Joshua # 57
by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is not mine; Rating: PG; Code: Drabble (of exactly 100 words)
Series: Drabbles from "The Berrisford Agenda"
Summary: Max's POV. Joshua's comments on Alec – and his painting – have forced
Max to see Alec, and herself, in another light.

Joshua # 57
by pari106

"Alec only outsmarts Alec," Joshua said. But he was wrong. The truth is…Alec
outsmarted me, too. With that tough-guy act of his.

For all I learned from Brain…about appearances ("tricks and treats", Joshua called
them)…I never applied that knowledge to Alec. Never noticed the "darkness and
confusion" beneath all his pretty colors.

For all I've seen of the world…all Joshua hasn't…he saw it before me. Because he was
looking. I wasn't.

But I am now. I'm not going to make the mistake I made with Brain.

If there's something "magnificent" beneath Alec's façade…I want to notice. Before it's
too late.

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