Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight (created by and owned by Stephenie Meyer) or Phineas and Ferb (created by and owned by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Dan Povenmire.)

Chapter 1: To the Home of Twilight

Phineas and Ferb sat under the same tree in their backyard. "What should we do today Ferb?" Phineas asked. Ferb shrugged. He was not a man of many words. Phineas wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "I'm going to get a glass of lemonade." He got up and walked inside. He noticed his sister Candace sitting on the recliner reading.

"Hey sis, what are you reading?" Phineas asked. Candace slowly looked up from her book. "Stacy told me about this book called Twilight. For a book, it's pretty good." Phineas couldn't think of a response so he just went into the kitchen to fix himself a glass of lemonade. He walked back into the baking sun, noticing Candace was still reading her book. She really was interested in it.

Phineas sat down under the tree and sipped his lemonade. He stared around the yard, looking for an inspiration for something to do. He found nothing, including his pet platypus Perry. "Hey, where's Perry?" He asked. Ferb shrugged again.

Perry walked to the side of the house and put on his fedora. A hidden door opened, allowing him to go to his lair. He sat down in his chair and waited for Major Monogram to assign him his mission.

Major Monogram appeared on the screen. "Doofenshmirtz has bought 300 gallons of blood, seventeen brains, and a string of garlic. Find out what he is up to Agent P!" Major Monogram instructed. Perry's hovercar came up and Perry hopped in. He flew to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

Perry burst through the ceiling of the building. Doofenshmirtz was working on a machine. Quickly a giant bottle about the size of a bathtub fell on top of Perry. He was trapped inside. "Ah, Perry the Platypus, see, I'm not all that bad. I recycle." Perry stared at him confused.

"That was originally my blood storage containment unit, now it's a trap." Perry nodded, he now understood. "Now onto my evil plan… I have bought enough traps to lure a monster here to my lair. Then I could make it my minion! I can take over the tri state area with them on my side."

Perry started to laugh, but it came out as a weird type of chatter. Monsters didn't exist except in fairytales. Doofenshmirtz was way too old to believe in monsters. "Geez, why do you have to be so critical? Monsters do exist, so don't come crying to me when they come after you because you're not a believer."

Perry rolled his eyes. Doofenshmirtz ignored him and went back to working on his machine. "The monsters will come and get you when I'm finished!" He laughed evilly. Perry stared at him. Something was wrong with that man; he was talking to his arch nemesis like he was trying to get Perry to eat peas.

Meanwhile Candace had made it to chapter 3 of Twilight. She heard a ruckus coming from the backyard and knew it had to do with Phineas and Ferb. She walked into the backyard and started to laugh. They were building a lemonade stand! So pathetic, compared to what they could do and have done.

Candace went back inside to her book. She wouldn't even need to bother attempting to bust them today. Their little scheme was too pathetic. Candace opened to the page where her bookmark was stored and went back into a world of vampires and werewolves.

While Candace was in the middle of chapter 6 her mom came home. She was jumping up and down. She called in the boys. "Candace honey, I have some good news. Please stop reading for a second." Candace grumbled and placed her bookmark to keep her space. She put the book down on the side table.

"I won 5 tickets to go on a trip to Forks, Washington!" Linda announced. Candace screamed. That's where Twilight took place. She would actually get to meet the Cullens. "Oh, my gosh I get to meet the Cullens!" She squealed in delight. Linda smiled, happy that her daughter was happy.

Phineas looked at his sister with a worried expression. "I hope you know Twilight isn't real Candace." Candace glared at her brother. Then she thought, why should she care what he thought? She went back to squealing.

That afternoon the family bought their plane tickets online and tonight Linda and Lawrence would pack. Their plane left tomorrow. At dinner Candace was on the phone with Stacy announcing the news. Stacy was bummed she couldn't go, but she was happy for Candace.

That night Linda put the boys to bed. "Get some rest; we leave for a 5 hour plane ride tomorrow morning at 9."She said before kissing the boys goodnight. She turned off the light and walked out the door. Phineas and Ferb both followed their mother's request and fell asleep.

Around 8 pm Doofenshmirtz was tired of waiting for his invention to work. He let Perry out of the trap and Perry destroyed the machine. Doofenshmirtz yawned and mumbled, "Curse you Perry the Platypus." Perry flew home and walked into Phineas and Ferb's room. He went to lie down on Phineas' bed.

The next morning Candace was up bright and early. She got ready and went downstairs. She really wanted to go to Forks. A few minutes later the rest of the family came down. Everyone grabbed their suitcases that were lying down on the living room floor. Linda grabbed the car keys.

Phineas, Ferb, and Candace sat in the back. Linda turned the little TV on in the back for Phineas and Ferb. Candace was reading more Twilight. The family arrived at the airport a half hour later. It was a quarter to eight.

They grabbed their luggage and quickly went through security. They walked to the flight attendant and handed her the tickets. She gave them back and the Flynn-Fletcher's found their seats. They spent the next 5 hours on the plane waiting to land in Forks.

Perry sat on Ferb's lap sleeping. He was still tired from that terrible mission he had yesterday. Doofenshmirtz could be really ridiculous at times.

Finally the plane landed in Forks. Candace was almost through with Twilight while Phineas and Ferb were stretching from their plane nap. They walked down to their hotel in the center of town. The family unpacked and went to McDonald's for dinner. By the time they got back it was 10. "Time for bed boys." Linda said. Phineas and Ferb went onto their bed and fell asleep.

Candace continued Twilight until midnight. She was getting really tired and went to bed. She dreamed of meeting Edward Cullen here on her family's vacation. This was Forks, Washington after all, the setting of Twilight, the home of the gorgeous Cullens and the La Push natives. Candace was so excited she had a chance of meeting them all! She knew this was going to be the best vacation ever.