Renesmee walked in the door of the Cullen's house. She had just come home from school. "How was your day sweetie?" Edward asked. Renesmee smiled, "Great, I made some new friends. Their names are Elizabeth, Dawn, and Faith." Elizabeth, Dawn, and Faith walked in.

"We're going upstairs." Renesmee told her father. She, along with her friends, walked up the stairs to Renesmee's room. Bella came in with a glass of water. "I'm still amazed from yesterday. Of course, I preferred to stay immortal, but, oh well. I'll still be with you my whole life."

Bella and Edward started kissing. Edward pulled away. "Yeah, yesterday put Carlisle's entire work on the study of vampires to shame. Who would think two brothers would have such imaginations…" He sighed.

"Do you miss being a vampire?" Bella asked. Edward shook his head, "Have you forgotten everything from when you were last human?" He asked sarcastically. Bella laughed, her face turning a deep red. "Oh, and I of course miss that." Edward chuckled.

Bella leaned in and kissed her husband. She had never seen him human before. He was even more beautiful then when he was a vampire. The best part for her was, he was all hers…


Candace lay on the floor of her backyard. After enjoying Twilight so much, she had begun to read New Moon. She heard a knock on the gate. It was Jeremy!

Candace embraced Jeremy. It had been so long since they had seen each other. "Hey Candace, welcome back!" He greeted. After hearing his voice, something came together in Candace. She didn't need the perfect Edward, she had Jeremy, all she needed right here.

The End!