Brotherly Love

Summary: Sarah's taste in boyfriends causes problems again. Warning: spanking of adult. Don't like? Don't read!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just play with them.

A/N: This is part of my 'Lessons' series and builds on a larger plot arc. This one grew out of conversations with Xanthe2 and draggon-flye – thanks to both of them!

Warning: this story contains the disciplinary spanking of an adult. If you have a problem with that, click on that 'back' button now. You've been warned.

Tim glanced around warily before opening the search screen on his computer. He was supposed to be following up on witness statements, not checking up on someone who had no connection to their case.

Gibbs had just left to get coffee, so he knew he had time to do this before he got back. Still, disobeying a direct order always made him nervous, both because he disliked betraying his boss's trust, and because the man somehow always seemed to know.

The last time Sarah had started dating a new guy, Gibbs had tersely reminded him that using the resources of a federal law enforcement agency to run a background check on someone without a legal reason was very definitely against the rules. He'd been a bit put out when Gibbs had then done the same thing, to check up on Maddie's stalker. But that had been a Marine. And a complaint had been made against him, at least unofficially. And even then, the Director had questioned Gibbs's actions. So, he could see Gibbs's point in warning him not to do it again.

Tim was under no illusions about what would happen to him if Gibbs caught him this time. But, if Sarah was going to mock his 'cop-dar' and ignore his warnings about her latest boyfriend, he really had no choice but to find something concrete to use to convince her that the guy was bad news.

Casting another quick glance towards the elevator, he entered the necessary information into the search fields. The results popped up a minute later, and he ran his eyes down the screen. There was a mischief charge that obviously stemmed from a fraternity prank gone wrong, but not even Tim could really stretch that into a real reason why Sarah shouldn't date him. And there was an astonishing number of parking tickets, but, again, that was hardly enough to convince his sister that the guy was bad news.

Tim scrubbed a hand over his face. He'd been so sure that he'd find something on Andy. And, even without the criminal record to back up his instincts, he was still convinced that the kid was involved in some pretty dodgy activities. He just hadn't been caught yet, apparently. Which just meant it would be that much more difficult to convince Sarah to stop seeing him.

Tim sighed, and reached for his mouse.

But, before he could click on the icon that would wipe Andy's record from his screen, he felt a hand on his shoulder and the warm proximity of someone leaning over to see what he was working on.

'Did you find a lead while I was gone, Tim? Is this the guy that the neighbour saw hanging around?'

Oh, shit!