sensei into anything. Bastard. If I hadn't'a got him, you'd'a killed the fucker..."

"Naruto," Iruka watched Naruto put the kunai away, "Did you mean it?"

"Mean what?" Naruto cocked his head sideways, blinking.

"You said," Iruka cleared his throat, "You said that I was your very first and most precious person. That I was your 'Ka-chan'."

Cheeks flushed suddenly and Naruto looked away and down at the floor. He mumbled an affirmative under his breath.

Iruka put a finger under Naruto's chin and made him look back up, "Would you like to move into the spare bedroom?"

"What?" Naruto flinched, startled by Iruka's sudden offer.

"I'd like it if my son is living with me, like children should live with their parents."

"But I'm not... You're not," Naruto floundered for words.

Iruka couldn't help but smile, "I love you, Naruto. If you consider me your parent, I consider you my son," Iruka gave just a bit of a pout, "Though I'd rather prefer to be your father than your mother."

Naruto smiled back.